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    futbol mundial

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    futbol mundial

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    Futbol Mundial

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    Esta semana le damos un vistazo a los deportes mas populares en juegos de mundo. Sera esta la olimpiada de la primera medalla de oro para Brasil en futbol? Podra Argentina dar la sorpresa y quitarle el oro de las manos a Estados Unidos en baloncesto? Sin Rafa Nadal es Federer el favorito por el oro en Tenis? Todo esto y una lista de los atletas hispanos mas reconocidos en otros deportes esta semana en The Jarm21 Show.

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    France Terrorism. Is it coming to a city near you?! Thinking L.A. Olympics?

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    Today our allies in France were met with the most devastating TERRORISIM sinse world War II. Scores of people are dead and injured at clubs, concerts halls, resturants & sporting venues! This is clearly an act of terrorism by the peacful religion known as Islam. Muslims are silent about their brother's terrorism! President Obama in his speech didn't mention Islam, Muslim, Isis, Isil, Hebolah, or Taliban or any other terrorist group. 

    This is about unrestricted Immigration. A policy that France has maintained for over ten years! The Unitted States must fortify it's borders and begin deportation of illigal Aliens from any country. We are no longer safe here. 

    I will be jouned by veteran Radion Host and Newsman Rob Marinko tonight who has covered the O.J. & Robert Blake trial,and reported on 9/11/2001. Rob is a regular host on KABC Radio 790 AM in Los Angeles and on CRN doing the "What's Trending" Show on Fridays. 

    Join in tonight's conversation from 7:00-9:00pm pst  1-760-454-7012 


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    Football 2 Futbol: NFL Week 8 Recap & Colts vs. Panthers MNF Post-Game

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    Sorry for not having a Week 7 Preview Podcast, Sean had a major internet outage that made it impossible to do the show.

    But no worries, we are here to breakdown and discuss everything that occurred in Week 8 of the 2015 NFL Season.

    We begin by going over and discussing some of the major points that occurred in the over-time thriller between the Indianapolis Colts and the Carolina Panthers on Monday Night Football (4:00-9:00.) Are the Carolina Panthers the premier team in the NFC after this win? And are there more positives than negatives for the Colts after the loss? We discuss this and more.

    If you want to hear how the MNF game ended and a full post-game from the guys, check out that on Rabble.TV here (https://www.rabble.tv/broadcast/5624499e6e20da4857d6aea8/view)

    After that, we get into our full NFL Week 8 Recap (9:00-86:20 or 9:00- 1 hour and 26 mins) by going through every game, discussing questions about each team that played, who looks good, who looks bad, and we also delve into the Vernon Davis trade to the Broncos, the benching of Colin Kapernick, what do the Detroit Lions do and more.

    Randy takes everyone through the highlights of College Football Week 9, including the three of us talking at length about the crazy play at the end of the Miami vs. Duke game and the decision to suspend all of those referees. (86:20-95:40 or 1 hour and 26 mins- 1 hour and 35 mins)

    Finally, we transition things back to the NFL, for Gary's Top 5 Fantasy Football Pickups (95:40-98:55 or 1 hour and 35 mins- 1 hour and 38 mins,) the Top 5 Power Rankings (98:55-End or 1 hour and 38 mins-End) and our Player of the Week.

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    Football 2 Futbol: NFL Week 7 Recap & Ravens vs. Cardinals MNF Post-Game

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    Sean, Gary, and Randy start things off by doing a short post-game for the Monday Night Football game between the Baltimore Ravens vs. Arizona Cardinals (2:45-10:45)

    This one came down to the wire, but it was a Joe Flacco interception that sealed the deal.  Now at 1-6 for the season, is it time to stick a fork in the Ravens?  Could teams now be just as worried about that Cardinals defense as they are the offense? We discuss these questions and more.  

    Then we get into our full NFL Week 7 Recap (10:45-85:45, or 10:45- 1 hour and 25 mins) as we go through every game talking about each team, who looks good, who looks bad, and also answer some lingering questions as well.

    Randy takes everyone through the big results in College Football Week 8 and we head back to the NFL side of things to finish out with Gary's Top 5 Fantasy Pick-ups for Week 8, Our Top 5 Power Rankings, and the Player of the Week. (85:45-End or 1 hour and 25 mins-End)

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    The Mad Scientist's Sports Lab - Pro Mod Racing Champion Dina Parise

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    Welcome to The Inscriber Media Network, home of "The Mad Scientist's Sports Lab", the 2015 Online Media Award Winning Podcast by What A Fan, hosted by "The Mad Scientist of Sports" Nick Ficorelli and "The Apprentice" Andrew Gluchov. This is not the average everyday sports show they are bringing to the air waves. "The Mad Scientist" has created his own personal sports lab, and you, the audience, as well as many of his special guests, will be his test subjects. He will throw theories out, and you never know where they will be coming from. He will keep everyone guessing, and he will open his lab to any and all comers. Be prepared for "mad science" sports talk at its best.

    At 10pm, we welcome back Allie Fontana for her weekly segment "Allie's Fantasy Alley" to delve into the starts and sits, injuries, and more about Week 7 for your fantasy football needs. At 1030pm, we have a very special guest, as we welcome NHRA Pro Mod Champion Dina Parise of Dina Parise Racing to talk about her life on and off the track, the trials of being a drag dracing owner, and winning her first world title. At 11pm, we have Phil Naegely of Stoppage Time and Playing for 90 to talk about the world of futbol/soccer - MLS, UEFA Qualifying, FIFA scandal, and more. Finally at 1130 - The Mad Scientist and The Professor delve into "The News Of The Week" - Tristan Thompson, Louisville, Clinton Portis and Jim Zorn,.

