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  • WE'RE BACK with 50+ The Second Half "Sports Talk"

    in Sports

    It's been a while, but we are so happy we're back! First and foremost, we hope 2016 is all that you are hoping for. Join your host, Fuzzy Q, Stephen L, Radar aka The Sports Doc. and we have a new person joining our team, Carolina. Please call in to welcome Carolina to the show. 

    Well, Superbowl 50 is just around the corner. Call in with your favorite to win. We have ours. Join us at 7:00 p.m. and the number is: 347-539-5867 EST.

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    Flock of Goats Preparedness with Shepherdess Celeste

    in Current Events

    Only 30 days left until Chick Days. Oh so cute, little yellow or black fuzzy chicks peeping away.  Chicks invite everyone to engage with them, but are you prepared?  What does one need to raise a little peep?

    Once your chickens have grown, now what?  We will be discussing what it takes to raise healthy chickens. 

    You will be blessed by raising your own chickens.  They are hypnotic as they dig and scratch the earth for bugs and grain.  Tendinging chicks is a rewarding experience.  Learn the joys and sometime the sadness in the life of a chicken. 

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    FTSports Podcast - Episode 19 - Life of Drama

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    Welcome to episode 19 of FTSports Podcast and we have a GREAT show lineup for you!

    We are recapping the National Championship Game, which could go down as one of the best! Nick Saban continues to cement his legacy, but is he the G.O.A.T. of College Football? Despite C.Davis comments about the ACC, they were at the end, what is the future of the ACC? Also, what is the overall grade of the College Football Season, including the bowl season.

    The R.O.T.W comes from a warm, fuzzy place. B. Ellis takes you to the flat lands of OHIO.

    So, lets understand this... The Rams are back in LA and The Charges might join them? Interesting.

    The fun started on the road to Super Bowl 50 and we recap the NFL Wild Weekend and look forward to the Divisional Round.

    As always, you can call in to our show! Join us!!

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    Corruption Wears Multi-Priced Shoes

    in Politics

    All these political stories these days about the corrupt and the honest is just stories to increase chances of winning an election. We have to seek out the facts if we don't want the stories told to become reality. We already know reality is GOP spent 2001-2008 destroying the American economy. We already know too many Democrats sit and watched and did little more than say NO, and then come later and say I told you so. Corruption is not just about taking money from rich dough donors. Corruption is about deliberate plans to come against people, places and things which does not give you a warm fuzzy feeling, or recognition, or money, or all of the above. How to measure corruption in American politics? The fruit of corruption is...

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    Grief and Other Holiday Stresses On Mystic Moon Café

    in Paranormal

    Grief and Other Holiday Stresses On Mystic Moon Café

    It’s the Holiday Season again.. Everything is supposed to be ‘Joy To The World’, a Bing Crosby/ Bill Cosby feel good, warm and fuzzy, magickal time of year.  But for so many, it’s a time of loneliness, heart-ache, despair and/or grief.

    I see you reaching out on social media, in forlorn gazes, hunched shoulders….

    I see you acting out with defiant stances and angry glares….

    So, here’s a chance for us to come together and share what’s going on, talk about hopes, dreams, loss, failures, nostalgia and everything else.

    No one here is an expert of psychology – as far as I know anyway – just caring people trying to sort through the mess.

    So please join me on this little journey on Mystic Moon Café.

    And if no one shows up to the party, I’ll play some more old time radio programs and hard rock melodies…

    Chat will be up and runnung - hopefully...  

    If you have trouble listening on the Internet, you can always call in to listen at 646-716-6207

    Contact us on Facebook:  Mystic Moon Cafe

    Email:  MysticLands@kc.rr.com

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    Fred "Fuzzy" Thurston: A Lombardi Legend Remembered

    in Football

    22 SportsTalk


    Heroes get Remembered...Legends Never Die. It's been one year and your name is stronger than ever! Legendary. Join me Monday night at 6 p.m. CT as I celebrate the life of my one-of-a-kind Grandfather. The man who gave his all to his family, his team, and his fans. We will be joined with some special guests to share some special memories. But more importanty, I want you, the fans to join us! Call in and share a Fuzzy story you may have. Because I know everyone has one! My grandfather was a fan's fan. I am a fan's fan. So join in! This is OUR show to him! I will also be discussing the Cowboys v Packers game and recapping the rough & tough week for the Wisconsin Badger Basketball team. #63Forever


    Tonight on 22 SportsTalk

    We talk The Legend #63
    We talk Packers
    We talk Badger Basketball
    We talk Sports

    Go and check out the LG63 Collection at: www.PNGCLOTHINGCO.com and enter: 22SPORTSTALK at Checkout for 15% your entire order!

