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    Fake Friends

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    Tonight's episode I think it's safe to say nearly everyone on the planet can relate to. FAKE FRIENDS!!!! How many times did you put trust and faith into someone who you thought was truly your friend only to find out they were completely the opposite? Smh some popular sayings for them are snake in disguise, a sheep in wolves clothing, and of course my all-time favorite; friendemies.
    I've always wondered why people wanted to be fake, unreliable, and betray the ones who were truly there for them when no one else was (including family). I mean what is going on in these peoples minds? Why bite the hand that feeds you?
    There's a lot to be addressed and if you're reading this, there's probably about a 98% chance that you can relate from experience so make sure you don't miss out because as you know from previous shows, we don't hold back any punches here on It's Real Talk Radio.

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    Have you ever had that friend you felt was a friend and an enemy in one? Ever have someone that has pretty much worn out thier welcome with you but u cant seem to get rid of them? We would like to hear from you if you can relate or even have some insight of the situation that will tell a person when enough is enough to let it go!

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    Real Talk about "friendemies"

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    Do you know the difference between your friends & your enemies or are they at times one in the same? CLICK NOW TO LISTEN!
    Join Sunshine & Dex Mondays @7pm CST on the show that keeps it real about things that people really want to talk about from what’s going on in the world to love & “realationships”! It’s uncensored & filled w/ laughter to make you feel empowered & inspired to be real about yourself & your life decisions!  This is the show where YOU can call in & be heard on a platform that's a "Voice to the Voiceless!"  
    WARNING- The Sunshine Show- Real Talk for Real People is not for the prudish or the squirmish...its for all people of different races from different backgrounds that keep it real & participate in conv

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    EP. 21: Jamie Foxx wears Trayvon Martin Sandy Hook Shirt

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    Dymonds Radio Show hosted by A.G and Stephanie
    Follow us @dymondent @toooflyy
    Jamie Foxx wearing a Trayvon Martin and Sandy Hook T-Shirt to the MTV Movie Awards
    Friendemies and unsupportive family members
    Tune in for old school hip hop and R&B.