    The beacons are lit, the experiments are on the board, and the test subjects are at the ready. The Mad Scientist's Sports Lab is officially open for business.

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    Football 2 Futbol: NFL Week 7 Preview & Seahawks vs. 49ers TNF Post-Game

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    We start things off today with a small post-game for the Thursday Night Football game between the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers (3:15-13:00). We talk about the game, the keys to Seattle's win and to San Francisco's loss. We also wonder if the Seahawks are back? Or if this was just a case of them playing a bad team. There's also a lot to think about with Collin Kapernick for the 49ers as well.

    After that, we move onto our NFL Week 7 Preview (13:00-73:15 or 13 mins to 1 hour and 13 mins,) where we discuss every single game that is happening on Sunday and the Monday night too. This is pretty much the best part of our show, so you don't want to miss the NFL Week 7 Preview.

    Not only do we make game predictions, but we ask a question about every team, play games such as Fact or Fiction, Over/Under, and more.

    Sean, Gary, and Randy make some College Football Week 8 picks (73:15-78:45 or 1 hour and 13 mins- 1 hour and 18 mins) and then the show ends with "what to watch for this weekend. (78:45-End or 1 hour and 18 mins-End")

    If you are going to be watching the Sunday afternoon "Game of the Week" between the Dallas Cowboys and NY Giants, mute the guys on FOX and listen to Sean and Brandon Biskobing broadcast the game over on Rabble.TV by going here: https://www.rabble.tv/broadcast/562442c86e20da4857d6ad90/view

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    Arsenal vs Bayern Munich Champions League review, Manchester derby preview, MLS #DecisionDay

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    Follow this link to leave us an iTunes review! --> http://bit.ly/tssreview

    0:00 - 4:35 Manchester City fans in trouble for booing the UEFA Champions League anthem.

    4:35 - 25:32 In-depth review of Arsenal's win over Bayern Munich, including a disagreement about Hector Bellerin.

    25:32 - 33:45 Previewing Manchester United vs Manchester City, with Very Specific Predictions. Plus: big test ahoy for DeAndre Yedlin in the Tyne-Wear derby.

    33:45 - 36:00 MLS Hashbrowns Decision Day!

    36:00 41:45 Discussing Jurgen Klinsmann, technical director. Stories referenced are Grant Wahl for Sports Illustrated:


    Wendy Thomas for American Soccer Now:


    41:45 - 51:48 Two new scouts for the TSS Scouting Network, including a Minnesota-born USMNT prospect and a young Aston Villa striker. 



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    Football 2 Futbol: NFL Week 6 Recap & NY Giants vs. Eagles MNF Post-Game

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    Sean, Gary, and Randy start things off breaking down the Monday Night Football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the NY Giants (3:20-16:45) The guys wonder if this was a case of the NY Giants beating themselves, or if the Eagles defense really is that good?  Also, could the Eagles have finally figured out how to effectively use DeMarco Murray?  

    If you want to check out our live post-game thoughts on the MNF game go check it on Rabble.TV (https://www.rabble.tv/broadcast/5622b67e047df26e07d44b6a/view)

    Then get set to hear about every game that occurred over the weekend, in our NFL Week 6 Recap (17:00-102:45 or 17 mins-1 hour and 42 mins,) as questions are asked about every team, there are takeaways from each game, and some fun times mixed in there as well.

    Randy takes everyone through the best of College Football Week 7 (102:45-108:20 or 1 hour and 42 mins-1 hour and 48 mins) and then it ends with Gary's Top 5 Fantasy pickups, the Power Rankings, and our Player of the Week (108:20-End or 1 hour and 48 mins-End)

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    Football 2 Futbol: NFL Week 6 Preview, Johnny Manziel Troubles, & CFB Picks

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    Sorry we are a day later than normal, but we just had some things happen that prevented us from doing the show on our normal night. Because of that, our TNF post-game will be very brief. If you want to hear what Sean and Gary thought about the game in full, visit the W2M Network Rabble Page. (https://www.rabble.tv/user/w2mnetwork/profile)

    We do ask a few questions such as: Were the Saints just ready for that one? Or did the Falcons just have a bad game? And did the Saints save Rob Ryan's job? We discuss those things and more.

    Then we get into our full preview of NFL Week 6, going over every game with questions about each team, playing some Over/Under, Fact or Fiction, and more with the match-ups. We also make predictions for each game as well. We also talk about the Johnny Manziel arrest story in here as well.

    Since we are coming out on Saturday morning now, we are basically just going to very quickly go through our picks and that's it.

    The show ends with "what to watch this week." Also, if you are around and not doing anything at 4PM ET on Sunday, go over to Rabble.TV and listen to Randy and Sean do play-by-play and analysis of the Carolina Panthers vs. Seattle Seahawks game.

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    The Tailgate Show S4E38 Dave Brousseau

    in Sports

    Schlitterbahn? New stadium? Publix as a sponsor? Making the playoffs ?  All these questions all very relevant, we're going to have to talk to Nostradamus. The Tailgate Show welcomes back Dave Brousseau from the Sun Sentinel. Let's get the striker news you are craving. Tune in right here Tomorrow night at 7pm and get the DIRTY !!!!!   WHO ARE YAAA!!!