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    Conversations With Passion - Gair Maxwell

    in Self Help

    Conversation with Branding Provocateur Gair Maxwell,Real Estate Expert and Entrepreneur Chris Stafford, Ellen Bannister of Simply For Life Riverview and Mari Humeston of Paired Tastings. 

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    Anger, Emotions, & Optimal Mental Health

    in Health

    8p ET/7p CT Wednesday, May 4, 2016: Dial 347-850-8486 to explore healthy ways to get rid anger and better control angry outbursts.  Did you know that anger is a symptom of mental illness? 

    Join Root Cause Radio on May 4th to discover:  

    why anger indicates a decline in a person's mental health   
    how Symptometry approaches treatment of anger disorder
    at what point does anger become a major problem                


    Special guests include: 

    Dr. Charlie Abbott - licensed Symptometrist from North Carolina, therapeutic scientist, director at the American School of Symptometry. 
    Bella Marie - Motivational Speaker, Optimal Health Advocate & Entrepreneuer


    Access this show and all podcasts at www.RootCauseRadio.com.

    Root Cause Radio ~ Sharing the Secrets of Optimal Health


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    Dave Ferguson- Internationally known, Executive Coach, Speaker

    in Real Estate

    Dave Ferguson is an internationally recognized executive coach, mentor, speaker and trainer in the

    areas of leadership and personal development. He helps business owners, executives, top management

    leaders, and political leaders transform how they communicate, connect and grow as leaders.

    He also equips individuals, thought leaders and organizations with high performance solutions to 

    ensure continuous improvement in personal growth and business results.

    Prior to starting his coaching company, Dave had 20 yrs of corporate leadership experience in sales,business

    development, audit, acquistions, and more. Dave assists bosses in becoming leaders and helps leaders build

    legacies. Dave is also an Executive Leadership Coach for the John Maxwell Company and Keller Williams

    MAPS Business Coaching Company.

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    Episode #131 Rising Apple Report: Mets Fast Approaching Washington's Doorstep

    in Sports

    What sluggish start?

    After closing to within one game of the Washington Nationals, the red hot New York Mets are taking a well deserved rest Thursday evening before resuming their march on first place Friday against the visiting San Francisco Giants.

    This afternoon's Phillies victory over the Nationals, however, put the Mets just one-half game out of first place.  And so the Rising Apple Report therefore decided to kick things up another notch tonight in their place.

    How hot are they?  The Mets returned to Citi Field on Monday after a victorious 7-2 road trip.  They're winners of 11 of their last 13 games, and in the midst of a 6-game winning streak via consecutive series sweeps over the Braves and Reds.

    Rising Apple staff writers Michael Lecoland, Sam Maxwell, and Rich Sparago, will review player performances and the Mets' successful, albeit unfinished month of April, and ponder where they go from here.

    The 131st episode of the Rising Apple Report kicks off Thursday evening at 9:00pm ET sharp!  

    As always, they welcome you to phone the show at 646-929-0337, and join their spirited, never ending Metsian discussion.  

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    Help and Hope for Autism!

    in Health

    8p ET/7p CT Wednesday, April 27, 2016: Dial 347-850-8486 to discover Root Cause Thereapeutics approach to autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  Discover how to overcome autism.   To share the the path to a cure for autism and the tools for prevention, Root Cause Radio gladly welcomes back therapeutic scientist, professor, author, and the founder of Symptometry - Dr. Maxwell Nartey of Westchester, IL. Trained in over 16 different scientific discplines, Dr. Nartey is a passionate champion of effective disease prevention and - through Symptometry - has cured countless chronic and exotic health challenges for the last 20 years.

    Tune-in to Root Cause Radio on April 27th to discover:  

    what type of treatment Symptometry offers for persons with autism or ASD 
    what are the facts on vitamins & minerals reducing the risk of having a child with autism/ASD
    what is/are the root cause(s) of autism/ASD

    Special guests include: 

    Dr. Maxwell Nartey - author, professor, therapeutic scientist, founder of Symptometry & the American School of Symptometry 
    Maricuta Lup - Optimal Health Advocate & Delicous Cooking Symptometry Coach 

    Access this show and all podcasts at www.RootCauseRadio.com.

    Root Cause Radio ~ Sharing the Secrets of Optimal Health



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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1343

    in Self Help

    Tonight's special guest is Misty Reynolds from Spokane, Washington, a NAASCA volunteer and a survivor of child hood trauma from as early as she can remember until she was 18. She'd struggled with drugs and alcohol in her teens, cleaned up briefly when she got pregnant, and had a child in her senior year. "I went through the AmeriCorps program after graduation becoming a peer model at the school," she says. "Mentoring mediating and helping my peers get out of the chaos they lived in." But that didn't last long "I picked up the bottle where my step dad left off .. still functioning day to day to life." As Misty notes, "I married my last abuser and didn't know he was a pedophile until our son was 2." She explains, "I married him so I wouldn't have to testify against him for attempted strangulation." She cleaned up briefly during her second pregnancy, but relapsed when her son was 7 months old. Eventually she sought numbness, and began using meth. I cheated on my daughter's dad with my boy's father. "The next three years are still pretty blurry except the abuse. I remember that clearly." But her trauma didn't end there. As she implies, Misty is also a survivor of domestic violence. At various times she's worked with Betty Maxwell, a DV advocate in the community where she lived. Betty wanted her help to bring other survivors into her program. "The only problem was I couldn't stop using." And no wonder. "My mom was my supplier as well as my husband. I saw no escape so I continued to use." Misty's slowly but surely building back her life now however, noting, "I haven't worked in a long time due to PTSD and barely survived my ex-husband's wrath." We know she'll do well with NAASCA. 

