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    The Art of the Documentary: Gabriela Cowperthwaite

    in Movies

    In this episode of the Movie Geeks United! original series The Art of the Documentary, director Gabriela Cowperthwaite discusses her acclaimed film Blackfish. 

    For more information on The Art of the Documentary series, including a complete line-up of all-new and archived interviews, visit http://www.moviegeeksunited.net. 

  • 'The Good The Bad The Ugly and Other Illusions' IC4TS with Gabriela Maldonado

    in Spirituality

    This week Mark chats with Gabriela Maldonado Montano.. Gabriela was Marks very first guest on Ice Cream 4 the soul 2 years ago.

    Gabriela as been sharing the 3 principle understanding for around 15 years in various arenas from business to mental health. Join them as they explore the illusion of the good the bad and the ugly.

    Gabriela is also a part of the big Viva Event in Spain this November



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    Nov 30 ~ Charlotte View en Español: Carta Astral. Tu Propósito, Misión y Karma

    in Science

    Charlotte View en Español se complace en presentar a Gabriela Quintero Escalante e Ileana Castelazo Sala con el tema: Carta Astral. Tu Propósito, Misión y Karma desde el punto de vista de la Cosmobiologia. 

    Gaby Quintero es Terapeuta, Cosmobiologa, Conferencista, Instructora, Facilitadora en Balances PSYCH-K. Su especialidad es guiar a las personas en base a su potencialidad utilizando herramientas como la carta astral y balances de PSYCH-K. Imparte cursos en Diplomados de Cosmobiologia, Talleres de Conciencia Emocional, Kábbalah, SupraConciencia, Conocimiento Superior,  Meditación y Ciencias Antiguas.

    Ileana Castelazo tiene mas de 20 años de experiencia empresarial en mejora de procesos, manejo de proyectos y auditoria interna. Su propio camino de identidad la lleva al estudio de la Cosmobiologia, Conciencia Emocional y Kábbalah. El estudio de las Cartas Astrales se ha vuelto una pasion personal que la ha llevado a hacer ésta una de sus herramientas para ayudar a clientes a lograr vidas plenas en armonia con su propósito y misión. 

    LA CARTA ASTRAL es el mapa de nuestra ALMA, nos muestra el camino que nuestro SER INTERIOR se ha propuesto realizar.

    La Carta Astral nos da una guía para cumplir nuestro propósito de vida, alcanzar nuestras metas y realizarnos como individuos. Tu proyecto de vida es único, individual y específico. La Carta Astral nos describe la forma de alcanzarlo y encontrar respuestas a:

    1. QUIEN SOY: cualidades, potencial, abundancia, talentos, habilidades, metas, etc.

    2. KARMAS: cuales son y que hacer con ellos. 

    3. MISIÓN: El compromiso adquirido 


    E-mail Gaby: gabysirius@gmail.com   E-mail Ileana: ileanacastelazo@gmail.com


  • 'The Magic & The Beauty of the Human Mind' IC4TS with Psychologist Raul Rojas

    in Spirituality

    This week Mark chats with California based Psychologist Raul Rojas about how his work using the 3 Principles approach to mental health.

    Raul was feeling fed up, tired and burned out as a mental health professional and was himself unhappy in many areas of his life, then one day his friend Gabriela Maldonado Montano invited him a long to an event being hosted by Elsie Spittle and the late Roger Mills. From that momnet on his life began to turn around and not only did things begin to improve in his own life but he also found a new passion for helping people which he still maintains to this day.

    Join Mark and Raul this Wednesday.

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    CB: Cultivating Mindfulness with Food... Chef Gabriela Alvarez

    in Health

    Welcome to our Virtual Livingroom... Our topic today on Cafecito Break: Cultivating Mindfulness with Gabriela Alvarez

    Gabriela Álvarez is a health-supportive chef and founder of Liberation Cuisine. In the kitchen she values food energetics and flavor alike; integrates mindfulness and cooking tips into any workshop, training, or consultation.

