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    The College Football Recap Live from Gainesville, FL

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    Host DeAndre Fields brings you "The D-Zone," an interactive and unique sports show featuring a number of innovative segments. You'll have to tune in to find out.

    Tonight's debut episode will recap Week 1 in College Football including a discussion on the weather-related cancellation of the Florida Gators home game, UCF vs. Penn State in Dublin, Ireland, Alabama & Ohio State-should they be worried, and who was "In D-Zone" players of the week.

    Tune in at 11:00 p.m. Eastern time to catch "The College Football Recap Live From Gainesville, FL" on "The D-Zone."

    The D-Zone


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    Loving Myself Renee Hall Welcomes Author, Addrianne Adderly!

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              Adrianne was born in Miami, FL and lived the majority of her first ten years of life in Nassau, Bahamas.  Upon moving back to Miami, she completed her educational studies and remained there until July of 2007 when she moved to Gainesville.   Currently, she serves as an ESE teacher at A. Quinn Jones Center.  Adrianne is called by God to empower His people with the tools needed to live successful Christian lives.  Her passion lies in helping people reach their God given potential in all areas of life.  Adrianne is a teacher and an author.  She has written her inaugural book, The Pitfalls of Singlehood:  How to Avoid Them, which is available now on sale.

    As a single, are you continuously making the same mistakes? Are you ready to live a successful Christian life? Are you ready to maximize this season of life called singlehood? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book is a must read. This book identifies the three most common pitfalls or mindsets of today's singles. Throughout this book, you will learn practical tips to avoid these pitfalls or mindsets. This knowledge will set you on the path to living a successful Christian life as well as maximizing this season of life called singlehood.

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    Loving Myself Enterprises Radio Show with Elois Waters!

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    Elois L. Waters was born in Portsmouth, Virginia.  She graduated from Marion County Public Schools of Florida.  She is the mother of two daughters; Desiree’ and MeChelle.  She resides in Central Florida.


    Elois has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education from the University of Florida.  She is a veteran teacher with more than 30 years in the public school system. 


    Elois is the founder and the CEO of Expressive Song and Dance Ministries.  She has been instrumental in teaching and developing students in dance for over 27 years.  Her specialties include teaching and training in dance; she facilitates workshops and dance seminars.  Elois is active in dance ministry throughout Central Florida, ie. Community events, Gospel pre-shows; Tramaine Hawkins and on stage performances such as: Vicki Winans, J.J. Harrison and LifeSupport.


     Currently, Elois is working in the Kingdom of God; ministering in dance.  She is writing books, teaching school and evangelizing the Word of God in and out of the USA.

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    The Real Rosewood Story By Lizzie Robinson Jenkins

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    Rosewood was established around 1870 in Levy County, Florida on a road leading to Cedar Key and the Gulf of Mexico. It is believed to have taken its name from the abundant red cedar trees that grew in the area. Rosewood prospered as the Florida Railroad established a small depot to handle the transport of cedar wood to the pencil factory in Cedar Key and the transportation of timber, turpentine rosin, citrus, vegetables, and cotton. In 1890, the cedar depleted and many of the white families moved to Sumner, three miles west of Rosewood, and worked at the newfound saw mill established by Cummer & Sons. By 1900, Rosewood had a majority of black citizens.


    On the morning of January 1, 1923, Fannie Coleman Taylor, a white woman and homemaker of Sumner Florida, claimed a black man assaulted her. Although she was not seriously injured and was able to describe what happened, she allegedly remained unconscious for several hours due to the shock of the incident. No one disputed her account and no questions were asked. It was assumed she was reporting the incident accurately.


    James Taylor, a foreman at Cummer & Sons saw mill and Fannie Taylor's husband, assembled a vicious mob and ordered tracking dogs. The local white community became enraged at the alleged abuse of a white woman by a black man; it was an unpardonable sin for any black man to gaze upon a white woman and he most certainly could not touch one.


    James Taylor requested help from Levy County and neighboring Alachua County, where a staged Ku Klux Klan celebration was ending on the courthouse square in downtown Gainesville, Florida. A large number of KKK members had been rallying and marching in opposition of justice for black people on December 31, 1922, leading up to the January 1, 1923 Rosewood massacre.

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    Sherilyn Michelle Bennett, CEO, Visionary Spiritually Sweets, LLC

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    Vision: Every girl and woman, no matter her age, recognize who she is in Christ and uses her gifts to make an impact in her community and the world!

    Mission: Spiritual Sweets™ is a brand in which women and young girls of the Christian faith can identify, be proud of and use it as a witnessing tool to introduce the Gospel to the world.

    It is our prayer that each girl and woman use what she learns from the gospel to positively impact the lives of others through Kingdom service in their community, schools and beyond.

