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    Fritz Springmeier: Illuminati Facts Exposed!

    in Paranormal

    On the October 15, 2014 edition of "Nature of Reality Radio" I welcome Illuminati and New World Order researcher Fritz Springmeier who is well known for his masterpiece books "Be Wise As Serpents" and "Bloodlines Of The Illuminati." Fritz is not a conspiracy theorist; he takes FACTS very seriously when it comes to exposing the malevolent intentions of the Illuminati bloodlines.

    Fritz's site: http://pentracks.com

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    The New Element: Mind Manipulation with Fritz Springmeier

    in Radio

    Join host Renegade Smith, with a special guest and an absolute honor to have on with us,......
    An author, researcher, public speaker and a true freedom fighter, FRITZ SPRINGMEIER!!! 
    We will be diving deep into the dark world of MK Ultra and the Illuminati!!! This show will do more 
    than give you knowledge into this evil and well hidden program and criminal group of men.
    This show will wake you up to how wide spead it all is and give you sight to see in the
    dark so that, you are able to identify it all.... Many people within the music/movie industry, the world
    of sports, military, public servants, etc.....are unknowingly victims of this mind control program.
    Also, possibly your neighbor, a friend, or a family member. 
    You don't want to miss this show!!!

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    The OZ Radio Show: Special Guest: Fritz Springmeier

    in Entertainment

    Join Us On The OZ Radio Show With My CO-HOST James Weston, As We Interview Fritz Springmeier
    Fritz Springmeier Is An Expert On The Illuminati, Mind Control,  & The New World Order. Fritz Has Also Has Authored Great Books Such As The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave, Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula, & Bloodlines of the illuminati.       Join Us Tonight At The OZ Radio Show As We Go On A Great Journey With Fritz Springmeier!

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    Infotrap 7.17.13: Illuminati Explained w/ Fritz Springmeier

    in Politics

    Host: Baran Hines, Senior Editor Topics: World War 3, 9/11 Truth, and more New World Order analysis Guest: Fritz Springmeier, author of Bloodlines of the Illuminati (get it Amazon) (website: Pentracks.com) Roundtable guests: MC Ma’at (He does the Infotrap theme…) Youtube Channel Vinny Eastwood www.thevinnyeastwoodshow.com/‎ On the July 17 Infotrap, Fritz Springmeier, Bloodlines of the Illuminati Author, joins us to answer questions on the history of the Order of the Illuminati and discuss the current manifestations of their plans. He has spent years researching his book on the family dynasties which have controlled large portions of society and is one of the most knowledgeable sources in the world. All the questions you have can most likely be answered in whole or part by the research he has put together, he literally wrote the book on the Illuminati. Visit http://www.wtfrly.com for daily International news and New World Order analysis.

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    Guest Speakers Fritz Springmeier & Kathy Rubio

    in Religion

    Welcome Family Praise The Lord we Honor to have Tonight two powerful warriors of the gospel of Jesus Christ our beloved Fritz Springmeier exposing the new world order agenda and Prayer Warrior Kathy Rubio exposing the enemies lies.Don't Miss It!!Please tune in for the Truth

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    Revolution Radio w Fritz Springmeier

    in Dreams

    Fritz Springmeier will join Chris to discuss Americas fall to 

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    ACO Mysteries, Montauk Girls, Illuminati, Fritz Springmeier

    in Paranormal

    We have various worlds and ways of wisdom in the cosmos.  
    Montauk Girls - Cindy Mueller, Mai (ya) Liebowitz , Theresa Morris are joined by Fritz Springmeier, Author on Illuminati Books on Pentracks.com, Miya has MontaukGirl at wordpress.com/MontaukGirl. Cindy Mueller on Facebook.com. TJ at AssociateGuides.com, Anewnews.com, TJMorrisACO.com
    We are all enjoying what makes us different and yet the same. Those who desire to discuss Aliens, ETs, UFOS, Space,  Engineering, Science will do well to join our Alien Contact Investigations Research Groups. Some who are mystics, oracles, psychics, prophets, sages, seers, may want to join the Ascension Center Organization. For those of you into being authors, creators, educators, and are Advocates of the Arts & Sciences may want to join our ACE FOLKLIFE Association. We have clubs and associations.   Body-Mind-Spirit having the Birth-Life-Death Experience. No other that I have met can explain to me my own experiences while on this planet since they are not me. We are about sharing our Personal Experiences and How we plan on making the world a better place. We each should become awake and aware that we should provide synergy for the health and prosperity for all. I am TJ Morris and I am known for the ET Radio Show and soon to be TJMorris.TV. We share in the Education Etymology Epistemology Process of Communication of Information about our Social Paranormal Experiences. Social Paranormal Magazine and Associate Guides are part of the TJMorrisACO.com. We share our friendships in the Dawn of the Ascension Age Alchemy of our Journey together on Spaceship Earth. We now share the Cosmic Spirit and I am a divine femine archetype in the Ancient Ancestor Archives as a Channel of my higher guide TARA. Joine me while I learn how to educate myself among others who want to share communication as we recognize and MEET OTHERS! MEET HUMANS HERE WITH TJ MORRIS ET

