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    Pancakes and Powerslams: Episode 191

    in Sports

    Announcement of two big interviews coming up! Survivor Series, Raw recap and analysis. Raw hits lowest ratings; what can be done to regain popularity? U.S. title has fallen back into irrelevance, thoughts on Sheamus cash-in his briefcase. Flavor of the Week: State of the Money in the Bank concept. Join us live!

    ICYMI: Former WWE star Daivari talks Undertaker, getting cut from SmackDown - Sports Illustrated



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    The Mustard Seed

    in Religion

    Today on the Mustard Seed, we will be reading Psalm 115, known by the first verse as the Motto of the Templar Knights Order. But it is what we read and relate to in discernment as to the other 17 verses which give use a better understanding of why this Psalm is so important to the Templar’s. It is an understanding of what we all live in and experience and wish for all Judaic-Christians also known as Judeo-Christians around the world to open their minds eye's and ears to, and for a better relationship with our Lord and God in Heaven. It is something to really reflect and meditate on as one examines themselves and their relationship with the Father.

    So join us at 6:00 PM (EST) every Friday evening for inspiration for your Mind, Body and Soul. Right here in Studio B your Catholic Station of the Christian Warrior Network of the Celtic Cross Radio Network

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    I Want Some Of That Sweet Potato Pie!

    in Comedy

    Thanksgiving; Black Friday; Patti Labelle's Sweet Potato Pie selling out; Fried Turkey; Kylie Jenner and Tyga break up?; Will the Golden State Warriors go undefeated for the rest of the season?; Was the Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm UFC fight fixed?; ISIS threatening WWE Survivor Series?

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    McTucky Fried High Special Guest: Rob Carnilius with Anna DeShawn & the QCrew

    in Entertainment

    McTucky Fried High stands as one of the only openly LGBTQ animated series to date. While popular network cartoons like Steven Universe, Adventure Time, andThe Legend of Korra can be progressive for LGBTQ media, they still face censorship that limits their discussion on sexuality and gender identity. McTucky Fried High is helping to lead the wave of animated media that affirms LGBTQ experiences.

    As a web cartoon, McTucky is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Season 1 had 5 episodes that discussed coming out of the closet, bullying, body image, gender identity, and sexting. You can watch Season 1 here!

    Season 2 of McTucky Fried High will have 7 episodes and will introduce new characters and topics like religion, feminism, race, STD's and intersectionality. We will also have complimentary curriculums for each episode!

    Our first season accumulated 36,000+ views on Youtube, was screened at numerous film festivals worldwide, and was recently dubbed in Japanese with a collaboration with students at Aoyama Gaukuin University in Tokyo,  Japan.

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    Country Fried Friday w/ Rising Star Donica Knight

    in Country Music

    Amy Beth welcomes rising Country Rock star Donica Knight. We talk inspiration, influence and the ever-changing music biz. Plus: sample Donica’s pulsating sound including her new single “Love Ain’t A Prize.”

    And we romp through some contemporary and classic Country & Rock tunes.

    Of course we serve up a side order of pop culture commentary, motivational jumpstarts & Inspiration to Action shout-outs!

    Listeners chime in with #BigStory topics & #Forgotten45 requests.

    Tweet 24/7 @abwrites 

    Call during the show ONLY 347-857-4505 

    Join us LIVE or later on demand! 

    ***Please support the artists you hear on this show. All books &music are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and wherever fine work is sold.  

    The Amy Beth Arkawy  Show is now heard on The Arts radio Network, PopNet, Stitcher, MixCloud, Blog Talk Radio. Episodes also available via iTunes and Net Now.

    Guest suggestions or comments? Please visit AmyBethArkawy.com 

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    in Comedy

    NYC based Comedian Nancy Lombardo, host a cornucopia of terrific guests. Mixing it up with Comedians, Authors, musicians, professionals. Nancy Lombardo has performed her unique comedy from coast to coast.  TV credits include The Colin Quinn Show NBC, Saturday Night Live “All my Children” PBS, network and cable television Comedy Tonight, Nickelodeon and the Comedy Channel. She can be seen weekly on The Nancy Lombardo Show channel 56/83/34 NYC and live worldwide on WWW.MNN.ORG. She has written for Penthouse and Cracked magazine and created Ms. Quotable, a comic strip for Lady's Circle Magazine. Nancy was a winner of the Toyota Comedy Festivals "Laughter in Motion” and a Cable Arts Insight Comedy Award." Spot-lighted more than once in *Backstage, as both comedian/writer, she currently indulges her taste for the irreverent in her Stand Up Comedy and show, "Jazz Housewife." Nancy is creator of MOMEDY™, part of the International Mamapalooza Festival. She roasted Vincent Pastore of Soprano fame and is a member of The Friars Club.  Her comedy and music is  available at  www.cdbaby.com/Artist/NancyLombardo

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    SFTL 95 | Talk TBX 1.10 | Kevin Hale & Sophia Sarantakos

    in Entertainment

    Kevin Hale, host of SHOOTING FromThe LIP and Sophia Saratakos, @TBXperts are taking calls from #TBX fans. share your thoughts/opinions with episode 10 - " ".

    Wednesday, 11/18 10e/7p 

    guests call 516.387.1375

    TBX Website

    TBXperts Twitter

    Sophie's Twitter

    TBX Show Twitter

    TBXperts Facebook

    TBX Show Facebook

    SHOOTING FromThe LIP Twiiter

    SHOOTING FromThe LIP Facebook


    music credit:

    "Contagious" | Collective Soul | from the album 'See What You Started By Continuing'

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    Utopia Revelations with Author H D Gordon

    in Books

    Book blogger and Indie author Jo Michaels interviews author and poet HD Gordon to discuss her Utopia con revelations. HD writes young adult and adult fiction, and she has a collection of poetry titled A Mustard Seed you can snap up here on Amazon. But, truly, the book we'll be discussing most is Blood Warrior the first book in Gordon's New Adult Alexa Montgomery Saga. It's about vampires and a girl bent on revenge. HD was also a Quarter-finalist in 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (which is very difficult to do). Join us as we find out where the idea for the series came from, and find out what HD learned about, and took away from, Utopia. You can find HD on her Amazon author page here, or her website here.

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    Different Types of Prayer

    in Religion

    Matthew 17:20- Because of the littleness of your faith, for fruly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard see, you will say to this mountain, Move from here to there, and it will move, and noting will be impossible to you.

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    The Mustard Seed

    in Religion

    Join us today for the "Mustard Seed". Our Reading will be Lamentations Chapter 3 of the Old Testament.

    The broadcast starts at 6:00 PM (EST) here on your Catholic Station of the Christian Warrior Network in Studio B.

  • From Faith To Pain

    in Christianity

    Sometimes in life we go from faith to pain we trust God at a moment in life and give up at the sound of silence! We carry this limited amount of faith hoping it will get us by in life not realizing if we dig deeper we will have an unlimited amount of faith question is are you willing to stand and walk further to receive it or will you just be content with what you have rather you have so little or not your just content.

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