    Gabriela sees food as an essential part of the journey towards liberation, whether individual or collective. She has a deep commitment to people-led movements for social change and uses food to nourish the healthy bodies and clear minds that will sustain these movements.


    She's Health & Wellness Coordinator and teaches youth cooking classes at El Puente, empowering young people to reclaim their own wellbeing and that of their community. As an activist and healer, Gabriela surrounds herself with mujeres organizing around food, the land, undoing unequal sociopolitical structures, and the decolonization of Puerto Ricans.

    Gabriela received a bachelor's degree in Community Health from Brown University, went on to become a holistic health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and studied the culinary arts at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts.

    Gabriela Álvarez

    Liberation Cuisine


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    IWFFA Radio

    in Football

    Originally from Brooklyn, New York and long time player Anna Tate - affectionately known as " TONKA" we have a fun conversation about Tonka's flag football experiences since the 90's, playing with the  New York Sharks women's tackle team and her experience coaching girls sports teams.

    Tonka has signed up and will coach one of the teams the IWFFA starts up in next year's 2016 two month promotional tour across the USA which focuses on youth and juniors.

    Then we go to Gabriela De La Mancha - of the Crimson and Tide Championship Team in the 2nd year Puerto Rico Women's Flag Football League who  describes the excitement of the game where the team is behind 1 touch down with 20 seconds left to play.

    Puerto Rico Women's Flag Football League Tournament takes place this weekend, which will be Gabriela's first experience as a loose woman. Then Gaby will try to answer this week's tee shirt contest question. It is a joyful conversation throughout.

    For our Tail Gate Pep Rally News we include final league results for the:

    Puerto Rico Women's Flag Football League

    And Tournaments coming up are:

    1st annual IWFFA / Puerto Rico Women's Flag Football Tournament in San Juan, Puerto Rico (June 11 - 15)

    Canada - In the Pacific Northwest Women's Flag Football Championship - Sun Bowl XXX (June 19 - 20)

    4th annual IWFFA / Jersey Shore, New Jersey (July 18 - 19)

    1st annual IWFFA / Norristown, Pennsylvania  (August 8 - 9)

    10th annual Kate Clinton Classic in Provincetown , Massachusettes

    Find out who wins the IWFFA trivia contest for a free tee shirt!

    This week is extra lively and fun listen - Join us for the show 

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    Cuba: Facts and Myths with Victor Andres Triay PhD

    in Entertainment

    Victor Andres Triay, PhD., is a novelist and historian. The Miami Herald referred to him as "a significant researcher of Cuban exile history."   Born and raised in Miami to Cuban exile parents.

    Victor's first book, Fleeing Castro: Operation Pedro Pan and the Cuban Children's Program, was published by the University Press of Florida in 1998. Fleeing Castro was the first book length historical work on the topic. Three years later he published, again with the University Press of Florida, Bay of Pigs: An Oral History of Brigade 2506,  a historical account of the Bay of Pigs invasion told through the eyes of  the exile invasion force. In 2005 he co-authored, with Teo Babun,  The Cuban Revolution: Years of Promise, a photographic history of Fidel Castro's war against Fulgencio Batista, Castro's assumption of power, and his establishment of a  Stalinist dictatorship in Cuba. Victor recently released his first major work of historical fiction, a series entitled The Unbroken Circle. Book I, The Struggle Begins, was released in July 2013. Book II, Freedom Betrayed, was released in January 2014. Book III, On Freedom's Shores, will be released in mid-2014

    Victor is a resident of Middletown, Connecticut, where he lives with his wife, Emilia, and three children, Victor Andres, Jr., Gabriela Elena, and Francisco Xavier.

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    IWFFA Radio

    in Football

    Show Host: Diane Beruldsen and Co-Host Tamalan Walker

    We go to Key West, Florida and speak with two young flag football players:

    Gabriela and Gi Gi Sonzogni, who are sisters ages 15 yr. and 8 yr. respectively.