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    Fritz Springmeier & David Sielaff: Paganism In The Church

    in Entertainment

    Join Paul Jamieson Host Of The OZ Radio Show As We Go LIVE With Two Very Excellent & Outstanding Special Guests:
    Fritz Springmeier & David Sielaff
    Join Us For A Very Rare First Time Of Fritz Springmeier & David Sielaff As They Collaborate Together For An Fascinating 1 Full Hour As They Discuss The Very Much Unknown Subject For Which Is
    ~ Paganism In The Church ~

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    The Blood of Christ vs. the Bloodlines of Satan's Elite - Fritz Springmeier

    in Spirituality

    Fritz Springmeier é o autor de uma série de livros sobre os Illuminati, sobre os programas governamentais de controle da mente e da NOMl. Ele é o autor de livros como: "Genealogias dos Illuminati", "Sejam prudentes como as serpentes", "A Fórmula Illuminati ..." e outros. Springmeier também teve sob suas asas a ex-satanista e escrava mental, Cisco Wheeler, num esforço para desprogramá-la e libertá-la do abuso ritual satânico e curá-la de sua desordem de personalidade múltipla. Em 31 de janeiro de 2002, Springmeier foi indiciado no Tribunal Distrital dos Estados Unidos em Portland, Oregon por assalto à mão armada. Em novembro de 2003, ele foi condenado a 51 meses de prisão sob a acusação de assalto à mão armada. Ele foi preso, e foi libertado da prisão federal no dia 25 de Março, 2011. Junte-se a nós, Sábado, 23 de agosto às 22h em Portugal (18h em Brasília)

    Fritz Springmeier its the author of a number of significant books on the Illuminati, government mind control and the New World Order. He is the author of news-breaking books like, "Bloodlines of the Illuminati", "Be Wise As Serpents", "The Illuminati Formula..." and more. Springmeier also took under his wings the former Satanist and mind controlled slave, Cisco Wheeler, in an effort to deprogram her and free her from satanic ritual abuse and cure her from her Multiple Personality Disorder. On January 31, 2002, Springmeier was indicted in the United States District Court in Portland, Oregon in connection with an armed robbery. In November 2003, he was sentenced to 51 months in prison on the armed robbery charge.  He was imprisoned, and was released from federal prison on March 25, 2011.
    Join us, Saturday, August 23th at 2pm PST\3pm MST\4pm CST\5pm EST USA

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    Fritz Springmeier On "Heads Up Warriors'' With Kathy Rubio

    in Religion

    We are happy to announce that our sister and missionary Kathy Rubio has joined the Pine Ridge Warriors Blogtalkradio Show and to schedule to aired Not One But two Shows "Heads Up Warriors" on Mon,wed,Fri 8pm-10pm est and "Mountain Movers Missions Intl: on Sundays nights 8-10pm est to minister and to coordinate missions to work together for the Lakota Indians.Today's special guest our Brother in Christ Fritz Springmeier tune in and be bless

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    Antimatter Broadcast Occult Empire Free Your Mind Conference 3 Retrospective

    in Radio

    Occult Empire Episode 014

    FREE YOUR MIND 3 CONFERENCE ... In Retrospect

    with Bob from Cincinnati

    Occult Empire takes a look back at the recent Free Your Mind Conference in Philadelphia, PA this Spring. As the Gathering got underway, the old tape recorder appeared and up-close talks off stage are found with Mark Passio, Jay Parker and Fritz Springmeier...You will be backstage at the Alternative Research Community's Premier Event in 2015....Plus, a brief topical look at 20th Century Egyptian Scholar R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz's Occult Findings...only on...

                                 Antimatter Broadcasting