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    FFN On The Air - Episode 103 - December 11, 2014

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    Tonight, David and Jeff are holding a telethon for Scott Stapp, raising money to help Scott buy a clue.

    They pay their respects to the passing of a rock legend...along with the other silly stories.

    Music from some of FFN's favorites will also be featured tonight.

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    What is Diva Glam Studio Weave? Hosted by the name of Julaun Hubbard.

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    Diva Glam Studio Weave:

    Hosted by Julaun Hubbard

    Diva Glam Studio Weave                                                                                             

    Diva Glam Studio Weave is providing an exclusive line of 100% Virgin Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian and Peruvian human hair.  Made in machine weft, top closures and lace frontal human hairlines. With outstanding customer service and beautiful hair.  You will not want to shop with another online extensions hair provider. Once you've had Diva Glam Studio Weave you will never shop anywhere else for your 100% virgin human hair.  So, go ahead and fall in love with Diva Glam Studio Weave. You will never be the same.

    We have provided our unmatched premium quality products to Salons as well as Consumers and their hair stylists for many years. With people's growing interest in 100% virgin human  hair, we recently decided to market our products to the global market and consumers.   We are now proudly serving customers with the same supreme products worldwide through our online shop.

    In order to serve our customers beyond their expectations.  We have built a very strong relationship with our suppliers, ensuring that the hair you purchase is just the way you want it: 100% virgin human hair, beautiful, natural, healthy and strong.

    After all, we want our customers to become customers for life. With our expertise from many years in the beauty and hair industry, we understand a our customers' needs and we are committed to provide the best products and service available. 

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    Laughter & Confusion: Premium Cable Shows...The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

    in Television

    This week we explore the unadulteraded world of premium cable. You know... where full frontal nudity, cursing like a sailor and having complete awkwardness in front of your family is the absolute norm. 

     Your friends, The TV Talkers, will discuss the best (and worst) of Cable TV. 

    From new and recurring series like:


    True Detective 

    Survivors Remorse

    The Leftovers

    To some all-time classics like:


    Curb Your Enthusiasm

    Sex and The City 

    Like  us on instagram, tune in weekly and catch up on previous episodes (here) , tweet us your thoughts on the show,  and most importantly follow us daily (@expertviewertv and @cruzmedia) as we live-tweet the shows that we're tuning into and the ones we consider dropping from the rotation.

    XOXO EV and KC! 

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    Part 2: Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights author Bonnie Toews

    in Books

    Mount Albert, Ontario – While journalism adheres to strict rules for how the specific facts of a story are recorded and reported, fiction is a landscape where, in some ways, there are no rules except to make the story seem real. Still, writing a fictional novel requires the same discipline, curiosity and attention to detail as the best investigative journalism.

    Bonnie Toews is an author, journalist and the founder of Whistler House Publishing. This month marks the release of the second novel in Toews’s Trilogy of Treason series, Covert Denial, inspired by her experiences as a journalist covering Rwanda’s humanitarian relief effort in 1994.

    “I found the only way I could publicize what went on was to tell it through fiction,” says Toews. “More often than not, people believe fiction more than they believe the truth.”

    While reporting in Rwanda, Toews discovered she and servicemen had been prescribed an antimalarial drug known as Mefloquine that for some people causes severe adverse reactions. The drug made them more combative and aggressive by entering the neural network and attacking the frontal brain and adrenal gland. Some have even theorized the recent massacre at Fort Hood could be linked to this drug and the U.S. surgeon general has since banned the drug, particularly for Special Forces troops on the ground.

    “The Canadian peacekeepers were very mum at first, but after I was able to earn their trust, I didn’t even have to ask questions,” says Toews. “But back home, no one was interested in what was happening to them.”

    In addition to her work as a novelist, Toews is an advocate for better care and treatment of Canada’s veterans at http://homecomingvets.wordpress.com.


