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    Fulfilled Dynamics Daily -- TORAH: Was it Evil?

    in The Bible

    What was the purpose of "the law" and does our understanding of it portray it to have been "evil"?  Fulfilled Dynamics Daily airs LIVE at 5:00 PM (PST) 8:00 PM (EST).  Don't miss it!

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    Living a Fulfilled Life

    in Lifestyle

    What does it mean to live a fulfilled life? Many will say look at the material items accumulated, others look to the number of friends, while others yet, contend it is simply how happy your family is at any given time.

    There are certain actions one can take to insure that no matter the algorithm used you will end up on the happier side of life. Join me as we look at five tips for living a more fulfilled life. 

    BONUS INTERVIEW:  Eleze "Lisa" Thomas-McMillan author of Living Fulfilled The Infectious Joy of Serving Others

    SHOW SPONSOR:  Inspirational Productions

    MUSIC SPONSOR:   Triumph by JaneliaSoul  also available on Amazon

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    Fulfilled Dynamics Daily -- Evangelical Preterism?

    in The Bible

    Charles Meek author of the book "Christian Hope Through Fulfilled Prophecy" has recently proposed the concept that "first things" are more important than "last things" as it relates to a proper, balanced understanding of the Bible.  Is that concept valid?  Are "last things" of lesser importance than "first things" and how does this concept affect those wanting a "consistent" approach to the whole picture of redemptive history?

    Join Larry Siegle today as he tackles the implications of what Charles Meek is contending for.  In addition, a deeper investigation into the message and meaning of Paul's letter to the Ephesians as he begins a verse-by-verse study of the text and the reasons why scholars and theologians have missed the importance of the issues that are outlined in the letter.

    Fulfilled Dynamics Daily -- with Larry Siegle today!

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    Fulfilled Dynamics Daily -- Elephant in the Room

    in The Bible

    Consistently Inconsistent Preterism:  Paul Rakowicz and His Response

    Larry Siegle discusses a response posted as a comment to his article about the need for those who believe in the message of Fulfillment to look for answers to questions that nobody wants to talk about and everyone wants to pretend do not exist.  The Elephant in the Room article that was posted to www.FulfilledDynamics.com is creating quite a stir and now is the time to discuss the implications of Biblical Fulfillment.

    Join Larry Siegle today at 8:00 PM (EST) on Fulfilled Dynamics Daily!

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    Fulfilled Dynamics Daily-- What about the Resurrection?

    in The Bible

    Beginning today on Fulfilled Dynamics Daily a SPECIAL series on understanding the "resurrection of the dead".  The series is called "Corporate, Collective Confusion, Oh My!"

    During this series, I will be answering the most difficult questions and objections that arise in connection with what Jesus and the apostles taught about the fact, time, manner and purpose of the "resurrection" foretold to occur at the "end of the age" at the "last day".  

    This is one study that you will NOT want to miss.  Finally, the controversy between the IBD, CBV, EBV, and other views common within the Full Preterist community will be addressed and settled.  

    1.  WHO was given the promise of "resurrection"?
    2.  WHAT was the expectation of those who lived between the Cross and A.D. 70?
    3.  WHEN was the "resurrection" to occur?
    4.  WHERE were the "dead ones" prior to the coming of the Lord?
    5.  WHY were first century believers confused about the "resurrection"?
    6.  HOW does a Biblical view of "resurrection" affect those living 2,000 years later?

    Beginning today at 8:00 PM (EST) with host Larry Siegle.

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    Fulfilled Dynamics Daily -- The Resurrection of the Dead (II)

    in The Bible

    "The suffering of the firstfruits (New Testament saints) in overcoming that present world, or age, led not only to their own perfection, but also to the perfection of Israel. The resurrection of the firstfruits resulted in the resurrection of the Old Testament saints"  -- Max R. King  

    Fulfilled Dynamics Daily -- The SUBJECT is the resurrection!  Today at 8:00 PM (EST) with host Larry Siegle - The Fulfilled Life

  • 01:59

    Fulfilled Dynamics Daily -- Baptism Fulfilled?

    in The Bible

    Larry Siegle discusses the "last days" and the importance of baptism "for the remission of sins" (Acts 2:38) during the time between the Cross and A.D. 70.

    TODAY at 8:00 PM (EST).  Join the conversation LIVE with the host to discuss this controversial topic!  Don't miss it!

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    Fulfilled Dynamics Daily -- Baptism and the "New Birth"

    in The Bible

    Join host Larry Siegle as he continues to look at Baptism Fulfilled? and the connecton with the "new birth" (John 3:3-5).  Does it continue today, OR did God have something else in mind?


    Today at 8:00 PM (EST).  Fulfilled Dynamics Daily.

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    Fulfilled Dynamics Daily -- Eschatophobia: Fear of the End-Times

    in The Bible

    Larry Siegle discusses the problem of "fear" related to the study of the end-times.  For 2,000 years people have experienced a variety of teachers who have predicted the second coming of Christ would occur in their own "generation" and have used the sense of urgency and the nearness of expectation to exploit the people in churches.

    Don't miss Fulfilled Dynamics Daily -- 8:00 PM (EST).

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    Fulfilled Dynamics Daily-- EPHESIANS: The HIDDEN Meaning of Fulfillment

    in The Bible

    Bible Study -- EPHESIANS:  The Hidden Meaning of Fulfillment

    Larry Siegle provides a comprehsensive overview of Pauline theology as revealed in the letter to the Ephesians.  In this regular Friday Bible Study, listeners will be challenged to open their Bibles and to join in the verse-by-verse exegetical study of God's Word.  Invite your friends and family to tune in to the program.  The Fulfilled Dynamics website will feature more information, notes and course information that goes along with the presentation.

    Although several other excellent teachers such as Michael Miano and David B. Curtis has done studies through this letter, Larry Siegle provides some unique insights as he carries the listeners back to the city of Ephesus in his Fulfilled Dynamics "WayBack Machine" and introduces them to the audience and what it is THEY would have understood Paul to have been saying.  Don't miss this series, beginning TODAY, on Fulfilled Dynamics Daily


  • 01:59

    Fulfilled Dynamics Daily -- Identifying the Wolves Among Us

    in The Bible


    Join Larry Siegle as he investigates the question as to whether or not "wolves" have entered into the Full Preterist community in search of easy prey.  Who are these wolves and what are their intentions?

    Find out today on Fulfilled Dynamics Daily -- 8:00 PM (EST) on BlogTalk. If you have Bible questions or comments, write to fulfilleddynamics@gmail.com or just call into the program and talk to the host on the air!