    It is not the apparel that makes the girl or woman but she knows when she wears it, she is the brand!

    We will expand our merchandise and launch events as the company grows. Let us know what you think of the Spiritually Sweet™ tee-shirt line.  Like us on Facebook! Tweet about it! Tell every spiritually sweet girl you know!

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    Minister Kimberly Smith, Prophetic Writer

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    Ministers Michael and Kimberly Smith are a dedicated couple full of God’s Word, love, and His power. Currently residing in Florida, both Michael and Kimberly are graduates of Wilberforce University in Ohio. Minister Kimberly also studied at Kent State University earning a M.Ed. For more than thirty years, they have lifted up the name of Jesus with great affection and unconditional worship. Keenly sensitive to the moving of the Holy Spirit, the two function in flow with integrity and righteousness. They creatively joined together and made the powerful Spoken Word CD titled “The Pastor’s Journey.”

    Minister Kimberly, a woman who radiates the love and compassion of Christ emanates God’s great hope for people. The Lord uses her mightily in areas of intercession, teaching, counsel, and encouragement. She is also a prolific prophetic writer, watchfully scribing the whispers of God. God graced her with gifts that have brought inner healing and hope to many. Minister Kimberly is the founder and facilitator of With Open Arms Women’s Ministries.

    Minister Michael, a profound teacher of the Word of God also arranges and composes music. An anointed Psalmist, he melodiously enters the presence of the Lord and prepares the way for the King. Often singing prophetically as the Spirit of the Lord leads, he seasons the atmosphere for the all-encompassing Presence of the Lord. Audiences are captivated while God faithfully imparts into them. Many have attested to the fact that “surely the presence of the Lord was in this place.”

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    Renee Huewitt-Hall, CEO, Loving Myself Enterprises, "We Are Not In Competition"

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    Renee is a dynamic Christian Woman that enjoys spreading the word about loving yourself first as a person and a child of God. She will discuss today about not being in competition as women and as people. This is an awesome message from an awesome radio show personality. The Loving Myself Enterprises Radio Show brings inspiration every time they are on and today is no different. 

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    Loving Myself Enterprises Radio Show Welcomes Virginia Lynn Brinson To The Show!

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    Help us to welcome this wonderful Woman of God to the show to share her thoughts and testimony. Make sure to join us Tuesday at 4 pm to experience this wonderful spirit. 


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    Seminoles Softball Monday VII

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    #167: Lonni Alameda, Head Coach, Florida State Softball, recaps the FAU Parents Weekend Tournament in Boca Raton.  The game preview will include ACC rival Notre Dame.  The Seminoles will have eight games on ESPN3, with two games on ESPNU and one game on the SEC Network. The games on ESPN3 include home contests against Florida A&M, USC Upstate, Colgate and Auburn, as well as a road ACC doubleheader at Virginia Tech. The final two games of the ACC series at Louisville will be shown on ESPNU, while the game against Florida in Gainesville will air on the SEC Network. Coach Alameda Twitter, FSU Twitter, FSU Facebook, FSU Instagram. 

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    The Real Rosewood Story with Historical Orator Lizzie Robinson Jenkins

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    Long before The Real Rosewood Foundation was created, my mother strongly suggested researching the real truths of the Rosewood occurrence. The two of us shared the dark secrets of the Rosewood story over the years starting in 1943, when I was only five. For me, the most significant part of the Rosewood story is centered on its schoolteacher, Mom’s sister, my favorite aunt and mentor, Mahulda Gussie Brown Carrier.

    The memory of Rosewood is constantly on my mind. I have not been able to lay the burden of its history down. To my mother, Theresa Brown Robinson, Rosewood was a “song” etched in her heart. She promised my Aunt Mahulda that she would keep her secrets safely hidden, but the thought of what happened to her dear sister in Rosewood made the vow too tremendous a task to keep silent during the making of the movie, ROSEWOOD. As the title of the old Negro Spiritual suggests, “I Said I Wasn’t Gonna Tell Nobody but I Couldn't Keep It to Myself,” my mother was compelled to share her sister’s story, reliving the horrifying and hostile events she witnessed in 1923, at age 21. Mom contributed a great deal of information to the moviemakers; however, they used her information and did not properly give credit.

    She was offended after watching the Rosewood movie and charged me with completing her Rosewood research, firmly stating, "Mommy didn't raise no fools. You finish my research and tell our own Rosewood story. I have given you enough oral family history to make a documentary and you must do just that!"


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    Loving Myself, "Life And What Really Matters!

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    Make sure to join Renee Hall & Princess Cooper to discuss this topic today. We know it will inspire some. The discussion of what really matters in your life. It comes to a point in all of lives where we get rid of junk and focus on the important things. We prioritize!!!! Listen in or join in and give us a call!!!

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