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    Hard Starboard Radio: Conservatives Continue To Miss Paul Ryan's Point

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    Surprise! Few nations open combat roles to women; This week's sign of the apocalypse: Democrats utter the words "Bush was right"; ISIS harvesting "organs of infidels" and preparing for the ultimate religious cleansing - and not just in the Middle East; Hillary Clinton prepares her followers for defeat in Iowa & New Hampshire; and conservatives continue to miss Paul Ryan's point.

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    Call In # (347) 857-4514

    This episode looks at the actions of self determination by people  taking ownership of their communities and doing what is required to establish a better quality of life for self. We look at two examples of actions dealing with self interest.

    The 10,000 fearless that the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan called to intervene in the fratricide in the black, Brown & Red communities.  We also discuss the move of White Militias against the US government in Oregon to occupy a Federal Building. 

    Segment 1-- A conversation with Abdul Sharrieff Muhammad, the Southern Regional Minister for the Nation of Islam and the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan about establishing the Conflict Resolution Center in Atlanta to mitigate the fratricidal friction in the Black, Brown & Red communities.

    Segment 2 - A discussion about the stand off in Oregon between the police and White Militias. Are these terrorists or freedom fighters. What are the implications of this & how should we be looking at this? We will be talking to Hashim Nzinga, national Chairman of the New Black Panther Party for Self Defense.

    Join on to the 10,000 fearless @ www.justiceorelse.com

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    Hard Starboard Radio: The Political Deflowering Of Ben Carson

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    American "Reform" Jews embrace "transgenderism," are in desperate need of reform; Louisiana reaps the whirlwind of Republican fratricide; Is Obama ending his war against Israel?; Ben Carson learns the joys of frontrunnership; The White House offers Obama visit to boost ObamaCare enrollment; Obama formally kills the Keystone XL pipeline he killed a long, long time ago; and who knows what else?  Certainly not me.

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    When Those In Our Families Turn Into Murderers

    in Education

    Shalom everyone, this show is basically a addendum to my last show. The knowing your Cain and Abel offspring or seed could save your life and the life of your other kids. We all have heard stories of Fratricide, Sororcide, Matricide, Filicide aka honor killing and many others, but those that involve family members turning on one another in a violent way seem to be on the increase so all of we should want to know just what conditons are occurring within the family structure to bring about such deadly results. Is this the fault of a very pro violent society and culture? Is it genetics? Is it spritual demonc affliction? Or is it a combination of (all above) that's producing the cold hearted, desensitized killer pathologies in those we least expect. We must talk about this very serious issue and analyze it from a 9Mind Sacred Sisterhood perspective. So let us proceed to enter the realm of our unNine, MINDZ.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nc9d9zdjr_w

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    Domestic Violence - Investigating Child Abuse

    in Training

    When there is a case of suspected child abuse there are different agencies which become involved. Child protective services is one of those agencies and must determine if a child is in need of care, protection, and/or various services. Social service agencies get involved to investigate evidence abuse occurred and identify the person likely to have committed the abuse or, in cases of neglect, to investigate the neglect to protect the child. The police investigate suspected abuse and neglect cases as well but they have a different goal: They are required to determine if probable cause exists to evidence a crime having been committed and to identify the perpetrator for possible prosecution. 

    Physical injury as well as signs of psychological or emotional abuse are important to the police investigator. Evidence, statements, and reports from forensics are collected with the goal
    of identifying and prosecuting the perpetrator. The different agencies may have different goals based on what they do but their cooperation is always based in what is in the best interests of the child.

    We strongly urge people to become involved in the National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children http://www.nationaldec.org/

    This is a public service message of the American Public Safety Training Institute at http://www.tapsti.org


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    Lone Wolves, Organizers, and Others

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    Our German Ancestry

    Hosted by:  Robert Schlattmann 

    There are many factions, or camps, scattered throughout our White European lands.  If in-fighting were not enough for one camp, there is also in-fighting between two or more camps of our people.  This is a good thing because a true leader will eventually rise among us, and everyone will recognize this person almost immediately.  I already said excessive in-fighting is detrimental to our ultimate goal, so we are already mindful of this fact.  We will struggle with ideas and strategies before "hammering out" a perfect solution to restore our people and our ancestral lands.  Lone Wolves are ALWAYS part of the process - like it or not.  Organizers are important, but talk will not accomplish anything without action and might.  I don't know how many "other" camps there are now, or will be later.  I do know that our leaders, our warriors, and our people must commit themselves to a long term struggle that will forge our destiny.  Everyone must be involved in this effort.  The filthy scheming jew caused division and fratricide of our people.  We will unite our people and give the jew - EXTINCTION.

