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    Dr. Jennifer Jacquet on the power of shame -- new uses for an old tool

    in Psychology

    Amy Alkon's Advice Goddess Radio: "Nerd Your Way To A Better Life!" with the best brains in science.

    Dr. Jennifer Jacquet turns to science to explain and rehabilitate shame -- an essential tool for stopping freeloaders and exploiters and cultivating better behavior, even in a society of strangers. 

    Her book we'll be discussing is "Is Shame Necessary? New Uses for an Old Tool." 

    Join me and all my fascinating guests every Sunday, 7-7:30 p.m. PT, 10-10:30 p.m. ET, at blogtalkradio.com/amyalkon or subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher.

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    Freeloaders Insomniac Show

    in Music

    Fulfilling that inner insomniac!

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    Obama voters are Freeloaders

    in Politics Conservative

    Is Obama's base made up of a bunch of Freeloaders & Leeches?  Listen to the Brian Craig show & decide for yourself.

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    Illegal immigrants may not be violent criminals but they are still criminals

    in Politics Conservative

    Every time the issue of immigration comes up Democrats try to make the argument that the country was built because of immigrants.  Nobody disagrees with that argument but the problem conservatives have is with ILLEGAL immigration.  Shoplifters are not violent but they are criminals.  That is why they get locked up when they get caught.  There are a lot of crimes that are not violent in nature but there are consequences for the laws being broken.  We are a country of laws and it is evident that illegal aliens have no respect for those laws.  Have you ever heard Democrats putting pressure on the country the immigrants are leaving to fix the problems in their country to stop their citizens from leaving? No they want the world to think there is a problem with the way the United States treat these criminals.  Do you ever hear Democrats addressing the harshness of other countries treatment of illegal aliens? No because other countries believe in the sovereignty of their nation. The First Lady of Honduras can come to our country to “inspect” the condition of our detention centers but she can’t get her husband to get control of the gangs and cartels that plagues her country. Of course not. The cartels and gangs are contributing to the local economy and so do the illegal when they work here and send their money back to their country. We have enough leaches and freeloaders of our own to take on other countries’ problems.  

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    "Corporate Welfare" Recipients Should Have to Take Urine Tests!!

    in Politics Progressive

    That's what I'm screamin bout!!  I keep hearing from the right wing fascists that "Welfare recipients should have to take urine tests...because they get paid for doing nothing, and we have to make sure they are not spending the money on drugs..."  Well I think the Waltons, the heirs to the Walmart fortune, who have a net worth of more than 50 million Americans, ought to be the welfare recipients that should be taking urine tests.  Walmart receives 7.6 billion dollars, your tax money, and every year in "subsidies."  This is corporate welfare or "aid to dependent corporations,"   And what do we get in return?  We get American jobs sent to China.  We get to pay the interest on the gargantuan national debt that this helps create, and we get to have the Waltons use this money to destroy our democracy.  That’s what we get.

    And we are so damn stupid we let them convince us that our tax money is mostly going to "freeloaders on welfare and food stamps...!

    Maybe all of us should be urine tested for having put up with this B.S.!!


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    in Entertainment

    It's Saturday morning, so get up, grab your coffee, tea, juice, or whatever and join the BTCT crew at the "virtual" kitchen table!
    Today:  Freeloaders, and all the other creeps we'd like to boot out of our lives!  Don't they make you "mad as hell"?!!!  Tell 'em off this morning on BTCT!
    Log in or call in @ (213)769-0900
    We'll be at the table waiting for you!

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    Freeloaders: "The Needy or The Greedy"

    in Social Networking

    This week we will be discussing the Needy and the Greedy. Has our society made it where we as a people will always be dependent on others? Emotionally & physically? At what age should a person leave their parents home to venture into the world on their own? or should they live at home until they competent to live on their own? At what point is enough,enough in a relationship that's going nowhere? or should you stay in that relationship for the other persons benefit? Needy People or just plain Greedy People?! Let's Talk about it!

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    Freeloaders..Are They The New Democratic Base? (2)

    in Entertainment

    call in at 347-989-8310
    follow tommy on twitter www.twitter.com/tjsotomayor

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    Freeloaders..Are They The New Democratic Base?(1)

    in Entertainment

    call in at 347-989-8310
    follow tommy on twitter www.twitter.com/tjsotomayor

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    Just For Fun

    in Finance

    Just for fun we are talking about free loaders. People who come and visit and never leave, co workers who take advantage of your good nature when it comes to money, food etc.  We will be talking about  the traits of a  free loader and how to stay away from one. All great stuff here on The Cheap Cheetah Money Show(tm)

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    Drunks, Crackheads & Leeches - Thanksgiving Family Drama!

    in Entertainment

    It's that time of the year again people!
    It's time to celebrate and give thanks for all that we've been blessed with as we made it through another year of sacrifice, hard work and occasional discomfort to reach our goals or just plain old staying afloat!
    But with the holidays comes another unexpected and unplanned occurence in the form of our ongoing family drama!
    If the truth be told we ALL have those unwanted visits from those who just can't seem to get their act together yet always know that can magically appear to "drop in" on you because they know that they will always have a captive audience from which to perform their yearly crap!
    Drunk uncles, freeloading cousins, crackhead sisters and evil gossiping in-laws always add spice to that ever elusive Thanksgiving celebration that always seems to be out of reach because of the peace that never seems to be in your grasp.
    This year let us plan to take another huge serving of that almost guaranteed happening that comes just as soon as the turkey comes out of the oven!
    Tonight on the LanceScurv show you don't have to grin and bear it, just listen in or call with your tales of drama and let us all have the last laugh and ease up our stresses from the realization that we are not in this dilemma all alone!
    This my familt PROMISES to be one very funny and enlightening show!
    See you there tonight!