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    Type1RadioLounge with Dan Fogler & Freeman

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    On this episode of Type1RadioLounge we special pleasure to welcome Dan Fogler into the Lounge, plus we also welcome back our friend Freeman Fly. Today we will get all the news on Dan's latest film Don Peyote, which features Freeman as well as Megan 'Verb' Kargher...oh and Anne Hathaway. 

    Plot Outline

    Warren Allman, is your typical innocent oblivious everyman, who is sent on the existential path of enlightenment. He deals with everything from over population to our economic decline to our defunct spirituality. 

    Warren is transformed into the shaman/prophet Don Peyote and sheds light on alternative lifestyles that work but have been buried by the decision makers to the detriment of our civilization. The movie takes a hard look at the current plight of humanity and begs of us all to take a second look at our own contribution. it makes us question which is better: maintaining the status quo or maintaining harmony with humankind, nature, the earth, and the stars.

    -Dan Fogler

    Plot Outline

    To view the trailer:




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    Type1RadioLounge in Conversation Sir James Wright...

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    After appearing on Freemantv and Thr Middle Chamber, 33rd Degree Freemason Supreme Council insider Sir James Wright enters the Type1Lounge to give us the scoop on Whats going on within the secret world of the Scootish Rite...
    You do not want to miss this one !
    Call or Skype in with your questions...
    Freemason Supreme Council Insider, Sir James Wright, Exposes Cult Abuses. You don’t want to miss this! Everything exposed! Dead bodies used in rituals, abductions & the Secret War of the Rites in Freemasonry.

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    Enlightenment vs. Enfrightenment

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    The motto of Esoteric Science Roundtable is "Enlightenment vs. Enfrightenment." The study and practice of the metaphysical can and should lead the steadfast adherent to love instead of fear. It should also provide one with a healthy sense of discernment to understand the playing out of these two energies in our duality as well as the means to transcend the limits of over-emotionalism and transmit inclusion and well-being as a consistent habit. Freeman of FreemanTV joins host Kory Kortis for this discussion. Callers are welcome! 

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