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    Adolf Hitler - Der Führer

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    Our German Ancestry

    Hosted by:  Robert Schlattmann

    Many people would cringe if they heard me speak of the respect I hold for Adolf Hitler.  He was a great man for many reasons:  he restored the national pride of the German people; eliminated the decadent filth in Berlin caused by the jews; created millions of jobs for the unemployed, and implemented a 4-year recovery plan from the worst depression in Germany's history - while the U.S. was unable to do the same.  Jew bankers often boasted how they contract and expand economies at will - jew bankers cause all depressions.  Adolf Hitler united nations and races of people - something the jew would never do.  He removed decadent, greedy, corrupt, criminal jews from Germany and for this they hated him and sought revenge.  The U.S. and Britain were jew lackeys, just as they are now, and our soldiers made the mistake to fight for the wrong side - committing fratricide of their own people, instigated by the treacherous and vindictive jews.  Watch the video:  "Adolf Hitler -  The Greatest Story Never Told."  Check the link below.



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    The High Power Mainline Call In - UNITY- UNIDAD - UNITE...

    in Politics

    CALL ON THE HIGH POWER FOR CLARENCE AARON, Linda Aaron, Katrina , Aaron, family members, friends....and the others in prison who ask to be free. THE HIGHEST POWER IS IN PRAYER!    In any language we must put our agendas together in prayer. To be grateful, giving and humble.   Day of Direct Action   http://ibw21.org/countdown-to-the-day-of-direct-action/     JOIN US in UNITY
    A National Disgrace: Joblessness and Fratricide in America’s “Dark Ghettos”
    The Institute of the Black World 21st Century (IBW) is gearing up for a Day of Direct Action June 17th in Washington, D.C. to demand an end to the War on Drugs and mass incarceration  and call on President Obama to invest in marginalized urban inner-city Black communities across the nation.
    Pray for us all.

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    in Women

    Natasha Mostert
    She is the author of five novels. Her latest novel, Keeper of Light and Dust (published in the UK under the title The Keeper) joins together ancient mysteries with cutting-edge science and introduces a fascinating heroine who belongs to a long line of Keepers: women who are healers, warriors and protectors of men who are engaged in hand-to-hand combat. Tattoos, quantum physics, chi and martial arts all combine in an intricately crafted plot.

    Her fourth novel, Season of the Witch, is a modern gothic thriller about techgnosis and the Art of Memory and won the Book to Talk About: World Book Day 2009 Award. Her debut novel was The Midnight Side, a story of obsessive love and a ghost manipulating the London Stock Exchange. In The Other Side of Silence, a sinister computer game becomes the key to unravelling the riddle of the Pythagorean Comma: one of the oldest and deadliest mysteries in the science of sound. Her third novel, Windwalker, is a story of fratricide, redemption, ghost photography and soul mates searching for each other.


    Cecilia Peck - Director/Producer
    Cecilia Peck most recently directed and produced, with Barbara Kopple, the feature-length documentary “Shut Up & Sing”, which chronicles the political backlash against and artistic triumph of the Dixie Chicks following their criticism of President Bush just prior to the invasion of Iraq. The film, shortlisted for the 2007 Academy Awards, was awarded Best Documentary by the Boston Society of Film Critics and the San Diego Film Critics. It won Best Documentary at the Sydney, Aspen, and Woodstock Film Festivals, and Jury Prize at the Toronto and the Chicago Film Festivals. It received the Courage in Film Award from the Women Film Critics Circle, the Wyatt Award from the Southeastern Film Critics Circle, and was nominated for a Broadcast Critics Award and a National Film Critics Award.
    Cecilia produced and directed Justice For All.



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    Forgotten Heroes - The Movie

    in Politics Conservative

    We'll be interviewing Conservative Film Director Jack Marino. We'll be discussing the making of his 1988 Vietnam Era film "Forgotten Heroes". Learn how Jack has struggled for more than 20+ years to market his film against tremendous opposition from the Lefist Hollyweird establishment. http://www.forgottenheroesthemovie.com http://www.myspace.com/forgottenheroesthemovie The following review is by John Nolte of BIG HOLLYWOOD: "Apocalypse Now has the big movie stars. Platoon has the budget. Full Metal Jacket has Kubrick. But Forgotten Heroes has the truth. And when history does what history always does best and shakes itself loose of the blistering lies told of and about America's involvement in Vietnam, it will be Jack Marino's Forgotten Heroes that's first acquitted. Watching the history of Vietnam through the eyes of mainstream Hollywood you'd never know our goal was to help a people retain their self-determination. You'd never know that what the critics wrist-flicked as a civil war was in fact a national act of fratricide; one brother trying to oppress and butcher another. You'd never know the consequence of our leaving -- our breaking our promise to our allies -- our caving to the anti-war left -- was a holocaust of millions. And you'd never know that our men and women over there were honorable, self-sacrificing, heroes. You'd never know this because in order to present its twisted view of the war mainstream Hollywood must demonize our troops. It must lie. In Forgotten Heroes we finally see an honest portrayal of these good and decent men who left their homes and risked their lives for something bigger than themselves. Marino's film reminds us how that once meant something. Marino's film also reminds us that when those men are forgotten by a government unwilling to finish what it started, the price they pay doesn't end with the war.

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    Pat Tillman was killed by FRATRICIDE... Does America collectivly as a nation really care that is how he died?