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    Reach Out America: The Constitution Revealed

    in Current Events

    Tonights guest is the creator of million mask march John fairhurst

    Join The Liberty Belle for an excited interview and learn more about...

    1st Amendment the freedom of speech 

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    Hard for Me To Say I'm Sorry

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    Tonight we will discuss the concept of freedom of speech in America. Freedom of speech is increasingly compromised as individuals have to apologize for unpopular statements. Is there still the ability to speak your mind in the US?

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    What is TRUTH?

    in Current Events

    Jim and Joe Rizoli discuss the latest happenings on the world scene and will talk about the Frontline movie Memory of the Camps another failed attempt to get history right on the Holocaust topic.

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    Is “Je suis Charlie” a uniting or dividing theme?

    in Marketing

    Tynicka Battle and Liz Nickles discuss the "Je Suis Charlie" social media trend to follow the terrorist attack in Paris earlier this month. Special guest Daisy Khan joins us. Daisy is the Executive Director of the American Society for Muslim Advancement. ASMA is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing an American Muslim identity while building bridges between the Muslim community and general public through dialogues in faith, identity, culture, and arts.

    Social media use of hashtag #jesuischarlie http://www.cnn.com/2015/01/07/world/social-media-jesuischarlie/

    Subsequent use of hashtag #notinmyname in response to the death of muslim Officer Merabet http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/09/world/europe/charlie-hebdo-terror-attack-je-suis-ahmed-merabet.html?_r=0

    The trademarking of Je suis Charlie: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/charlie-hebdo-belgian-seeking-to-trademark-je-suis-charlie-says-he-wants-to-help-victims-9975783.html 

    Watch Daisy Khan on PBS Newshour discuss "Do Western Muslims face a free speech double standard?" http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/western-muslims-face-free-speech-double-standard/

    Daisy Khan, Executive Director, American Society for Muslim Advancement http://www.asmasociety.org

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    The Knights Of Liberty Show with Tim And Andy The Banking Fraud

    in News

    The Knights Of Liberty Show with Author Timothy Spearman and Andy Peacher





    Live every Saturday 12 pm ET 5pm  UK  Time.

    Human Beings on the Planet no longer have true journalistic reporting which we can rely upon and trust. We are in serious times requiring serious action. The Knights of Liberty Show on the Freedom Talk Radio Network is a grassroot movement in pursuit of truth and the education of our fellow Humans of the dangers facing them.

    Freedom, Liberty, Justice and Equality.

    The Knights of Liberty Show Provides diverse show topics that cover many things from health and nutrition, survival techniques in case of local, state-wide and/or national events and/or disasters, politics and activism for Human Rights and much more. We are an interactive network that cares deeply for our audience, the listeners, and the Rights, Freedoms and Liberties of all People regardless of race, creed, religion, handicap, sexual orientation or political beliefs.


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    What is "Truth"?

    in Culture

    Tonight Jim and Joe will be discussing those who have been a great help to us in finding the "Truth".

    There are many who say a lot but very few hit the 100% mark in our minds anyway.

    Alex Jones, Michael Savage, David Icke, David Duke, Dr. William Piierce, all great activist but only two of the above mantioned here hit the mark.

    There are many other we have to give credit to no mentioned here, hopefully we can talk about  them too.



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    The Way It Is With Barnard Sims January 2014

    in Radio

    This Episode features my 9 year old niece doing our History moment on Maya Angelou.  We ask where are the "Duck Dynasty" Freespeech Superheroes when outspoken Marriage Equality spokespersons speak out?  Floyd "Money" Mayweather, Michael Strahan, & MORE! 

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    Live Broadcast Free Speech Day At MSU

    in Politics

          Live radio show with the students of Montclair State University.  Remember the case of Joseph Aziz?  He was suspended for a month over a remark made on facebook in a forum in which he thought was private.  The case initially started when a student heckled a remark  (called him  racist) at a Steve Lonegan event last year.  A video was placed on youtube in which a heated discussion took place and then went to facebook.  At issue:  the campus suspended Aziz but failed to suspend the student who called Lonegan a racist.
    Peter Bonilla (FIRE) Fundation of Individual Rights in Education http://thefire.org/
    Jospeh Aziz Studen who was suspended for a month
    This show sponsored by campusteaparties.com  log onto campusteaparties.com/blog/

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    Pirate Radio Inc live ep 5

    in Comedy

    This site and station is intended for entertainment purposes only
    Pirate Radio inc. is live for the 5th Ep with the bad boy of truth comedy Stand Up Comedian Christopher Cantwell

    Pirate Radio inc. Live with Host J Jay Grimm and the rest of the Pirates setting sail for a new epic episode were once again we push the limits of free speech and piss of the world. calling on all pirates spared this like herpes at a lady gaga Concert. lets make a bigger impact then Diabetes on fat people (I LOST MY LEG) it will grow back and in the meantime stop by www.blogtalkradio.com/princ  and get your LOLZ on.


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    Pirate Radio Inc live ep 9

    in Comedy

    This site and station is intended for entertainment purposes only
    With Special guest John Hyne
    Pirate Radio inc is live .this is what our founding fathers was afraid of when they passed the 1st amendment ,freedom of speech and its breaking point, pissing off the masses NO black people i did not say mastas so no stealing my tv, you cant miss the most epic UN-censored say what you want show! missing this would be like a white guy missing the sign that told him he was on Martin Luther king Blvd..
    So come on all let get this spread like the gays and Canadians do AIDS.www.pirateradioinc.webs.com/
    No holds barred, say what you want.. no censorship. Extreme
    Comedy. With your crew Jay Grimm, Cabby John, and the rest
     of the Pirates.