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    More on Freedom and liberty

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    Obama is a hater of freedom and liberty, for all liberals, all democrats, communist, socialist, all those republicans,  that happen to agree with both the liberals and democrats, socialist, and communist all hate freedom and liberty.

    This nations beginnigs is all based on freedom and liberty, and that goes as far back as 1620. 

    Obama is a hater of private ownership of both private property. Obama does hate capitalism. 

    Obama is a lover of everyone in the whole wide world to have a redistribution of wealth, social justice which is (Communisim) by definition. 

    Obama loves the United Nations program called sustainable program agenda. meaning one word government.




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    Justice or Else? More Injustice! 4 Steps 2:Truth>Equality>Justice>Peace=Freedom

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    There are formulas for success, there's also formulas for failure and worse of all, there's formulas for mediocrity!

    PSU formula for collective success is Truth>Equality>Justice>Peace>Freedom. 

    Join Us tonight and learn more about our 5 Step Formula to Freedom from Oppression in all forms!

    Join with Problem Solvers United(PSU) as we build and develop our monthly S.aving O.ur S.elves Plan at black-owned banks/credit unions across the country. We encourage you to open your personal savings account and commit to a $50 monthly deposit for life! The goal is 10K new savings accounts at every black-owned financial institution over next year.

    PSU has started this effort, first in Atlanta, GA. at Citizen's Trust Bank. We are engaged in a 90 Day Campaign to recruit 10K Problem Solvers to open accounts, as we set the tone and be an example of mutual power building.

    PSU Network    404-840-7332      psu101050@gmail.com         FB Group Page: Making Black History with 10-10-50




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    LESMA's Special Holiday Edition of Blue Justice

    in Current Events

    LESMA's special holiday edition. We are going to try to stay away from politics and negative stories, and instead talk about the upcoming holiday season and what it means to those who are so often forgotten- our law enforcement officers- and hopefully bringing a smile to your face while you're preparing for the crazy holiday season...

    Call in to chat with us live! 11:30-1:00pm EST (347)850-8154


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    Beyond the Veil – Freedom Defended at the Cost of Liberty

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    This week on Beyond the Veil, we are unfortunately forced to focus on Paris, ISIS, and the various relating topics surrounding the tragic attacks that took place on Friday, November 13, 2015.  From fear-mongering media and politicians to speculations of every kind, we will be doing what we do best and try to put a spotlight on the bits of news that is being neglected in favor of fanaticism.  Join us tonight at 7pm as we take the issues head on the way we always do on the ANT Radio Network.


    Tonight’s break song will be brought to you by Strange Famous Records. 

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    Freedom Outlaw Radio With Bill "General Gonzo S. Patton" Turner

    in Politics Conservative

    Unmedicated. Unrestrained. Unleashed on an unsuspecting society, the good General lets the good times roll in this full frontal assault upon the politically correct, leftist community and their idolatry.  Nothing is safe or sacred.  To quote the good General, "Behead those who insult Christianity".

    Now is our time to fight for Social Justice. I am a Social Justice Warrior. The Constitution is the rule of law. It is settled law as the Progressive/Marxist/Liberal/Communists like to say.  Join me and become Warriors for Social Justice too.

    Freedom Outlaw Radio has a new affiliate, the Rebooting Liberty Radio Network at  Live.RebootingLiberty.com The First, Last & Only Name In Liberty Radio

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    Too often vulnerable adults are in our community are harmed. They have little or no voice either. Not long ago if you approached social services telling them someone was being harmed by a carer or member of their own family they would not listen. So many vulnerable adults have been harmed that they can longer look the other way. However its STILL happening. We want to change that forever. Craig has been in care from the age of 8. He has been systematically abused, mentally, physically, even sexually. Now as an adult its still happening, one carer even took him home with her, had sex with him, then ran him back to his own residence afterwards phoning the police to say she had been raped by him. The story doesn’t end there…it gets worse..It needs to be stopped. The people that prey on vulnerable adults are still out there, next time it might be someone you are close to. Most of the time where abuse takes place it is where sole carers are able to exploit the fact that there are no witnesses. We want to campaign to get Care Service Providers to require a minimum of two staff during night times. This protects BOTH the staff AND the person(s) being cared for. If you agree that vulnerable adults need protection please sign our petition, lets make this mandatory LAW. (Craig’s Law) Thank you

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    How does the Department of Justice creation of a "Domestic Terrorism" division effect us the America

    in Politics

    On this October 18th edition of Team Liberty Radio, we will be discussing the Department of Justice creation of a "Domestic Terrorism" division and how does it effect us the American people.  Everyone should realize that the take down of America is being accelerated by the ones is trying to finish this country off.  Join us live at 6pm for your weekly dose of Truth.

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    Should black people really expect to get justice here in America?

    in Podcasting

     On this broadcast we want to take in close observation of this thing called justice. Is the Justice system in America meant for all races of people? What is the American justice system really all about? Can black people really trust the justice system? And why are black people after hundreds of years still begging white people for justice? And what is the justice or else  campaign all about?  These are just some of the questions we will be going over on this week's broadcast of Culture  Feedom Radio Network.  Please  come join brotha  Eric and Sun Re9 ask we go in on this topic .

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    in Self Help


    Innersight means FREEDOM,advocates for the disabled


    Frank Perino-Host

    Suzanne Tarazi-Ferraro-Co Host

    Joseph Arian Endineer

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    in Self Help


    Innersight means FREEDOM- advocates for the disabled

    Frank Perino- Host

    Suzanne Tarazi-Ferraro- Co Host

    Joseph Arian- Engineer


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