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    Welcome to America where everything costs money. For shelter  you must pay rent. To eat you have to buy food. To drink you have to purchase water. Even the luxuory of clean air costs The only thing that is free are the thoughts in your head. Not for long because now even freethinking is being taxed. Freethinking is now considered a mental disorder. Freethinking and nonconformity can now put you in an instituution, but is that right? Should Freethinking be a penalized. Why are nonconformists being likened to criminals? Why is the American establishment so scared of your thoughts? Also elegant artist, Diia joins us to talk about her travels, her music, and why she is so passionate about her path. DANGEROUS MINDS: WHY FREETHINKING IS CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR  next 2RAW4TV 12/11/14 @ 11Pm est blogtalkradio.com/2RAW4TV call 3234100036 to comment, question, or listen via phone

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    Jeran Campanella (Jeranism) - Freethinking the Flat Earth

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    Tonight my very special guest is Jeran Campanella.

    Jeran is a critical thinker and leading voice who is questioning the heliocentric or globe earth model by simply asking the question “Is the Earth flat?”

    Jeran’s popular YouTube Channel Jeranism combines his unique style of humor and logic to ask his audience to use their gift of intellect and reason to question what they have been told about the world by the scientific community and the likes of NASA.

    Our discussion was wide ranging as Jeran takes us through his own personal journey as he had to discard much of what he believed to be true as he ventured into the highly charged area of Flat Earth research. We also spend time talking about the under current of nastiness by shills, trolls, deniers and those that simply refuse to open their minds to the possibility of a different paradigm.


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    Yardie Skeptics (S.3, ep04) Joint broadcast with Haitian Freethinkers

    in Atheism

    Come join the Yardie Skeptics this Sunday, June 28th at 12:30pm EDT (11:30am Jamaica time) for our first joint broadcast with our fellow Caribbean skeptics the Haitian Freethinkers Show. You don't want to miss this episode as both sets of radio hosts tackle the challenges and opportunities for skepticism and freethinking in the Caribbean region. 

    Also in this episode, we explore this issue of "forgiveness" in the wake of the church shooting in South Carolina. Can forgiveness legitimately come so quickly after such an atrocity, or was it done just so that members of the African American community can head back to genuflecting in church? Be sure to tune in for this Yardie Skeptics first! 

    To listen to this episode live, or catch the archived version afterwards, simply click the link below. Feel free to call in and share your views live on air or interact with other listeners in the live chatroom. 

    Be sure to like our new Facebook page Yardie Skeptics Network!

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    Trivium Cafe Episode 008: Education v. Indoctrination Pt.2

    in Education

    Join Mass Formatic & Raul as they continue their discussion of the education system. The Conductors will look into others research and body of knowledge to better gain understanding of the Prussian Education.  Please do not miss this episode as many researchers information will be presented.  Do not forget about the interactive Facebook Event Page where you can interact live with the Conductors, guests, and other listeners.  This is also a great supplement to the show as source materials, examples, and Round Table Discussions questions will be posted.  If you wish to contact the Conductors please contact them via E-mail at TriviumCafe@gmail.com. Welcome to the Trivium Cafe!

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    Who is a ?FREE THINKER??

    The Urban Dictionary describes a free thinker as ?One who forms their beliefs based on reason and science, and not on religion, authority, or tradition.

    Free-thinkers breathe and thrive at the margins of society where structure and chaos cross at the borderline.

    Free-thinkers live on the edge, away from the anesthesia of normalcy and institutionalized control.

    They are not held captive by the  walls of the dominating worldview.

    They do not fear change, poverty or conspiracy.

    If you want to free your thinking and become an agent of change and novelty, there are a few things you need to recognize and understand.

    t's unfortunate that freethinking has to be associated with "secularists", "atheists", and other reactive groups of people in society. Independent

    Thinkers are analytical and witty persons.

    They are normally self-confident and do not let themselves get worked up by conflicts and criticism. They are very much aware of their own strengths and have no doubts about their abilities. J

    oin me Janice Clarke, Holistic Health Practitioner, Nutritonal Consultant, Master Herbalist, Reiki Practitioner and Host of the SOULFUL HEALING TALK SHOW to discuss what a free thinker is,the qualities it takes to be a FREE THINKER, and take a free thinker quizz!! OUR ME TIME WILL BE VERY EYE OPENING!!

    Talk to YOU Then!!! One Love

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    In the Stream: The English Maven

    in Writing

    Join "In the Stream" producer and host Jessica Dylan Winter as she welcomes the English Maven (Lianna Patch) to the show.

    Lianna Patch, better known to some as "the English Maven," is an insanely creative and freethinking writer, editor and Coppyblogger-certified Content Marketer. She's a born-and-raised New Orleanian whose bold approach to writing and life breathes fresh air into the spaces she invades. Some of her ongoing projects include writing and editing for New Orleans Living Magazine and the philly artblog. 

    Listen to Lianna talk about everything from creative inspiration and overcoming writer's block to building a better bookshelf to our time together at a Buddhist monastery in New York.

    Dive into the stream to hear what the English Maven has to say!

    The show will close with a short, guided meditation.

    Learn more about Lianna here:


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    Book Marketing Strategy: How to Intelligently Merchandise Your Book

    in Entrepreneur

    Merchandising is a business-retail practice that is seldom applied when self-publishing a book. The rudiments of selling a product or a brand can and should be utilized in your publishing efforts. This complex book merchandising strategy demands a mental state teamed with activity that is often unfamiliar to the freethinking creative author. Merchandising is about details and small nuances to influence a buyer's buying decision. What book merchandising actions must you consider in order to profitably present your book before your distinct target readership? That is our focus on this edition of, “The Strategist Radio LIVE."

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    Freethinking Free-for-all!!!

    in Lifestyle

    Open discussion about anything and everything.

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    Freethinking Free-for-all!!!

    in Lifestyle

    Open discussion about anything and everything.

  • 01:00

    Freethinking Free-for-all!!!

    in Lifestyle

    Open discussion about anything and everything.

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    Mc Brooks is in the building

    in Entertainment

    Come have a listen as i and Mc Brooks shares some of his music with us this Friday!!

    Bio: MC Brooks is a hip hop artist that hails from the nation's capital of Washington D.C. An eclectic emcee whose maturity and intellect well surpasses his age, Brooks deals with various subjects in his music - including politics, love and relationships, and the love for his craft. Among his musical influences are: The Beatles, Talib Kweli, Atmosphere, My Chemical Romance, The Rolling stones, Ella Fitzgerald, KRS-One and Rage Against The Machine.

    A graduate of Delaware State University, Brooks first began making music at the age of 14 after being encouraged to rap by his friends. His interest in hip hop grew over the years as he performed with several rap-rock bands in high school. Eventually going solo in 2005, Brooks continued to hone his lyrical skills while studying audio production. It was during this time that he also developed long lasting friendships with other young freethinking lyricists, including C-Gats and Gripp – which resulted in some great collaboration on each others bodies of work (including the single, “The ARC”).

    In 2009, MC Brooks released his first mix tape, "Lines to Stripes, Rhymes to Mics". He then followed up with a second volume by the same name in 2011. Volume 3 was released on October 4th, 2013 which featured the singles "The Overflow" and "Hey". His first full length album titled, “The Dead Zone” will be released in 2014.

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