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    Pro Wrestling Opinion Show #29: Sobercast w/Markren!

    in MMA

    LoganTimeTraveler, the Futureboy from the evil Future, the guy who came to make things right, talks WWE, TNA headlines for a while, then he is joined by the Charismatic, the Debonair, the Mayor Goldie Wilson himself, Markren.

    We get into all kinds of things wrestling and non-wrestling, such as "What James Toney should have done in that fight with Couture?" and who should play the different roles in the Board rendition of Back 2 the Future. Feel free to add suggestions. So far either Doc Lucha or Dave is playing Doc. Marty will be played by Alvarez. Big D is Biff from the evil future. Ed is Biff in the 50's Teddy Long is the Father. Of course, Markren will play Mayor Goldie Wilson.

    Also, we break down what went wrong with Hogan's wardrobe.

    You don't want to miss this! Logan is actually sober for a change!

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