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    the Mann Show - Holiday Cheer ya right

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    Black Friday turns into amateur MMA fights and thats how many start the holiday season. We will talk about the good and bad about the holiday season. Also good gift and bad gifts and a few more holiday ideas. Fred is away stuck at work but Alex Vinnie and Alan are back at it. This will be the last one for the year so you know they will not pull any punches. Listen live or download the Podcast

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    The Mann Show - Mob Hits (the movie edition)

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    Just some of tghe topics on today as the hosts discuss god and bad mob movies why we love them and more.

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    PSA for the Mann Show launch

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    face it you knew I would do something like this if not now sooner than later. Cant wait to launch the show in a few weeks. Lining up shows and guests now. Thanks to Bill Jolliemore of Third Knuckle for the theme - Bad Add  check them out on iTunes and on the web at www.thirdknuckle.com

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    The Mann Show on Radio - the Joys of Youth Sports

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    Face it if you ever watched a T-Ball game or town soccer you know that these moments are great, funny, stressful and things your will talk about until grandchildren. From the parent who cant handle their kid striking out to the touchdown in the wrong endzone we will discuss the joys, the laughs and the WTF moments that happen to everyone. At the very least when we are done with you, you may rethink if you should coach or maybe put a piece of duct tape over your mouth.

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    The Mann Show Episode 3 - Halloween Special

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    Tonight Fred, Vinnie, Alan and Alex talk about Halloween and all that comes with it coustumes candy horror movies. Special guests Samantha  Harvey and John Marani who are the High Priestess and Priest of a Wiccan community in Virgina. The will help add to the discussion about the origins and folklore of the holiday. You may even get to hear a few good jokes told by a witch or two. Join us live or on podcast. Happy Halloween everyone. 

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    Archangel Gabriel

    in Spirituality

    Join Melissa and Grant as they discuss Archangel Gabriel. Melissa will also give a special reading to the audience from Archangel Gabriel.

    Tune in each week as Melissa and Grant discuss all things spiritual, ecclectic and mysterious.

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    LIFELINE welcomes Kristi Gabriel!

    in Spirituality

    VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS SHOW!!! Join me and my special guest Kristi Gabriel tonight at 9PM Eastern to learn more about how to TAP IN for your highest and best good.  There's not enough room to post everything I'd like to post here, so please visit the fan page on facebook to learn more - www.facebook.com/lifelinewithcindysommer 

    CALL IN TO LISTEN 347-850-1090 or listen via the web! 

    Kristi Gabriel LMT,CR is a Kentucky state licensed massage therapist and a nationally certified reflexologist. She has been in the bodywork field since 1989 when she attended her first reflexology course presented by the International Institute of Reflexology. 

    After having two near death experiences with pneumonia, she was told that she would not survive a third. She began in 1984 to seek out holistic approaches to health. She attended a variety of classes related to dowsing and health kinesiology. In 2001, she had her third NDE (near death experience) with pneumonia. She was able to heal herself through that experience. This was her first wake up call challenging her to the core about her own innate intelligence to heal.

    During a two year period, 2003-2005, she experienced twelve heart attack episodes. Her health plummeted to one of its lowest points. After $12,000 in tests, the doctors could not determine or explain the causes. This was her second wake up call to begin TAPPING IN to her innate intelligence to heal.

    Tapping In-Healing Yourself One Question at a Time is a combination of techniques and topics to help every individual access their innate intelligence on how to choose what is best for them. From drinking water, supplements, living environment to healing old health issues, this book is the nuts and bolts to help you one question at a time.

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    David Lemieux vs Gabriel Rosado preview show

    in Sports

    Gabriel Rosado (21-8, 13 KO) will get another shot to prove his durability when he faces the powerful Canadian middleweight David Lemieux (32-2, 30 KO) on Saturday at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York (HBO, 10 p.m. ET/PT).

    Rosado has a new trainer in Jesse Reid and is coming into this bout as confident as he has ever been after his knockout victory over Brian Vera on Big Knockout Boxing. Can it carry over into December 6?

    David Lemieux is riding a seven-bout win streak after suffering two-back-to-back defeats, including a seventh round stoppage loss against Marco Antonio Rubio, who was most recently destroyed by Gennady Golovkin, who has also stopped Gabriel Rosado. Six of Lemieux's past seven victories have come by way of KO, including five within the first three rounds. 

