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    BPEarthWatch Live. Live Callers and the Latest World Updates.

    in Science

    Watching the World Stock Markets on Tonight's Special Broadcast. Will we see another Black Friday? Can the Bounce Hold, Billions have been lost in just a few days. Live Callers and News. Cern and Solar Update. BPEarthWatch Live On BlogtalkRadio Tonight at 6pm Eastern. 5pm East Coast and 4pm on the West Side. Fukushima Radiation Report and More,

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    The Unknown Zone: Goodbye Oceans -The World is in Trouble

    in Paranormal

    "FISH ARE DYING. CORAL ARE DYING. WHALES ARE DYING. WE’RE ALL DYING. Except for bacteria, that is, which will be just fine." - Katie Herzog  
    This all according to an analysis of 632 scientific paper by marine ecologists from the University of Adelaide.

    The causes are many and the answers are few.  From global weather change to the acidification of the oceans to geoengineering projects (yikes!) to over fishing to a Texas - sized plastic goo patch to Fukushima radiation, the ocean's ecosystem is in the early stages of collapse.  

    Judy Sellins and Dave Turco will flesh out each step or this slow motion disaster and what we can do to change the outcome for the sake of humanity and the whole world.

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    I.A.M.S.: Follow Our Dreams

    in Spirituality

    When I am aware of the God-Self within me as my total fulfillment, I am totally fulfilled. I am now aware of this Truth. I have found the secret of life, and I relax in the knowledge that the Activity of Divine Abundance is eternally operating in my life. I simply
    have to be aware of the flow, the radiation, of that Creative Energy, which is continuously,
    easily, and effortlessly pouring forth from my Divine Consciousness. I am now aware. I am now in the flow, and as so, I deserve the best. I take charge of my schedule and Iife.

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    Liver Cancer/Prostrate Cancer Why? Paulette Young 6-8pm pst 858-769-4936 press 1

    in Health

    World wide liver cancer is the 6th most common cancer. Eastern Asia has the highest incidence. As one gets older there is an increase risk for liver cancer. Liver cancer is more common in men than women. 8 out of 10 people is diagnose with liver cancer. Having a disease can increase your risk for liver cancer. Some causes of liver cancer: Cirrhosis of liver, alcohol consumption, non alcoholic fatty liver disease, infection with hepatitis viruses, smoking, low immunity, lupus, family history, diabetes, gallbladder removal, radiation from x-rays or CT scans, body weight, betel quid, aflatoxin, chemicals like sweetners. It is possible to lower your risk of liver cancer.  Some of the causes of Prostrate cancer: age, genetics, diet, medication, obesity, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), agent orange, enzyme PRSS3 causing prostrate cancer to be aggressive. Join us tonight with Host Paulette Young. Call 858-769-4936 press 1. 

    Protandim a natural herb, powerful anti-oxidant: visit my web site and order today: www.mylifevantage.com/pauletteyoung. Call 909-622-8856 and order today.

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    in Spirituality


    No death: they Ascended! - Did our response fulfill "their" intentions?  

    Galactics' Disclosure Schedule? - Why didn't Galactics intervene?  

    As "they" leave... where do they go? - What will tell us "It is finally over!"  

    How can we help bring this to an end? - You watched - how did we do?  

    Is the RV happening? Where? -  NESARA debt forgiveness?  

    Why no Galactic Disclosure yet? - Ascension waves? - Portal to Hollow Earth?  

    Pope Francis is ill? - Obama a Lightworker?  

    WHO will make the Disclosure Announcements? How? When?  

    We cannot send "them" Love...they turned off their Love Button! Zorra: cannot turn off Love! You CAN send the "mastermind" Love! -

    Will IRS still harass? - Can you validate "WERE Bank, Peter of England?" 

    Meeing in France: Russian Syrian, Israel, UK (not Obama) they planned the Paris event intending to..."  

    Nuclear War? - WW III? - Galactic intervention? - Prime Creator responds!  

    Healing ships first to land, AND HEAL! - Photon Belt arrives AFTER RV  

    People like Hiliary Clinton turning around?

    Replayl:  1  641-715-3589 + 771358#  Ref No:  10#

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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Dana Engdahl of Heal With Dana

    in Health

    Spokane, WA – When Dana Engdahl was first diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer, she knew she wanted to treat it naturally, but she was too scared not to pursue the more traditional treatment of surgery, chemo and radiation.

    And so Dana chose to be healed at a cancer center that offered both traditional and alternative medicine and used natural healing to support her body and her immune system during chemo and radiation. These techniques did not interfere with what her physicians were already doing for her. Rather, they served as a compliment to traditional treatment and supported the process.

    Today Dana is a cancer conqueror, a certified Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner and the founder of Heal with Dana where she helps her clients balance their body energetically to restore physical and emotional wellbeing. 

    “Cancer was my divine wake-up call,” says Dana. “I was not doing what I was called to do. This modality spoke to the core of my being. I believe it’s why I was able to conquer cancer and make it through chemotherapy and radiation. It kept me driven and hopeful during this process.”

