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    Turn It Up Tuesdays w/ Nick "G Slicck" Trimble

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    Turn It Up Tuesdays hosted by Magi Love, the spot to get connected with aspiring individuals coast to coast. Playing some of the best unsigned, independent recording artists and interviewing individuals from all walks of art.

    (C)reating (A)venues (N)etworking through (U)nity,  Get Lifted .

    "Nick ‘G Slicck ‘ Trimble Spent his life growing up in between ,Mattoon,Il Minneapolis,Mn,Chicago,Il and Now living in E.St.Louis,Il..…He has live the tough Inner city life, the laidback life in the suburbs, and faced segregation, which still goes on in some parts of rual America. That is why his music is so versatile, and so many people relate to him. He speaks the truth, about his personal experiences… Social inequality, life as a high ranking Gang Member, a Drug Dealer, which ultimately led to being a Inmate. But with that time God showed him his gift, and talent in writing music, and performing. So after being released from Menard Max C.C in 2007 he began putting just as much effort into doing his music, as he did into doing the negative things he was doing prior to his incarceration."

    Soundcloud.com/ (gslicck)





    FOR ANY FURTHER QUSTIONS CALL (618)225-3821 or email gslicck@gmail.com or send to hushinc.com


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    Live from the CyberHood with Your host::{Big Shi.Getti.Co.Host{J.Bizzle}New episode::Join us 11:00pm central!.G.Talk.

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    "OG SUNDAYS" ON THE G-LEW SHOW (5-31-2015)

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    "The Science of Healing" sermon by John G. Lake Pt. 3

    in Religion

    First today:  reviewing Dr. Lake's statements about the comparison between human digestion and assimilation of God's Spirit by your spirit.

    Then the experiment he had done upon the cortex cells of his brain and the results.  The great dynamo of prayer and then some wonderful testimonies from which we can learn to 'grow up in God'.

    I focus on the 'chair of pneumatology' and this program includes the statement of Dr. Lake where my interest in such a thing began. 

    "One of these days there is going to be a new chair (in the great schools of the land).  It will be a chair of pneumatology....the science of spirit, by which men will undertake to discover the laws of God.  And by the grace of God, men shall know that God is alive, and the living Spirit of God is no dearm."

    There is the 'fire of God' in Dr. Lake's words today, and much to learn from them. 

    Ask the Holy Spirit to give you insight into the 'science of healing'.



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    As believers, we find ourselves in situations or circumstances that challenge our faith in major ways. Well, be it in minor ways or major ways we actually need the exercise. In stretching our faith, we then grow spiritually stronger in that we learn to trust and depend on our Heavenly Father to "make a way" out of what seems to be no way.

    "I am the LORD, your Holy One, The Creator of Israel, your King." Thus says the LORD, Who makes a way through the sea and a path through the mighty waters. " (Isaiah 43; 15-16)

    KING G




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    the Mano show

    in Comedy

    Mashup of all different types of hot current and old music from some of the most listened to genres! Also GQ will periodically come in with the knowledge and facts for the people!

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    the Mano show

    in Radio

    Mashup of all different types of hot current and old music from some of the most listened to genres! Also GQ will periodically come in with the knowledge and facts for the people!

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    Sensual Voices - Rinella och Kristina; medförfattare och modiga förebilder

    in Spirituality

    Välkommen till en härlig och kraftfull konversation med kvinnor om sensualitet, längtan och kontakt. Detta är en serie av radioprogram med medförfattarna till den kommande HMV boken Sensual Voices: True Stories by Women Exploring Connection and Desire. Show #10

    Programledare: Marie Ek Lipanovska och Andrea Hylen
    Gäster: Rinella och Kristina

    Rinella Grahn är utbildad konstvetare och friskvårdsterapeut. Uppvuxen i ett flerspråkigt hem. Som åttaåring lämnade familjen Japan för att flytta till Sverige. Under skoltiden blev hon berövad sina två modersmål italienska och japanska, en traumatisk upplevelse som ledde till att hon förlorade sin glädje för språk och kommunikation. 2012 fann hon tillbaka till sin röst och sitt språk. Rinella är redo att möta världen med sin föreläsning om hur hon hittade tillbaka till språket, identiteten och rösten. Ytterligare en spännande erfarenhet av språk fick Rinella när hon 2013 arbetade som projektledare i ett filmprojekt för ungdomar med grava språkstörningar.


    Kristina Lovén is a passionate and devoted lover of life. Project assistant and apprentice during the HMV project Sensual Voices. Co-writer to the Swedish books Värdefulla Röster (Worthy Voices) and Frigörande Röster (Liberating Voices). She lives in Sweden with her beloved familiy. kristina_loven@yahoo.se


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    WELCOME ALL YOU HATERS..this is gangsters sports...PART OF THE SPORT CITY CHEFS..tp is my bitch..TALKING FANTASY SPORTS...NBA..NFL..NHL...MLB..WNBA..NASCAR...NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS TALK...live from my jail cell..CURRENT EVENTS...sports talk with a edge..LET'S GET ARE G ON LIVE FROM MY JAIL CELL PUNKS...call the show....I TALK ALL SPORTS BABY...I DID NOTHING WRONG THAT DAY..even ask TP..all you haters....YOU CAN KISS MY ASS..i know sports baby..trust me..JETS SUCK...BILLS SUCK..all the teams suck...FANTASY SPORTS..i know all people...MLB..NASCAR..BOXING...TRUST THE GANGSTER..tom brady..IS NOT a cheater...THE OWNER GOT IT ALL WRONG..and away i go sports fans

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    Top Star Hip Hop presents Tuesdays Mixtape party 10 Bricks by @Youngbuck

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    Tonight we contiue our Tuesdays Mixtape Listening party with G-Unit's @YoungBuck lastest mixtape10 Bricks hosted by DJ Whoo Kid. Young Buck continues with 10 months/10 mixtape campaign, this is the 3rd installment.


    Show is powered by: TopStarHipHop.com |  BOBC |  KingApromotion

    hosted by @RealYoungBanks


    Call In - 347-633-9588 

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    Jason Hayes: Drama Teacher & Coach

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    Jason Hayes joins the show tonight to talk about their GoFundMe campaign to help raise funds to take students in their program to the UK this summer to perform!

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask questions or join in the fun!

    Jason is the Director of Theatre and Lead Teacher for Arts, Media and Entertainment at James Monroe High School in North Hills, a suburb of Los Angeles. With productions that include, Oedipus the King, Wiley and the Hairy Man, Zombie Prom and School House Rock Live! along with on campus festivals that include Comedia Del Arte, Shakespeare and traditional Folkloric dance, his students have been selected by the American High School Theatre Festival as one of only 40 schools from North America to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe in Scotland this August, 2015. While his students are severely economically disadvantaged and labeled "at risk" for a myriad of reasons, they have honed their energies into theatre arts and created for themselves the opportunity of a lifetime in their performance of Romeo y Julieta at this year's Edinburgh Fringe. 

    Romeo y Julieta is a bi-lingual Romeo and Juliet translated by the students. Using Shakespeare's language and spoken in Original, Elizabethan Pronunciation along with colloquial Spanish, Monroe Theatre tells the story of "star crossed lovers" from rival Hispanic families living in San Fernando, CA.

    This is not West Side Story. Romeo y Julieta touches on the, very real, inner-racial tension within the Hispanic community my students deal with daily.