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    "Beauty Shop Talk: Frenemies...How to Identify & Deal with Them"

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    Ladies…Have you ever been hated on because of your complexion, or had a friend flirt with and ultimately try to take your man? If you’ve ever had a Fake Friend, tune into “Beauty Shop Talk” on “The Dedan Tolbert Show” where Courtney and our panel of women from around the country will tackle the topic of “Frenemies: How to Identify & Deal with A Fake Friend”. Feel free to call in with comments to 646 200 0366 or listen LIVE online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com... “REAL Radio that Matters”.

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    Frenemies:A type of relationship whereby parties are silently resentful of and competitive with one another, but who behave superficially as though they are best friends. Tune in as Lana, Charlie, and Briana discuss and debate about the struggles every teen goes through with frenemies and listen as they share their own experiences.

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    The G-Spot with Meka Rae: The "trouble" with Friends (Frenemies)

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    Do you have a friend that seems jealous of you? Do you find it difficult to discuss issues/concerns with your friends? Are you a female who says “I can’t be friends with other women?” Why is it “difficult” for women to support each other as they grow? What are we competing for and why? Are you the friend that finds it hard to celebrate the success of others? Why can’t women just all “get along?” What are your thoughts surrounding frenemies? Is this a true phenomenon, why or why not? Where do you think the thought of “women not being able to get along” come from? Is it really easier to be friends with men?

    Let’s have an open discussion surrounding women, friendships, envy, and competition

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    Have you ever heard the saying, "keep your friends close and you enemies closer." I have. Oftentimes, a friend can become an enemy within a blink of an eye. It can be through betrayal, deceit, lies, or a stab in the back. Tune in as we discuss Frenemies.

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    Do you know people that constantly talk about their friends, but the very next minute they're laughing and joking with them.  Do you know people that talk a good game about how they're down for you and would be there through thick and thin, high and low and then the minute you need someone or ask for their support, they're no where to be found or have all the excuses in the world why they can't help.  Do you know those people who constantly have their hand out to take but never out to give.  What about those people who are negative nellies about everything and every idea you have to do better and get ahead, but as soon as you start talking about doing something dumb like hanging at the club every weekend, they're all for that...do you know people like that?  Well, I want to hear your stories...email or call in and talk about people that you recognized as "Frenemies" in your life that you had to remove and we will discuss this crazy phenomenon and expose the truth behind these actions!

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    HELP! - “How do I Handle 'Frenemies' (friend/enemy) at Work?”

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    In our HELP! SITUATION SPOTLIGHT™ series, we shine the light on challenges that community members have shared with me. This episode is, “How do I Handle ‘Frenemies’ (friend/enemy) at Work?”

    What is a frenemy?

    “A frenemy is a person you spend time with, enjoy talking with, and rely on at work—but you can't completely trust. He or she is so much a part of your working day that a relationship that isn't strictly business between you two is not just assumed—it's unavoidable. And, day in and day out, it's not unpleasant.

    But at the same time you have been burned by this person, who hasn't demonstrated the unyielding loyalty and support you'd expect—and get—from an out-and-out friend.”  

    What drives (or motivates) a frenemy?

    Passive-aggressive behavior-

    “Passive-aggressive behavior is a pattern of indirectly expressing negative feelings instead of openly addressing them. There's a disconnect between what a passive-aggressive person says and what he or she does.

    For example, a passive-aggressive person might appear to agree — perhaps even enthusiastically — with another person's request. Rather than complying with the request, however, he or she might express anger or resentment by failing to follow through or missing deadlines.”  (http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-living/adult-health/expert-answers/passive-aggressive-behavior/faq-20057901)

    How Do I Handle a frenemy?

    Consistently keep confidential information to yourself. Position yourself weakly. Remain mindful of their strategy. Hope that one day they stop this negative behavior (to find their own future happiness).

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    How to Deal With Frenemies: Case of the Fake People

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    Tune in Friday November 1, 2013 at 11:00 PM ET/ 8 PM PT, as Stacey Brewer and Miss Fancy of H. Blu's Word speak on How to Deal with Frenemies (i.e., friends who smile in your face only to stab you in the back or simply enemies disguised as friends). 
    Many of us have friends...but how many of them are true? Brewer and Miss Fancy will discuss. 
    You can join in on the discussion by calling, 646-716-8544. 
    Like Hampton Blu

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    Friends vs. Frenemies

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    A lesbian radio show geared towards the lgbt community focusing on todays issues from a stud and femme perspective.: Fox & Klu along with DJ Dahni Mac brings you FRIENDS vs. FRENEMIES Part 2 of The Toxic Love Series. As they speak candidly on this real to life topic and answer questions we all want the answers to hold on to your seats cause it's definitely a hot topic.

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    Your best friend doesn't like your significant other. What do you do? Call in and let us know!

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    FEMintite Thursdays with The Martini Panel: Frenemies??

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    Your Thursdays just got a whole lot sexier with Jasmine Fox and The Martini Panel. You do know we talk about you over Martini's right? Jasmine Fox has gathered her girls together and they give you a show packed with Humor, Truth, Beauty Tips, Product Reviews, Gossip, The Fox Box, and so much more. You definitely want to tune in to hear all we have to say about relationships, sex, frenemies, and fashion.  Make sure you tune in every other Thursday at 7pm to FEMinite Thursdays with The Ladies of Just FLO Radio.

    Tune in to FEMinite Thursdays with The Martini Panel.  Get Ready cause these sexy ladies are lighting your airwaves up every other Thursday on The Hottest LGBT station for us and by us.  

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    GirlsNightOutRadio discuss Freniemes

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    Succoso Magazine Presents  Girls Night Out Radio

    Friday March 6, 2015 @ 9p.m. est

    Juicy topic: frenemies- why is it so hard for some females to get along 
    Hottest unsigned hype playlist ever

    Hosted by: @trinastarz1 & @sundayys_creations 
    Tune in on www.blogtalkradio.com/gnoradio
    Or call in at 646-595-2366