    They describe what it's like playing flag football, their experience in the 24th Kelly McGillis Tournament and their toughest competitors the Panama Lady Dragons.

    Our pep rally tailgate news this week includes news from:

    Puerto Rico, Canada, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania

    Also find out who won the IWFFA trivia contest for a free tee shirt!

    Join us for the show  

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    Community Connections: The ContemplativeCreative Gabriela Steiner

    in Lifestyle

    Have you ever had a stranger give you an almost cryptic message that one day becomes the very thing that not only transforms your life but hundreds of lives all around the world?  Gabriela Steiner was a 20something college student when a stranger told her 10 words that would one day transform her life “Whatever you will do in life, never lose your smile!” Gabriela politely said “thank you” and then she did what most 20somethings do—she graduated from college with a degree and became immersed in her job.  And at first she kept smiling because of her new success; but, eventually that took a toll on her spirit and eventually she stopped smiling.

    Now here’s where her story gets interesting—she quit her job and went on a modern day soul journey deep into the midst of the Himalayas in North India.  What Gabriela learned on her journey not only transformed her life but also inspired her to help others to transform their lives. It would take her another year as she worked to find the balance between her truth and her purpose. 

    Gabriela Steiner joins me today and we talk about her inspiration, ;her journey, and the upcoming workshop. 

    Sign up for the free 10 Day Soul Searching Workshop: http://www.soulsearchingcourse.com/

    Check out the full site:  http://www.contemplativecreative.com/


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    Climate Action with Russell Greene

    in Politics Progressive

    Host Russell Greene welcomes leaders, experts, and activists working and organizing to halt climate change, protect the environment, promote green and sustainable energy and businesses, and more! 

    Russell is joined by PDAction Board members Jeff Wolfe, Dr. Gabriela Lemus, Joel Segal, Ben Ptashnik and Andrea Miller. Wolfe founded and built groSolar into a national residential and commercial solar EPC company. After selling the residential business to SolarCity and setting groSolar on a firm path forward focused on large commercial projects, he wanted a new challenge and transitioned himself to Non-Executive Chairman in mid 2012. Jeff is currently Division Chair of SEIA.

    Also joining the show is PDA Radio Executive Producer Andrea Miller. On Friday through Sunday PDAction will host a conference called Building an Inclusive Climate Movement to Build Community Power in Washington, at the David A. Clarke School of Law.

    Dr. Gabriela Lemus is currently President and Executive Director of Progressive Congress.

    Joel Segal is the former senior legislative aide for Rep. John Conyers.

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    'Descubre Tu Tesoro Interior' Introduccion a Los 3 Principios '2'

    in Spirituality

    Escucha a Gabriela, Raul y Sheela en un conversacion sobre un entendimiento que esta impactando y ayadando a gente de todo el Mundo

    Gabriela Maldonado- Montano es co-fundadora de TrueChange Consultants y ha trabajado para fomentar el potencial en personas, equipos y organizaciones por más de 20 años. Su consultoría abarca una amplia gama de organizaciones nacionales e internacionales, entre ellas organizaciones no lucrativas , agencias gubernamentales, empresas familiares y las empresas multinacionales. En colaboración con autor Antonio Gomez Molero, Gabriela esta creando un cuento para niños enfocado en el bienestar. Para contactarla:  www.truechangeconsultants.com

    Raúl Rojas es facilitador de Psicología basada en los 3 Principios, y ofrece sus servicios de consultoría y coaching profesional a agencias gubernamentales, empresas privadas y organizaciones sin fines de lucro en California. Raul es Miembro del Directorio del Center for Sustainable Change, CSC, una organización sin fines de lucro que ensena la Psicología basada en los 3 Principios a individuos y familias en comunidades marginadas de los Estados Unidos.  Raúl Rojas es egresado de la carrera de psicología de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) y del programa de  Master en Psicología Organizacional en la Universidad John F. Kennedy en Pleasant Hill California.