  • Stew and The Nunn, Episode 36 with Matt Zeller from nooneleft.org

    in Military

    Matt Zeller is the Co-Founder of No One Left Behind, a Truman National Security Fellow and an adjunct fellow at the American Security Project. He is also the author of Watches Without Time (Just World Books, 2012), which chronicles his experience serving as an embedded combat adviser with the Afghan security forces in Ghazni, Afghanistan, in 2008. He earned a BA in Government from Hamilton College and a MPA and a MA-IR from The Maxwell School at Syracuse University.

    The mission of No One Left Behind (nooneleft.org) is to help Afghan and Iraqi combat interpreters with Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs) resettle safely in the United States. We bridge the gap that exists between current State Department and NGO refugee relief programs,and provide assistance with housing, employment and cultural adaptation. We treat our clients as the heroic veterans they are.

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    EPS 58: From darkness to the light.. the blind blogger.. NEW

    in Motivation

    Join UIF Founder Tim Ray as he interviews Maxwell Ivey - the blind blogger on UI Radio.

    Maxwell is a 49-year-old  blind gentleman who grew up in a family of carnival owners. All he ever wanted to do was to continue in my father’s and grandfather’s footsteps and be part of the family business. He did help in the business over the years, but couldn’t sustain it after the early death of my father (who had lung cancer). Then he turned to helping people sell their amusement equipment at The Midway Marketplace.

    He started blogging to promote that site and met a lot of wonderful people in the blogosphere. He has an amazing story and many commented on how he inspired them and he realized he had a bigger purpose in life.

    So, he started the second blog, and in it I share more of my personal journey, struggles, and triumphs. He has appeared as a guest, an interview subject, and a motivator on many different sites.

    He does his best to help others, and do so mostly by encouraging them to take steps towards their ultimate goal, or to continue on the path they have started.

    Check him out at www.theblindblogger.com

    Create, track and manifest your passions at unitedintentions.org

    If you want to be a guest on the show email Jennifer at jennifer.kramer@unitedintentions.org

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    Kevin Wayne Johnson: Leadership Gold - Developing a legacy of leaders

    in Management

    Kevin Wayne Johnson is a John Maxwell Team certified speaker, teacher, coach and mentor as of October 2015. John C. Maxwell is a New York Times best-selling author, speaker, and pastor who has written many books, primarily focusing on leadership.

    Kevin Johnson will discuss "golden nuggets" of leadership; speciifcally how to mentor your staff for growth and development. He will also discuss relationship versus "tasking."

    Johnson, who is also an author, is a professional in government as well as private industry. For 30 years, he has performed successfully in numerous middle and senior-level positions in the areas of workforce development, training, organizational change, acquisition/procurement, customer service, client relationships, and program management, to include the Departments of Defense and Treasury, the Government of the District of Columbia, Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, Department of the Army, Defense Logistics Agency, and in the private sector at Vivendi Universal and Reuters America.

    He has testified before the United States House of Representatives Committee on Small Business and has prepared testimony that was presented before the District of Columbia Committee on Government Operations.

    Johnson is a graduate of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Graduate School’s Executive Potential Program. During this program, he assisted the Office of Federal Procurement Policy with several procurement reform initiatives that were tied to the National Performance Review under the Clinton Administration.

    Johnson maintains an active involvement in community service and retains membership in several professional and civic organizations.

    Growing leaders and leaving a legacy of leadership. That's what this show will explore.

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    Power of Perception music with Stanley Maxwell

    in Motivation

    Stanley Maxwell features Andy Chatfield on drums, Mark Crino on bass, Eric DellaVecchia on alto saxophone, and Evan Green on piano. The group has built a grassroots name for themselves at colleges and festivals throughout the northeast since 2001, combining the virtuosic and the simple into a visceral concoction, which helped lead to their winning “Best Jazz Band” in the Hartford Advocate’s Grand Band Slam Readers' Poll in 2007, 2009, and 2010. "Mousetrap," an eleven-bar blues written by pianist Evan Green, was influenced by Thelonious Monk, and was featured on Stanley Maxwell's debut album "Don't Wake The Baby!" The band’s recording of the composition attracted international attention, including "Mousetrap" winning "Best Jazz Song" at the 7th annual Independent Music Awards in December 2007. The band also won the Relix Magazine November 2007 "JamOff" contest for unsigned artists, with "Mousetrap" featured on that month's Relix CD sampler, included with over 100,000 issues of the internationally distributed magazine, dedicated to jam bands and improvisational music. 

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    Supergirl 1x19 - Myriad | Review

    in Film

    SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #153 - Supergirl 1x19 - Myriad | Review - It's Maxima, Myriad, and Maxwell Lord in this penultimate Supergirl episode! Everyone in National City is under mind-control except Maxwell Lord, Cat Grant, and Supergirl. Alex and J’onn J’onnz make it to Alex and Kara’s childhood home only to learn of what’s happened in national City and head back.  Max wants to use a bomb that will take out the Kryptonians (and about 300,000 humans), but Kara and Cat have a different (and less sure) plan involving hijacking old television signals.