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    The Well Told Tale - Spellbinding Your Listeners

    in Business

    "If you really, really have something to say - tell it as a story,"  says Ms. Eileen Sinett, CEO of Speaking That Connects and a cleverly crafting story spinner in her own right.  Since the ancient Greek poet Homer smote his tuneful lyre, humankind has been entranced by stories.  The suspense, the plot, the craving for what happens next sets audiences on the edge of their seats, and gives speakers the opportunity to drive home their message.  Thus has the fine art of story telling become a profitable and envied business ability.  Instead of merely claiming that the car is fast and durable, the salesperson who can weave a narrative example of how it has moved and survived in a slightly scary situation is more likely to win the sale.  Host Bart Jackson and his featured guest Eileen discuss the techniques for transforming your lackluster report or presentation into a powerful business tool that makes you the folks want to hear more.  Tune in and profit from all of the story.

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    Virtual Vision FM presents Simon Ludgate, Author, Journalist & TV Producer

    in Spirituality

    Join us as we speak with Simon Ludgate, Journalist, TV Producer, Reiki Master and Practitioner and Author of Gabriel's Lyre and The Accidental Wizard!

    Simon Ludgate, having traveled extensively filming documentaries, has an in-depth knowledge of not only the media but of what is really going on in our world.  This week he will be discussing Russia and the Ukaine among several other topics you will not want to miss!

    Tune in...listen...participate in the discussion.  You will be so glad you did!



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    S.O.U.L. Class 371 In Search Of Ancient Authentic Torah 95

    in The Bible

    Blessed is Our Creator!!! Greetings and Blessings Blessed Souls!!! With Creator's Help we plan to broadcast live today 7/20/14 starting at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time from Turtle Island=AKA=USA=Unifying Souls Actually.Call in number is 347-838-8669. Program will focus on Genesis 4:21, "And his brother's name was Jubal; he was the father of all who grasp a lyre and a flute." As well, we intend to jam on Rambam, Chabad/Breslov Chassidus, King Solomon's Proverbs and anything else which may and can transpire when human souls in human bodies blessed with our Divine Image agree that we can disagree and disagree at times even on matters we ultimately mutually perceive is a result of us needing to ascend to a higher level of understanding. To prepare you Blessed Soul for this program we present the following verse for your meditative field of human cognitive processing. Isaiah 55:8 ""For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways," says the Creator." Meanwhile, may the Eternal Creator Bless you and your loved ones peacefully and pleasantly!!!

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    Virtual Vision FM presents Simon Ludgate, TV Producer, Journalist and Author

    in Spirituality

    Join us as we once again speak with Simon Ludgate, TV Producer, Journalist, Photographer, Author and Reiki Master!  Simon always has great wisdom and insights to share and this show will be no different.  On the agenda are many topics controversial and conspiratorial.  A show to open one's eyes and truly make them think.  As well we will be talking to Simon about his latest TV projects and his latest book, Gabriel's Lyre. You won't want to miss it!


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    S.O.U.L. Class 365 In Search Of Ancient Authentic Torah 94

    in The Bible

    Blessed is Our Creator!!! Greetings and Blessings Blessed Souls!!! Our next broadcast is scheduled to go live 06/29/14 from Turtle Island=AKA=USA=Unifying Souls Actually starting as 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. We plan to vibe out on the following verses from Genesis 4:19-22: "And Lemech took himself two wives; one was named Adah, and the other was named Zillah.Now Adah bore Jabal; he was the father of those who dwell in tents and have cattle.And his brother's name was Jubal; he was the father of all who grasp a lyre and a flute.And Zillah she too bore Tubal-cain, who sharpened all tools that cut copper and iron, and Tubal-cain's sister was Na'amah." Many questions can be asked about the above verses. We plan to do just that and how such verses provide instruction for 21st Century human beings all blessed with a Divine Image.As well, we plan to share teachings concerning Rambam, Chabad/Breslov Chassidus, Proverbs and whatever else can transpire when human speech connects to human intellect, emotion and last but not least soul. Meanwhile, may the Eternal Creator Bless you and your loved ones peacefully and pleasantly. Call in number for the program is 347-838-8669.

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    Virtual Vision FM presents Simon Ludgate, Author, Journalist, TV Producer

    in Spirituality

    Join us today as we speak to author Simon Ludgate about his latest book, Gabriel's Lyre.  This book is rocketing in sales and is proving to be one of the 'must reads' on everyone's list.  

    During the second half of the show Ara will be doing on-air readings and as always, Rev. Ted Woodroffe will be answering your questions on healing and the angels.

