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    Yammering Lew with Stiev Stigma: Futuristic talk, Aliens, and The Pope

    in Comedy

    We will talk about Aliens, random crazy stuff, The Pope, and futuristic stuff.  For example, Lew is ALL about when the self driving cars become commericial.  Also, what will the future be like when we are all ENHANCED with computer chips, etc.  When will the CYBORGS arrive.  How crazy powerful will AI be?  Also, Lew will probably babble a bit about Civ IV, and Galactic  Civilizations III (well at least that game is about Space).

  • 00:31

    Solaris 7: Where Futuristic Warfare goes Sports Entertainment?!

    in MMA

    I know, we've Battletech'd the Infernos outta Radio but there's Another facet we Haven't covered Specifically, on it's Own, yet. Giant Robot Battling Arena Combat Yeehaw! Sorry, got a bit carried away there, being all Monster Truck Colloseum Announcerly and stuff. Anyways, Tune In!

  • 02:13

    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    The Vatican released an offical photo of Pope Francis coming to America, but it has the symbols of 666 or hebrew (Mark of the Beast). The spirit of the Illuminati is truly getting brave and more and more symbols and even speeches are being given to proclaim the coming New World Order or as it says in Revelation 13 the Beast. Also ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has executed 150 women and girls for refusing to become sex slaves and marry Jihadist muslims. Also the Top Doctor in Sierra Leone dies of Ebola. Also Japan has been hit by an "Apocalyptic Snow Blizzard of 7 feet" and it has left 11 people dead. Also NASA is preparing to create an incredible, futuristic plan to establish a human colony on Venus. Also China arrests USA citizen a Christian an aid worker along the North Korean border. Also earthquakes, ebola, wars, and rumors of wars and many signs are happing all over the earth and the second coming of Christ draws near. Today Bible Prophecy and apocalyptic signs and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana.

  • 02:28

    Predictions for 2015 By Top Leaders In Alternative Media

    in Spirituality

    Will peace or chaos reigh in 2015? What techonoligcal advances will change the face of humanity?

    Tonight we devoting an entire show to predictions in the year 2015 and we’re all in for a real treat on this one. In addition to the predictions by our Virtues (Kerrie O’Connor, Laura Lyn, Constance Stellas & Lisa Caza), we will also be featuring insights by some of our previous guests as well as some of the most powerful visionaries in alternative media. 

    These individuals include: Gerald Celente, Chris Duane, Michael Rivero, Gregory Mannarino, Teal Swan, George Kavassalis.

    The last part of our show will feature what can only be described as an epic painting of humanity’s future by Darryl Robert Schoon.

    These individuals are not filled with wisdom beyond their years and we personally have a deep love, respect & admiration for every one of them.

    To offer their insights to you tonight a humbling honor that words cannot describe and we are incredibly grateful.

    Since we have a lot to cover, let us begin tonight’s show.

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    in Entertainment

    Can you imagine, this young man has gone from being seen my millions on "Full House" and the Movie " The Little Rascals" is now shaking and singing and " Screaming@ The Opera"! Well let me explain really what this all means! In June of 2014 Blake Mc Iver released his new album The Time Manipulator at the on Monday June 2nd at the Lyric Theatre in LA.

    The Time Manipulator encompasses 9 songs in all, including heartfelt hit Wish I Didn’t Need You, the powerful Screaming @ The Opera, and the rousing Stand and Fight. So really, he is not technically Screaming @ The Opera..but you will be when you hear the song! And just for the record, its no where near Operatic tones!!

    On his  release which is described as “a musical journey through Blake’s own “space time continuum.” It has flavors of decades gone by (classic rock, gospel, bossa nova) as well as futuristic yearnings (dance, electropop). The through-line of the album is empowerment. Blake implores the listener to overcome their past to make way for the future.

    Blake McIver is a self-proclaimed “reformed” child star, known for his roles on such TV series as Full House and Home Improvement and in films like The Little Rascals and Anastasia. His comeback as a musician has been chronicled by such media outlets as Inside Edition, The Huffington Post, International Business Times, E! Online, Buzzfeed, Examiner.com, The L.A Times, WROM and the World Entertainment News Network.

    Please welcome to " Live From The Bay With Joey"..Blake Mc Iver!!

    http://www.blakemciver.com/Blake_McIver/Home.html     https://www.facebook.com/blakemciverofficial

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    LIVE! with Cathi---"The Elixir of Youth" Part Three

    in Fitness

    ACKNOWLEDGMENT...I've been fortunate to experience life on laymans terms with intelligent visionary futuristic insights.

    Through the book I quote many experts, theologians, men and women who've achieved their goals, so to them. PLEASE, I'M NOT PLAGIARIZING, NOT STEALING YOU MATERIAL, THEY'RE JUST TOO MANY OF YOU TO LIST.