    For show appearances or general questions email me at: FThurston22@yahoo.com

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    SID-Jets-Panthers Win/Henry Heisman/Happy BD-D'Brick/

    in Sports

     Legendary scribe and sportscaster,Dr.M.Lee''Doc''Stanley Sr.,takes to the airwaves once again with his renowned award winning radio show,the iconic,'Sports In Depth'.
     The Panthers continue to win and stay undefeated the Jets made it two wins in a row and the Bengals lose more than a game.Q.B. Andy Dalton may be done for the rest of the season.Packers,Chiefs,Pats and Eagles also win.
     We mourn the loss of New York media icon,Phil Pepe.A long time NY media scribe and radio personality'(Pepe Talk')A true credit to his race,the human race.Phil was one of my mentors in my early journalist career and befriended me with both respect and kindness.
    ''Jumpshot Jonesy'',Eddie''Don't See It Don't Call It'' Cotton,''Dusty'' and"Muscles'' join the good ''Docthah'' on this segment of 'Sports In Depth'.
    Giants play Monday Night football,Jets follow suit by playing this Saturday against my Beloved brother James,Dallas Cowboys,in Texas.We take this time to say Happy birthday to Jets star,Left Tackle,D'Brickashaw Ferguson(12/10),happy birthday,Brick.
     Blessed,safe and Happy Holidays,Feliz Natal-Feliz Navidad E Ano-Novo to all.GOD Bless and thanks for being with us again,where we always,''Rope the Rumors,Lasso the Issues and Brand the Truth''.
    ''Man has taken GOD's day Sunday and made it his day with no real respect,acknowledgement or sincerel,adulation and gratitude to him,GOD''
    ''Man seeks constantly more sincerely,strongly,redunitly and desirably the approval of man than that of GOD,the maker,creater and provider of man.''
    Doc Stanley's Words Of Wit And Wisdom


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    (r)Evolution with HiC

    in Lifestyle

    L*I*V*E READINGS ... connect in from the show page or call 646.716.5510 to receive a reading L*I*V*E* on the air during the show !

    As we navigate through the Winter season and move into 2016, we think about our resolutions and goals for the new year. These often centre around health, wealth, happiness, progress.

    Much of what we want to accomplish or resolve can get interrupted or blocked when we neglect our physical well-being, causing us to feel rundown and, therefore, too tired to be motivated, too fuzzy minded to know the best way to move forward, too sick to do what we want or stand up for what we need.


    This month's (r)Evolutionary guest is intuitive counsellor, business coach and digital marketer, ALISSA COHAN. She joins HiC to offer deep and long lasting wisdom and practical tips for releasing the toxins, blockages, and dead weight that we carry in our body, mind and spirit so that we can be healthier, happier, and create a sustainable system for maintaining optimal health in the coming year and beyond.

    Alissa's approach to health is holistic, looking at the interconnectedness of the body, mind and spirit. She guides us into health and the healing journey using herbs, stones, foods and other techniques in order to create and live the life we truly want for ourselves.

    Having lost 110 pounds, Alissa Cohan embarked on a 5 year healing journey, including completing a certificate in personal training. She now works as an intuitive counselor, business coach and digital marketer raising awareness of inflammatory disorders on the mind and body. Alissa is the host of the Hummingbird Qi, and you can follow her on tumblr for tips, tricks and recipes for optimal health.

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    Choc'Let FONKIN OUT FOR 2015 with guest Original P, co hosted by Stozo-da Klown

    in Music

    Choc'Let FONKIN OUT FOR 2015 with guest Original P, co hosted by Stozo-da Klown!

    The ORIGINAL “P”  is a 13 piece band featuring original, founding member of Parliament/Funkadelic  “Shady” Grady Thomas. From the street corners of Plainfield, N.J. with the Parliaments, a doo-wop, R&B and Soul band and the Motown boom of Detroit in the early sixties when they reached the top 20 on Billboard charts with their single “(I wanna) Testify” to the arenas and stadiums in the seventies with the huge success of Parliament/Funkadelic , to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in the late nineties.


     In the mid-nineties Grady decided to create the reunion project ORIGINAL “P”, along with the late Ray “Stingray” Davis, Fuzzy Haskins and Calvin Simon.

    When asked why it was time for this project, Fuzzy said,” It’s time to put the fun back in funk!” Now ORIGINAL “P” is back on tour, playing to sold out venues around the world.

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    Is Heart-Based Business Leadership an Oxymoron?

    in Business

    The image of how a “boss” is supposed to act is shaped by your experiences, the people you’ve worked with and for, the behaviors your organization rewards with promotions, and even the characters you see on TV and in the movies.

    Those images rarely evoke warm fuzzy feelings and as a result they cause people to underestimate the role of soft skills in driving hard results.

    Stephanie McDilda, President of Flashpoint International, reveals how heart-based leadership inspires superior performance and how you can burnish your leadership brand without being seen as a pushover and much more.

    Stephanie is a speaker, seminar leader, and executive/ leadership coach with over 30 years of experience as both a leader and a leadership development professional. Through her work, she helps her clients reduce employee turnover and absenteeism, while increasing productivity, engagement, and satisfaction by building powerful relationships. She holds three degrees, all from N.C. State University – a B.A. in Business Management and Economics, a M.Ed. in Adult Education, and an M.Ed. in Counseling. She is also an ICF Certified Professional Coach. 

    This program is proudly sponsored by the Legal Leverage® Academy, a div. of Business M.O., LLC.