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    Are you in the pHZone "Perfect Health Zone"?

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    Join Dr. Hoover and his speical guest, Bio-Chemist CareyLyn Carter as they discuss the importance of pH and how it can influence your health. Dr. Hoover will discuss The pHZone "Perfect Health Zone" program and how you can put this to work to improve your health and wellness. Also, Dr. Hoover will talk about our FREE pH Challenge and how you can find out what your pH is and how to get in "The pHZone!"  

    One of the most profound things you can do to maintain or restore your health and vitality and reduce the risk of developing a degenerative disease, is to maintain or restore the pH balance of your body. You don't want to miss this show! 



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    Easy Hydroponics--Humic and Fulvic Acids

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    http://www.advancednutrients.com/h2 Go to this address to discover a truly amazing 100% organic plant nutrient, Humic Acid. Along with its companion product, Fulvic Acid, these two Grandma Enggy products can be used in soil and hydroponics to increase water-holding capacity, root zone aeration, and root efficiency. Humic stimulates root branching, plant enzyme function, and plant immune systems. Humic can be used on foliage to provide a natural barrier to pests, pathogens and other attackers. These comprehensive products can be used from start to finish in your garden because they ensure early vigor in seedlings and clones, hastens maturity and floral development, make plants better able to thrive despite heat and stress, and facilitate faster, more efficient utilization of nutrients and vitamins.

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    5-29-13-Dr. Hildy, Dr. Roberto Faust-Out of Death Comes Life

    in Gardening

    ~OUT OF DEATH...COMES LIFE ~ ** BIOAG.COM ** Natural Organic Substances For Agriculture and Health   Much like Elton John sang on the soundtrack for Disney’s 1994 movie, The Lion King, “The Circle of Life” moves us all. The notion that from death comes rebirth is a basic tenant of many major belief systems. But how can we harness death to provide life?  Dr. Hildy welcomes Dr. Roberto Faust, founder and president of BioAg, a world leader in the technology and application of humate derivatives including fulvic acid and humic acid products for agricultural sustainability & healthy wellbeing. MORE>>>  

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    Why your dietary supplement may not be working for you!

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    Join Dr. Hoover and his special guest, CareyLyn Carter, this week as they discuss a new type of dietary supplement. The dietary supplement business is “huge” and most of the products on the may not be providing you any benefit because they cannot be effectively absorbed! Dr. Hoover and CareyLyn will discuss a new line of dietary supplements that ensure effective delivery to the cells, improve overall health and wellness. If you are taking dietary supplements, you won’t want to miss this show. 

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    Why your dietary supplement may not be working, Part II!

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    Join Dr. Hoover and CareyLyn Carter as they continue their discussion on "Why You Supplements May Not Be Working for You"! This is Part II of their discussion on why most supplements are being properly processed into the cells. Learn about the importance of improving Cellular Zeta Potential, the ZFactor. 

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    How Ken lost 86 pounds with a simple solution added to water

    in Weight Loss

    On today's show Dr. Hoover and Dr. Carter will discuss how a simple solution added to water can provide great benefits for your metabolism. You will hear from Ken, a client that has fought diabetes and obesity for years will little to no success. Ken has lost 86 pounds simply by adding this solution to his water everyday. He has dropped his blood sugars to near normal levels and his energy has greatly improved. He has now taken back control of his health and greatly improved the quality of his life. 
    If you are struggling with getting your weight under control or have other metabolic issues, this show could change your life!

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    ZFactor Professional Program, be a Z Pro!

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    On today's show, Dr. Hoover and Dr. Carter will discuss the Z Factor Wellness Company's Z Pro Program. Becoming a Z Pro not only give you access to the highest quality Humic and Fulvic based dietary supplements to offer in your clinic, but the opportunity to learn about several Functional Medicine Assessments that are sure to improve your practice. 
    We will discuss how we use Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, Iodine Testing and BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis). These are tools that truly give that inside out functional assessment of your clients. 
    Make sure to turn in and learn how becoming a Z Pro can enhance your clinic services and help your clients improve their functional health!

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    ZFactor for Pets and the Garden

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    Join Dr Hoover and Dr. Carter as they discuss the role of ZFactor in your Pet's Health and in the Garden. We can't forget about the role nutrition plays in our pet's health. They are at the same health risk as we are when it comes to the lack of essential nutrients in their diet. 
    If you love your pet, you won't want to miss this show!

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    ZFactor's Miracle Molecules

    in Weight Loss

    On this weeks ZFactor Wellness Hour, Dr. Hoover and Dr. Carter continue their discussion on the amazing health benefits of ZFactor. 
    If you are interested in improving your health, learn how ZFactor can help you on that journey. Also, Dr. Hoover will cover the Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis offered by the ZFactor Wellness Company and how this could be the most important health analysis that gives you the information you needed to improve your health.
    Have you ever ask yourself why you feel so bad when your blood work comes back normal? There is a reason for that, and Dr. Hoover will explain on today's show. 

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    The ZFactor Wellness Company is here!

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    Join Dr Stuart Hoover and Dr Eric Carter as they introduce the world to the ZFactor Wellness Company. ZFactor will change the health and wellness industry forever! On this inaugural show, Dr. Hoover and Carter will discuss the benefits of ZFactor Comprehensive Nutrition for Humans, Pets and even the Garden. 
    You won't want to miss this powerful show. If you are tired of taking hand fulls of dietary supplements, you have to tune in and learn how one product can provide all the cellular supplement support you will ever need. 

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    Women Go Raw Radio - It's Launch Day (With Giveaways!)

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    Would you like to hear the stories of women who have experienced powerful change in their lives when adopting a high raw vegan diet?  How about learning about simple raw food dishes that can restore your vibrant energy? Are you interested in the easy health tips to make your life better?
    Would you like to know about the latest breakthroughs in live B-Vitamins, Fulvic Acid, Zeolites, Kefirs, Enzymes, Green Smothies and more that can uplift your health and the health of your family. How about learning about the latest technologies in growing food, vortexing water, permaculture, sustainable communities and more Would you like to join us and laugh along with our easy-going spontaneous style of creating theatrical radio with lots of surprises? Does "free" sound good? We will be giving away product, T-shirts, tickets, books and more!

    A dynamic, fun, interactive radio show will launch on Wednesday, October 12th at 7pm Pacific! We will be having incredible guests and lots of juicy giveaways! It will be a huge raw party with giveaways!