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    @HiMSS 2015: Meet Daniel Kraft MD @Daniel_Kraft

    in Health

    At the CHIME CIO Forum HiMSS 2015 attendees were treated to a fast paced and informational rich keynote talk by Daniel Kraft, MD, Chair of the Medicine Track at Singularity University  and who also serves as the principal curator of Exponential Medicine the sequel to the popular FutureMed series.

    In this interview Douglas Goldstein, @eFuturist gets Daniel's perspectives on the future of medicine, and promising technologies in 'wearables', 'inside-ables' and genome informed medicine.

    Filmed and produced at HiMSS 2015 by Gregg A. Masters, MPH @2healthguru for Health Innovation Media. The video available here. This is an audio only version. 

    Conference details via HiMSS.

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    'Dr. Dave', Founder & CMO Alivecor

    in Health

    On the Wednesday September 4th, 2013 broadcast at 10AM Pacific 1PM Eastern our special guest is visionary Dave Albert, MD, the Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Alivecor.
    According to the Doctors Channel:
    'Mobile phones and diagnostic devices are merging to provide quality ?clinical measurements from anywhere. David Albert, MD, Founder & Chief Medical Officer, AliveCor, demonstrates the AliveCor ?ECG, an iPhone accessory that will allow both physicians and patients to ?capture and transmit clinical quality heart ECG data using their smart phones'.
    Per their website the Alivcor Heart Monitor is a 
    '..quality, single-channel ECG recorder that leverages the power, display, and communication capabilities of the iPhone 4, 4S and 5. '
    'The Heart Monitor does not use power from the iPhone, but utilizes a 3.0V coin cell battery that will take up to roughly 10,000, 30-second ECGs before needing replacement. The Heart Monitor also uses AliveCor’s proprietary wireless communication protocol to communicate with the app, and requires no pairing between the iPhone and the Heart Monitor.'
    We'll discuss Dave's journey into the digital health space, his view of the market and the opportunities he sees near and intermediate term.
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    This Week in Oncology with Jack Andraka

    in Health

    On the Wednesday, February 20th at 1:30PM Pacific/4:30PM Eastern broadcast we are super stoked to chat with scientist, cancer researcher and mathematician, and did I say High School student Jack Andraka. Andraka is the 2012 Intel Science Fair grand prize winner. He was honored with the Gordon E. Moore Award for his work in developing a new method to detect pancreatic cancer.
    I learned about Jack for the fist time from the FutureMed 2013 livestreaming broadcast on February 5th, 2013, titled 'the future of oncology'.
    May I say, I (as were all in attendance at FutureMed as well as the global audience following via the livestream broadcast) was blown away by his passion, intellect and tenacity. For some background information on Jack, see: Meet Jack Andraka: Mathematician, Scientist, Cancer Researcher.
    Listening to him I immediately thought he would be a treat for our listeners, so I reached out to Jack and he's agreed to be on the show.
    For more on this amazing and inspirational young man, take a peek at the entry at wikipedia: Jack Andraka.
    His story of determination in the face of 199 academic rejections, and one tepid, 'we'll see' what you got reception frames focus and passion in a way that many do not experience. 
    Tune in for what will be an informative and fun session.

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    This Week in Oncology with Daniel Kraft, MD

    in Caregiving

    On the Tuesday, July 26th broadcast our special guest is pediatric oncologist and visionary futurist Daniel Kraft, MD.
    Dr. Kraft is a Stanford and Harvard trained physician-scientist, the Executive Director of FutureMed and serves as faculty chair for Medicine at Singularity University.
    Dr. Kraft has over 20 years experience in both biomedical research, innovation and clinical practice. He has multiple scientific publications including in Nature and Science.  Daniel has served as a member of faculty at the Stanford Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine and  on the clinical faculty for pediatric bone marrow transplantation at University of California, San Francisco.
    Dr. Kraft has been awarded several patents for his innovations, including in immunology, stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. While a fellow at Stanford, participating in the BioDesign program he invented the “MarrowMiner”, a minimally invasive   device (FDA approved) for the harvest of bone marrow stem cells (now being commercialized by Hospira). Dr. Kraft is also the founder and  consulting Chief Medical Officer of RegenMed Systems, a company that develops tools to enable adult stem cell based regenerative therapies.  He is a Kaufman fellow and is a venture partner with Proteus Venture Partners.  He has presented at major conferences including TED, TEDMED, TEDxBerkeley, Web2.0 and TEDxMaastrich.
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