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    Kansas City a More Beautiful Place to Live with Leopold Gallery Art Consulting

    in Entrepreneur

    Since 1991, the nationally ranked Leopold Gallery has helped Kansas City’s private collectors and corporate clients build art collections of enduring quality. On this episode of Smart Company KC, host Kelly Scanlon speaks with Paul Dorrell, the owner of Leopold Gallery and Art Consulting. Paul works to attract private collectors building their art collections with a focus on local creators.  Leopold Gallery has been inspiring business owners and homeowner for 25 years and was named part of the 2016 class of 25 Under 25® Winners.

    To listen to more shows with host Kelly Scanlon please visit our archives.

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    Let's Talk! Art & Sol with the SONART GALLERY, Where Art Meets Hip Hop!

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    Join HMi Radio as we get aquainted with the Master of fusion art, with Naeemah Afi of Art & Sol Uptown Food Bar at SONART Gallery located in the state of "Brotherly Love." 

    Son Art Gallery
    7122 Germantown Ave
    Philadelphia Pa.

    Here's a writeup from the Philadelphia Sun on:

    February 26, 2016 Category: Local Posted by: Philadelphia Sun Staff

    By Kendall Alexander


    “When I do a series of paintings, I approach it like an album, each piece is a single,” says self-taught artist Amir Lyles in the back room of his florid gallery named S.O.N. A.R.T. 

    Since December 2014 the gallery has made 7122 Germantown Avenue its home and leaves visitors anxious to return. 

    Look anywhere on the walls and your eyes are enticed by bold images of musicians, civil rights leaders, or ordinary people surviving.  Roots music coming from in-house DJ Osiris’ turntables take sweet smelling incense helps you enjoy the Son Art experience—an experience owners Amir Lyles and Naeemah Patterson are honing daily.

    “Leave your reservations at the door,” Lyles said. We’re not by those books, we’re by our books.  We do it the way we do it.

    The name of the gallery is an acronym for “Something Out of Nothing, A Revolutionary Talent,” chosen before Patterson gave birth to their twin daughters.  Patterson endorses the space, encouraging Lyles to make the space universal for all talent.


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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Laurie Marks of Life Coach Gallery

    in Self Help

    Lighthouse Point, FL – We weren’t put here to live a so-so life. We all have the ability to get what we want. It doesn’t have to remain a dream. 

    “You are the designer of your life and you create a gallery of moments,” says Laurie Marks, founder of Life Coach Gallery. “That’s what Life Coach Gallery is all about. It’s about the moments where you shine, where you reach your highest potential, the moments where you realize the things that you thought were impossible and your dreams become reality."

    Life throws a lot at us: stress, fear, pain, sorrow. Sometimes it’s hard to communicate with the people around us. It’s natural to seek the comfort of friends and family, but they are often too emotionally attached to an outcome. As a life coach, Laurie can be objective while having our best interests at heart.

    “Everyone experiences change differently. Sometimes we don’t have the person we need to hear our side of the story,” says Laurie. “That’s where I come in. I’m on your side. Drawing on my personal experiences I’m able to determine how people can grow from their challenges and how they can fortify themselves and strengthen themselves."

    Laurie says people need to know there’s more to life. Life coaching is about keeping us focused on the other side of the walls we’ve built around us, walls that have become so thick to keep the bad out, they keep out the good as well.

    “I like seeing people gain freedom from their fears, from their woes, from their hurts, from their pain. It begins with a conversation,” says Laurie. “I will bring to light your value.”

    For more information on Life Coach Gallery, visit http://www.lifecoachgallery.com

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    Collectors Circle What Does It Mean to Exhibit in Temporary Installation Spaces

    in Visual Arts

    Lavon N. Pettis owner of Global Resources ID, speaks about maintaining close collaborations within the "Collectors Circle". Her capital venture took her to the outskirts of the Miami Art Basel in 2015, to KROMA Art Space in Coconut Grove, and to the Black Archives Historic Lyric Theater Cultural Arts Complex collaborating with the Urban Art Collective  part of a Miami Art Week.The festival, dubbed Art Miami, is an outgrowth of Art Basel, a premier annual art exhibition that takes place in the Miami Beach Convention Center.