    I SALUTE and ACKNOWLEDGE your contributions to extending the quality of life to MANKIND!

    YOU ASK, WHAT SETS THE 'ELIXIR' APART FROM OTHER BOOKS...let me tell you.  Ponce de Leon, move over I HAVE DISCOVERED THE SECRETS TO THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH.  It's not only my proven, powerful natural easy-to-do methods and techniques, it's my PERSONAL JOURNEY, my secret recipe book for looking and feeling younger and better longer than you ever though possible...RIGHT NOW!


    looking and feeling fabulous...etc.

    It's about life...YOUR LIFE...etc.

    Shh...secret #1, the measure of life...etc.

    Life Extension Magazine Profile...etc.

    Shh...secret #2...MY STORY...etc.

  • 02:00

    Futuristic tattoos: The Mark of the Beast? Or What

    in Religion

    What does the bible say about the mark of the beast? Will there be a national ID card? When will this National ID card come to pass? When will the mark of the beast come to pass? Whats up with the face scanning devices in London England. Whats up with the face scanning devices anywhere. Will the Mark have something to do with your DNA? Firecharger will Join us on the Prophecy zone to talk about bible prophecy. Middle east, economy, last generation.

  • 00:46

    Ms.P Welcomes Back Author Steven Van Patten

    in Books


    Steven Van Patten is a native New Yorker, raised in Fort Greene and currently living in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.  ‘SVP’ describes himself as an insomniac with an overactive imagination and a lover of things that go bump in the night. He’s quoted as saying that, “I love horror movies, but I am not always crazy about how people of color are depicted or handled within the horror genre.  My list of complaints goes on forever, from the stereotypical slang-talker who is dead before the credits are over to the fact that Blade goes for an entire trilogy of movies without the main character attaining a true love interest.”


    This is probably why after coming home from his exhausting experiences stage managing various TV shows throughout the New York area, he was motivated to stay up all hours of the night writing the Brookwater’s Curse vampire novel series. Because of his extensive work in both the television and literary fields, he’s now a member of both the Director’s Guild of America and The Horror Writer’s Association.


    The Brookwater’s Curse books are a combination of many things the author loves, all pulled together to create a very dark, very adult, supernatural vision. He is currently working on, “The Genius” a somewhat futuristic, multi-cultural take on the serial killer genre.

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    ADHD ( ADD ) Listening and Communication skills. Innovation 4 Todays World

    in Self Help

    Learn tomorrows communication skills that put you ahead of everyone by being able to focus easily on what another is saying instead of looking for dangerous stimulation elsewhere during a conversation. Not only will you hear another more distinctly, they will appreciate your skills highly as they are understood while using these futuristic skills. You can learn them now.

    Find easier ways to communicate yourself by listening eaasier what others are saying first. The patience you have will make you a better communicator.

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    Recording Artist Sher'nell La'Fleur

    in Music

    This song is about a woman, describing her man as her cowboy, and taking her out and beyond this world with their sexual experience! Mr. Space Cowboy please take me out of space and into the future , so she is calling it "Futuristic Love" because the sex is mind blowing, out of this world, that's where the title comes in . It's a " Smooth" laid back song, for a lovers to set the mood and have a very grown and sexy night. Copyright 2014 written by Tammy Morris Artist Name Sher'nell La'fleur, produced by Kendall (the Jazzman) and Kendall Getridge. Thank you for listening and following .Please leave your input # Sher'nell La'fleur.


    Contact Manager Maurice Handcox Jr. 

    (228) 235-0814 or mauricio6460@gmail.com

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    The Art Show - Conscious. Body. Movement. - Health & Healing in the MBS

    in Spirituality

    The Art Show Host: Jacqueline Ripstein - Duration: 1 Hour 

    Massimo Barbato - A futuristic Author that opens new realms for us,...MASSIMO IS not just a writer, he s a visionary, in this amazing creative book Artificial Intelligence (AI) – you will be amazed about how technology can affect our living... He makes us aware of how quickly we are approaching a tipping point, where it is not only humans that will make decisions about how we run our society, but the machines created by them...

    Creativity, Healing, Spirituality & Peace

    Conscious. Body. Movement. - Hosts: Greg Dyer and Merlijn Wolsink Duration: 1 Hour

    What is Conscious. Body. Movement.?
    It is a way of shifting the thoughts about our bodies and what we do with them, for them and to them. It's about learning to listen to your body again for what it desires and requires. It's about loving your body! 

    Health & Healing in the MBS - Host: Judy Graybill - Duration: 1 Hour

    Dr. Brian King about how to get through the challenges of parenting children with Autism.

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