    Gbriel Rosado is no Fernando Guerrero, despite taking a loss against the latter six years ago in an eight-round bout. Styles make fights and Rosado is one tough fighter. Without further ado, it is time to let the prediction do the talking. This bout is a non-title bout, scheduled for 12 rounds. We will with out a shadow of a doubt be taking live calls on air from you the voice of the people. Call 646-478-3068 to voice your opinion, remember you can voice your opinion in writing by becoming part of the team and writing for the site contact Joe Habeeb at Theboxingvoice@yahoo.com Be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube and Blogtalk in order to receive one email a few minutes before we go live. Stay up to date on the sport you love by following us on Twitter @Thaboxingvoice for the most recent news in the boxing world. 

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    Gaius Publius and Michael Mann on Climate

    in Science

    Guest host Gaius Publius discusses climate change with Dr. Michael Mann. Gaius has written extensively on climate issues at AmericaBlog and Naked Capitalism. Gaius' write-up of Dr. Mann's Scientific American article, discussed in the interview, is here. The article itself is here. 

    Gaius and Dr. Mann discussed the three most critical topics in climate activism today — Is two degrees warming too much? Is there any remaining "carbon budget" as the IPCC implies? How do we defeat the Big Money ogre standing in the way of our future?

    Dr. Michael Mann is Distinguished Professor and Director of the “Earth System Science Center” at Penn State University, and the lead author of a 1999 paper that included what later became famous as the "hockey stick graph," a reconstruction of Northern Hemisphere temperatures for the past 1000 years. It shows a mainly flat line of temperature from the year 1000 through about 1900 — like the stem of a hockey stick — then an almost 90 degree uptick, like the blade of a hockey stick. 

    The diagram caught the public imagination. Michael Mann has detailed his battle against right-wing retaliation for "catching the public's imagination," in his 2012 book "The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches from the Front Lines".

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    Brigitte Gabriel on "The Peaceful Majority"

    in Politics Conservative

    Founder and President of ACT! For America, Brigitte Gabriel returns this week to discuss what her organization is doing to educate the American people on "the peaceful majority" within the Muslim community. "America: Imagine the World Without Her" has captivated audiences around the country. Director John Sullivan will be here to talk about the movie, and its relevance to current issues. Former INS agent Michael Cutler also joins the program to discuss the importance of securing our borders. Of course we'll have all the latest political news as well. Tune in Saturday at Noon ET, or listen to the archive at your convenience.

    The Don Smith Show "where it’s ok to be a conservative," brings you the most in-depth coverage of all the latest political news. While the liberal media currently dominates the airwaves, now there is an alternative. Listen to The Don Smith Show every Saturday at Noon ET to hear great interviews with people like Ted Nugent, Col. Allen West, Charlie Daniels, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Pat Boone, Chuck Woolery, Ben Shapiro, Jon Voight, Deneen Borelli, NRA President Jim Porter, Victoria Jackson, and many more leading conservatives.

    Don Smith is a business executive, and fiscal conservative. As seen on Fox News, CBS, PBS, Next Generation TV, and heard on various syndicated radio broadcasts around the country, "The Don Smith Show" takes the complex issues facing this nation and breaks them down in an easy to understand format. Tune in every Saturday at Noon ET for all the latest political news.

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    David Lemieux vs Gabriel Rosado Post Fight Review

    in Sports

    A crowd of 6,532 at Barclays Center were treated to a special performance from two warriors Saturday night as David Lemieux (33-2, 31 KOs)stopped “King” Gabriel Rosado (21-9, 13 KOs)in the 10th round of a very competitive main event on HBO Boxing After Dark.

    The Montreal-native Lemieux retained his NABF Middleweight title while displaying the incredible power that has put the entire middleweight division on

    Welterweight sensation and Puerto Rican star, Thomas Dulorme (22-1, 14 KOs) won a hard fought split decision victory against tough Philly fighter Hank Lundy (25-4-1, 12 KOs). The bout was televised as part of a triple header headlined by Lemieux vs. Rosado.

    Dulorme started off strong landing a powerful right hand on Lundy’s temple, putting him down in round one. The momentum carried over into the middle rounds as Lundy had no answers.

    We will with out a shadow of a doubt be taking live calls on air from you the voice of the people. Call 646-478-3068 to voice your opinion, remember you can voice your opinion in writing by becoming part of the team and writing for the site contact Joe Habeeb at Theboxingvoice@yahoo.com Be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube and Blogtalk in order to receive one email a few minutes before we go live. Stay up to date on the sport you love by following us on Twitter @Thaboxingvoice for the most recent news in the boxing world.  

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