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    in Music

    In 2006 at the musical award “Voske Knar” (“Golden Lyre”) he gained the prize “Year Revelation”.

    In 2007 Erik together with his producer Z. Petrosyan left for Bulgaria and took

    In 2009 he released his first disc “Du imn es” (“You’re mine”).

    In 2010 took part in many TV projects.

    In 2010 at “Top 10” Annual musical award of the Public TV with music video “La-la-le” he gained the award “The Best Music Video”.

    In 2011 Erik presented Armenia in “New Wave” International pop Contest-Festival of young performers and gained the prize “Sympathy of Audience”.

    I n 2011 at the National Music Award he gained the prize “The Best Singer of Year”.

    In 2011 at the award “Style Screen” he got the prize “The Stylish Singer of Year”.

    In 2011-2012 at the First musical TV channel Dar 21 (Century 21) musical award he again gained “The Best Singer of a Year” and the song “Anirakan” (“Unreal”) became “Hit of Year”.

    In 2012 at “Top 10” monthly musical award of the Public TV music video “Anirakan” (“Unreal”) gained award “The Best Music Video”www.Bravo.am






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    Where Do We Go When Our Peace is Broken Into Pieces?

    in Self Help

    "Surely no one lays a hand on a broken man when he cries for help in his distress."  Have I not wept for those in troube?  Has not my soul grieved for the poor?  Yet when I hoped for good, evil come; when I looked for light, there came darkness. The churning inside me never stops; days of suffering confront me.  I go about blackend, but not by the sun; I stand up in the assembly and cry for help.  I have become a brother of jackals; a companion of owls.  My skin grows black and peels; my body burns with fever.  My lyre is turned to mourning, and my pipe to the sound of wailing.  “I cry out to you, God, but you do not answer; I stand up, but you merely look at me.   You turn on me ruthlessly; with the might of your hand you attack me. You snatch me up and drive me before the wind; you toss me about in the storm.  I know you will bring me down to death.  - Job 30.  Today, we will be addressing the broken people of the world who are dealing with a peace that has crumbled before their eyes.  The ancient man JOB of scripture described his feelings of peace and relationship with the Creator God.  Where do we go or who do we turn to when our peace has been broken?  Join Us

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    A Musing

    in Women

    Today's show:
    Praise the Lord with the harp; make music to him on the ten-stringed lyre.                                                                                                                            Psalm 33:2

    Today we'll begin this month's topic on worship. 

    We'll discuss the origin and Biblical relevence of the harp as we learn to become instruments of worship. Join me today as we learn what God has to tell us about this soothing instrument. 

    After the show, drop by Heatherrandall.com/radio.html for this show's resources. 

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    The Write Step with RJ Jeffreys — World of Ink Live Radio

    in Writing

    Host, RJ "Jeff" Jeffreys of The Write Step is most honored and pleased to welcome publisher, poet, and managing editor, Ami Kaye. Join us for a lively and in-depth conversation on poetry, the craft of writing and the business of publishing books.

    Ami Kaye serves as publisher of Glass Lyre Press, and is also the principle owner and managing editor of Pirene’s Fountain, a poetry journal. Ami edited and published Sunrise from Blue Thunder in response to the Japan 2011 disasters. More recently she co-edited First Water: Best of Pirene’s Fountain. Her poems, reviews and articles have appeared in various journals and anthologies including East on Central, First Literary Review- East, Tears in the Fence, Cartier Street Review, Wild Goose Poetry Review, Peony Moon, Scottish Poetry Review, Diode Poetry Journal, Dance of the Peacock, Enchanting Verses, among others. Ami’s work was nominated for the James B. Baker award, and received an honorable mention in the 2013 Tiferet Journal writing contest. She is the author of What Hands Can Hold. Ami has also interviewed various literary personalities. Visit amikaye.com.

    The Write Step with RJ Jeffreys is a "live" radio interview show focused primarily on the lead players in the Arts and Letters who are authors, poets, writers, book publishers, and create works of art in film, fine art, music and other creative disciplines.

    Visit the World of Ink here for more info on their other excellent hosts and broadcasts.

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    It's Just Right To Praise The Lord

    in Religion

    Psalm 150:1-6 (HCSB) Hallelujah! Praise God in His sanctuary. Praise Him in His mighty heavens.
    Praise Him for His powerful acts; praise Him for His abundant greatness.
    Praise Him with trumpet blast; praise Him with harp and lyre.
    Praise Him with tambourine and dance; praise Him with flute and strings.
    Praise Him with resounding cymbals; praise Him with clashing cymbals.
    Let everything that breathes praise the LORD. Hallelujah!


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