    The Phantom Gallery collaborated with network artists and galleries. Over 200 works representing 24 artists, the art was exhibited from November 22, through January 10th, 2016.  

    Today’s conversation will focus on how important it is to maintain close collaboration with our partners, who share the common aspiration of creating a global platform for the exchange of ideas that drive the art world forward. Lavon N. Pettis of Global Resources Innovative Development, a project management consultant that finds solutions, strategies, and support in the development of art initiatives.

    Partnerships are essential for the support of cultural events. The longevity of our relationships are indicative of how focused and successful Phantom Gallery Chicago Network is in supporting our partners in achieving their goals.

    Project logistics held surprises as well. One of the unexpected challenges cited by organizers was the degree to which coordinating projects across multiple partners created enormous complexities. 

    What does it mean to exhibit in Temporary Installation Spaces? Unanticipated Impacts? How important is brand association and amplification?


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    Supernatural Gallery on WIRN Internet Radio

    in Spirituality

    Get ready for the new and improved Supernatural Gallery Show.... it will be a panel discussion of experts in the field of paranormal sciences and demonology.


    Join us at http://blogtalkradio.com/joeygiggles

    call in number for questions and comments 310-982-4253.. call in for free or join us in the chatroom on blogtalkradio


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    The Indy Cafe; Jonathan Levine , Art and Jonathan Levine Gallery , NYC!

    in Art

    As a youth in the 1980s, LeVine recognized the appeal of countercultural aesthetics including punk flyers, comics, graffiti and tattoos. Beginning in 1994, LeVine became an independent curator, organizing exhibitions at punk and alternative rock venues in the NY/NJ area such as: CBGB, Webster Hall, Max Fish, and Maxwell's. By promoting these visual art forms through group shows in venues that were home to their musical counterparts, LeVine gave a home to this nascent art movement, early on.

    In February 2001, LeVine opened his own gallery Tin Man Alley in New Hope, Pennsylvania. The gallery relocated to Philadelphia in late 2002. In January 2005, LeVine renamed and moved his gallery to the epicenter of the contemporary art world, Manhattan's Chelsea district.

    Jonathan Levine Gallery is committed to new and cutting edge art. Our roots go back to 1995, when Jonathan's life-long participation in punk and underground music grew into a curatorial experiment with the visual culture that surrounded him. We moved to Chelsea in 2005, with an eye towards honoring and connecting with the history and context of Post War art. In 2014, the gallery opened a second space on the ground floor of 557 West 23rd Street. We contribute to the dialogue by challenging the conventions of the canon — exploring the terrain of the high/low and everything in between. Our success in nurturing the careers of Shepard Fairey, Invader, Olek and others motivates us to continue being the voice for this cultural shift. The catalogues we publish, prints we distribute, and museum shows we help to produce reflect our dedication to our artists and community. At the same time, we aim to create an accessible and engaging gallery space.  http://jonathanlevinegallery.com

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    Creative Conversation with Artist Gwen Pruitt Arts Engagement

    in Visual Arts

     Gwen Pruitt is a fine artist who has had several solo exhibitions and commission of her large paint on canvas pieces.  Pruitt is  well-known for her versatility with mixed media from clay to glass and probably more so throughout the community as an Art Teacher.  She serves as the director of the Art Department for Prologue Schools and has designed a curriculum that harnesses the power of art and creative expression as a tool to empower  at-risk youth.  Pruitt plans to engage her art students in the various stages of installation from site preparation to ongoing programming and maintenance.

    She has been a driving force in the movement in teaching neighborhood youth art production.  Pruitt is a retail gallery owner for a new retail venue in the called Tangible Things that features affordable work of many neighborhood artists.  Tangible Things will serve as a hybrid cafe, art store and community center. 