    Dana says many of her clients are people just like her, dealing with a physical or emotional problem, and eager to engage every available resource toward healing.

    “I’m proud of having the courage to step into my new role,” says Dana. “I’m able to have a truly positive impact in people’s lives and my goal is to change as many lives as I can.”

    For more information on Heal With Dana, visit http://healwithdana.com.

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    "Living Real Foods Lifestyle with Brenda Cobb Founder of Living Foods Institute"

    in Health

    Brenda Cobb will be sharing why she personally decided to change her ways and why she decided to Author Living Food Lifestyles!  Brenda will be sharing what she did to personally heal Breast & Cervical cancer with this Natural Lifestyle without doing surgery, chemo or radiation.

    Many more people are interested in the reasons they develop DisEase & illness so that they can begin to do things differently. Over the years so much has been & is being done with our food that it is critical to let>  " Real Food be our Medicine & Medicine our Food>"  What we put into our mouths is vital for our well-being & the health of our loved ones.

    Thanks for tuning in to learn some things you can do to get started on a Healthy Lifestyle right NOW!!

    Brenda Cobb can be reached on her direct line at 404-607-1816   The Living Foods Institute can be reached at 404-524-4488 or 800-844-9876   www.LivingFoodsInstitute.com   Email: Brenda@LivingFoodsInstitute.com

    Thanks for taking time to listen to the many informative interviews airing on MindYourBodyandSpirit radio!!

    To reach the Healthy Referral Newspaper/MindYourBodyandSpirit radio show please call 216-533-2273


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    Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed &Holistic Business Management Connie Whitman

    in Health

    Health and diet advice you can trust...Susun Weed answers your health questions followed by an informative interview with Connie Whitman. Connie Whitman has more than 32 years of management, sales, training and coaching experience.  She is widely recognized for her ability to create practical training and sales management solutions that have consistently generated increased sales and revenues for her clients. During her career, she has acted as a strong leader and sales manager with proven experience in developing effective business plans, creating long-range strategic focus and devising innovative methods to grow sales, increase market share and profit. 

    this episode Q&A includes:

    • fenugreek- uses and how to prepare..

    • freeze or cook fruit to prevent glucose levels from rising too high..

    • uncircumcised child with infection- witch hazel, yarrow, echinacea..

    • altitude sickness- are you eating enough meat? osha carries oxygen to cell- take in very small amounts..

    • not against drugs in any shape or form- against overuse of drugs..

    • strokes, blood clots, aspirin, white willow..

    • making dandelion atilano..

    • tight hips- hydrotherapy, seaweed baths, hypericum..

    • wanting to complete miscarriage at home..

    • cervical cancer- chemo and radiation may be the best option..

    • chinese herbs are grown with a huge amount of chemicals and when tested often times contain drugs not labeled..

    • PCOS- most important thing is to eat animal fat at every meal..

    • pomegranate seeds..

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    Bold, Beautiful, and Bald: Justice Eckerson's story

    in Women

    Justice tells her story! A wife, mother, speaker, and example to many....Justice lives her faith out loud in her everyday life. 

    In September of 2015, Justice spoke on a panel for the Call Her Women's Conference in Las Vegas.

    She was diagnosed with Parotid gland cancer at the end of May 2015 and after 20 rounds of radiation, 5 days a week Justice decided to shave her head in October of 2015.

    Proverbs 31:25

    "Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come"

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    in Spirituality

    What a call!  You couldn't ask for a more informative call than this!  All in just over an hour. We heard Admiral Byrd's exact words from his diary explaining the block of his intended Hollow Earth announcement - So, are Government agents also wanting to block HEN? - Who is holding back the RV? And what are the Galactics doing about it? - DID the RV begin in Australia? - Latest "warnings" about Solar Flares and Gamma Rays - The Truth! - And the effects on our DNA? - Who is protecting us and our planet? Could the planet "tip?" - Must the New Republic precede the RV? - What will be the "signs" to signal Disclosure? - About Sananda's recent message - General window for Disclosure - How close are we to the Photon Belt, and what will happen when it arrives? - Is our Solar System and Galaxy moving within the Universe? - Are global governments changing? - Can RV happen before government change? - Iraq??? - HOW are the Galactics working within the IMF? - Your Mastership is awakening - Because of HEN, Admiral Byrd's secret did NOT die - nor did Admiral Byrd! - HEALING PULSE   

    Our global family meets, daily, on our website:  www.HollowEarthNetwork.com -
    Check out BREAKING NEWS for timely postings!

    May harmony, peace, joy, laughter, healing and great, great love be with you and may you have a wondrous, glorious, loving day!


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    I.A.M.S.: Body Movement

    in Spirituality

    You feeling the music? Well, if you are say this affirmation: When I am aware of the God self within me, as my total fullfillment . I am totally fulfilled. I am now aware of this truth I have found the secret of life, and I relax in the knowledge of the activity of divine Abundance is internally operating in my life. I simply have to be aware of its flow, the Radiation of this creative energy which is continuously, easily and effortlessly pouring forth from my Divine Consciousness I am now aware. I am now in the flow.