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    Star Date 360 episode 1 To the Core of us... trust in the rust of breath

    in Music

    a conversational journey in to the depths of the mind soul body politic fantastic feats of frequency modulating

    cascading consciousness like snowflakes on a hot skillet...bringing entities from all realms trading spells an

    charms doing no harm only art it's artiface is our face made of the same stuff of space taste dreams as they

    scream at night mares in middle of the day as children play with algorithms in rythm with oceans motions we

    disciples of decipals climb chapel perrilous tendering this to ears that hear theatre crouds in their doodles on

    lips taking sips of ecylpses slipping synaptics like acrobatic profalactics in tragic traffic accidents its all really

    heaven sent since before was before even before that every thing been black just ask dirt as we flirt with a cloud

    loud black an proud wearing unicorn uniforms made of cuniform hear to storm the wall around all that falls now it's

    our time to call all stars to the gates of forever we will bee clever in any kind of weather wear your leather feather

    gather to get her and pleasure in our sences no fences save time and that's just how long it takes to line the last

    line of the last ryhmn now go shine with spine divine dance of dust trust in rust of breath to catch a rainbow in

    your lobe frontal eventually all will know freedom let it ring from mountain top to high top fade to parade marching

    in shade of glory bee cuase we tell our own story taller than two towers we have top secret super powers we dont

    just use in the shower pocket full of sun flower seeds ready for deeds done doin work of the sun reigning down on

    nearly every one one size fits one planet fits all one breath breaths all on final call yes yes yawl we call it like we

    see it we see with love we made of love love we love just bee cause bee's knees tickle theories like fairy lashes

    on back of neck

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    Free Thinking

    in Lifestyle

    Everybody thinks that they know what's best or has a certain idealism set in their minds. But what about those of us who think beyond the "status quo"? We don't always conform to what I'd call "conservative idealism". Everybody beats to the tune of their own drum. Or at least, everytbody should. Sex, nudity, politics. how to raise one's family. Everybody should have their own thought process, and not obide by what they think a "professional" or one person says or believes. 

    This week, we'll take a look at various ideas and see what people think of them. And maybe how we can change a few minds or make some people stop and think about how things could be thought of or done. This week. "On-Air". 

    NOTE: This show is rated PG-13 for some adult subject matter and discussion content. 

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    Tonight 10 pm johnny Kush's 4th annual thanksgiving bash at renovated Kush headquarters
    t bone steaks, Chicago deep dish pizza,shakeys pizza and fries,frank scored some frozen in and out burgers and wisconsin beer braughts were grilling out and 4 cases of crown royal, 4 eight balls and half pound of girl scout cookies and half pound purple kush.
    stop by say hi your all invited cartoon head will be spinning some records and entertainment from some of the girls from the Torrance rhino and of coarse me mike, donovan,shiek and cartoon head will strip down and dance majic mike style 
    leave the kids at home its an adult party featuring full frontal nudity and drugs, not the best place for you're 8 year old. also don't fuck my house up i just got it fixed

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    FFN On The Air - John Wayne Bailey - November 20, 2014

    in Music

    Over the weekend, David and Jeff were honored to talk to Christian singer/songwriter/musician John Wayne Bailey, who is based out of Atlanta, GA.  Tonight, they will share their interview with John, as he gives an unflenching look at his rise and fall in the early 2000s Atlanta rock scene.  He will also tell of his rebirth, as he speaks of his undying faith and how it lifted him out of the abyss.   John also gives the listeners a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into being a modern-day recording artist.

    Three of John's latest songs will be featured during the program.

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    ungovernable force

    in Football

    I'm broadcasting live on the air! Listen in now at http://tobtr.com/s/7133133. #BlogTalkRadio 


    "THE UNGOVERNABLE FORCE", hitting the festival circuit in 2015, is the latest exploitation/grindhouse feature film from Ungovernable Films, featuring all your favorite ungovernable motifs like sex, gore, violence, nudity, schlock, and laughs! Oh, and of course a social message! This time it's "fuck the police!" Taking cues from films like Suburbia, Class of 1984, and Class of Nuke Em High, "THE UNGOVERNABLE FORCE" is a punxploitation film that sets an army of punks and bums against a band of fascist cops!

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    Viewpoint LIVE! Kim K Nude Shot, Slap Heard Around The World

    in Lifestyle

    Tune in tonight as we get LIVE!
    Km K vs Rhi-Rhi... nudity for fame. The slap heard around the world... Whoopi's response... and more!
    Let's Get Live!
    Your hosts: Diamond Ryan & Betty Lewis

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    FFN On The Air - Episode 102 - November 13, 2014

    in Music

    Tonight, David and Jeff will address the latest findings in the death of the former lead singer of Survivor.  After that, it gets less heavy, with stories about Foo Fighters, Kid Rock, Van Halen, "The Osbournes" and Led Zeppelin.  A small discussion about a recent performance of a CCR classic will ensue, along with Jeff's review of the Delbert show.

    Then.....Jeff reveals what is making him giggle right now.

    New music from the boys' favorites will also be featured.

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