    Pop-up shops were opening in University of Chicago storefronts along 53rd Street,Nancy Jackson and Gwen Pruit swooped into a retail space on the other end of the neighborhood.4856 S. Cottage Grove Ave. The small shop, wedged in between a convenience store and nail salon, grew out of the past experiences and expertise of the two non-profit veterans – Jackson, executive director of youth job training and educational organization Prologue Inc., and Pruitt, a former employee of the Little Black Pearl Art and Design Center.


    How Arts and Cultural Strategies Enhance Community Engagement and Participation

    Tactical Urbanism, public participatory art projects allows the public to collaborate.


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    Shakespeare's in the Alley: Artist Skye's Event at Woodwalk Gallery

    in Lifestyle

    On Thursday October 8th, Going Home with Tony will broadcast live from the spectacular Woodwalk Gallery in Egg Harbor Wisconsin.  Host Tony Scimeca and cohost Claudia Scimeca will talk with artist Skye whose installation "Shakespeare's in the Alley: A Tribute to Bob Dylan" will be shown from October 7-19th .  Skye will share her journey and the vision that led her on the path to create forty four banners made of natural hemp fabric and stenciled with the lyrics/poetry of Bob Dylan.  The banners ranging from 9 feet long to 27 feet long will be suspended from the rafters to give the visitor a unique way to experience Bob Dylan's genius.  We will also talk with gallery owners Margaret Lockwood and Allin Walker to learn about their journey with the Woodwalk Gallery. This will be a special show you won't want to miss so tune in live at five ( 5:00 PM CDT ) on October 8th.  

    You can find out more about Skye and the gallery she and her husband artist Peter Ciesla own in Bailey's Harbor, Bazyli Gallery, by going to their website.  You can also find them on Facebook.  

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    Gathering Spaces -Intersection Between Cultural and Nature-"La Ronda Parataka”

    in Visual Arts

     “La Ronda Parakata” is a circular sculpture inspired by the magic symbolism of the butterfly, harmony with nature, and migration—a shared experience for the Chicago communities prioritized here. Pilsen and Little Village have for decades been Mexican immigrant communities. Chinatown is home to the newly arrived and to families who traveled here generations ago. Bronzeville’s rich history was shaped by the Great Migration. This Gathering Space will honor all of those traditions by providing a space inspired by nature’s migrant, the butterfly.

    The Monarch butterfly has become an important metaphor for Mexican immigrants. Symbolizing freedom, the butterfly follows the same migratory route Latin Americans do, without being asked for a visa. “Parakata” means “butterfly” in the indigenous Purepecha language, spoken in Michoacán, the Mexican state where Monarch butterflies winter.  We believe the butterfly is a beautiful, universal symbol for all immigrants and travelers.

    The Burnham Wildlife Corridor Curatorial Committee, Chicago Park District, and The Field Museum in their restoration of these natural habitat, investigate not only to inspire improvement of the  infrastructure but also show how temporary installations skillfully connect public art projects with how public space plans are developed and implemented.

    "Tactical Urbanism", Public Participatory art projects allows the public to collaborate. 

    Investigation: What does it mean to exhibit in temporary installation spaces outside of the museum? Unanticipated Impacts? Why are the ideas of functionality and beauty major precepts in your proposed work?

  • The Knowledge Show Live Featuring Carl E. David and Bree Noble

    in Radio

    Topic 1:Remembering Prince Roger Nelson, Shout Outs and Announcements 

    Topic 2: Our guest at 645p is Carl E. David of the Art World. He will be talking with us briefly about his collection in the David David Gallery and serious discussions of hurt, pain, and suicide. Join the Conversation at 914.219.0884.

    Topic 3: At 745p, Bree Noble is going to talk to us about the music industry and her role as a music industry coach. Join the discussion at 914.219.0884.

    Topic 4: Ask Malik

    Topic 5: Current Events DIscussion


    Topic 6: Final Thought


    After Show Chat: Journey Through the Bible with Malik. We will continue our journey with Deuteronomy34, Joshua 1-3.


    Thought for the Day/Week: Take the initiative to do some things for yourself and dont leave it to rely on the labor of others.