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    Independent Everything: LIVE with Dallas, TX Hip-Hop Artist ~ KINGWEEZY

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    Making the transition from most "Slept On" to The New Face of Dallas Hip-Hop, has KINGWEEZY fans boiling with excitement and anticipating his NEXT Gigantic Leap and Career Shifting move.

    BOLD Dreams intertwined with a unique sound and hidden inspirational anthems in each track seem to be KINGWEEZY's formula for his rapid success. Dallas,TX latest poster child, is ready, willing, and definitely able to ?C.H.A.N.G.E the Hip-Hop game by making enjoyable music you're not embarrassed or ashamed to listen too!!

    TWO YEARS AGO Kingweezy had inspirations to follow his dreams of becoming the piece of the puzzle the music game had been missing ever since the killings of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. Now after just one Mixtape, several rapid fire (Song Covers), and a shocking back to back Single release, including the levitating ?#‎KANYEWEST? Diss/ Micheal Jackson tribute entitled "MIKEJACK"... KINGWEEZY has not only the Dallas,Tx music seen in awww, but is even getting the attention of successful Underground Rap artist such as (Houston Tx) CHALIE Boy, (Dallas ,Tx) Mr. Diabolical, Mr. Lucci, and most recently Dorrough Music, in which Kingweezy had the prestigious opportunity to open up for at the Dallas Night Club Soleil. Needless to say headlining his own events and bringing in a crowd has been the least of the New Artist concerns.. As he became a true pioneer in Dallas Tx. becoming the first artist ever to perform at the Top 40 Nightclub, (none the less) throw a Single Release Party at the infamous Club Thrive late last yr.. Setting records for attendance. 

  • Independent Everything: LIVE with Hip-Hop Storyteller & Songwriter ~ Wydeframe

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    Wydeframe, born Christopher Kesee, was born February 5, 1987 in Vernon, Texas.  Although Wydeframe’s current music genre is hip-hop music, he enjoys all musical genres.  He has experience writing for different genres such as country, pop, and hip-hop music.  Wydeframe has always enjoyed writing hip-hop music; but recently put the petal to the metal to forge ahead with his music career when he showed his musical talents to business associates.  When professionals he trusted (dj’s, promoters, raved about his music with quotes such as, “you are the real deal, you need to get your music out there”, and “with the right backing you could be just as big as anyone who’s out right now”, Wydeframe put his pen to the pad and never looked back.

    Wydeframe is a solo hip-hop rap artist that started writing and recording music as a sophomore in high school with a child hood friend who formed a group called “Texas Strife”.  Wydeframe’s first group Texas Strife started selling their cd’s at school with good reviews from his peers and even engaged in lunch time freestyle sessions that aided in the molding of his current musical style.  Wydeframe then joined a local group in Vernon, Texas called “Cross Town” who allowed him to establish his word play and lyrical presence.  Wydeframe decided to carry his musical talents to Atlanta, Georgia in 2005.  

    Wydeframe has a strong presence on the microphone, versatility, and ability to tell stories with  his words, makes him an undeniable MC.  With Wydeframe’s relentless hustle mentality and deep-rooted motivation, he is sure to make a name for himself in the music world.  Wydeframe already has a large volume of songs that is ready to hit the airwaves.  




  • Independent Everything: LIVE with Ross Galvan, Owner of WaveForms Designs

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    Nakia and Delshun go LIVE for another exciting episode of Independent Everything. 

    Joining us today will be Ross Galvan, Dallas, TX native. 

    Ross is an engineer, who is into Hip-Hop & Rap. You can find him any given day at Waveform Designs, a studio, that specializes in Recording, Mixing, and Mastering, where he is the Owner.

    Independent Everything is the globally broadcasted Blog Talk Radio show of Metal 2 Music Records/SMG/UMG. The show airs every Sunday and Wednesday at 5:30pmCST. LIVE discussions on all things Independent, i.e., labels, artists, authors, models, actors, entrepreneurs, producers, and anyone else who is doing it I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T!!

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    Independent Everything: LIVE with M2M/SMG/UMG Hip-Hop Femcee ~ Ms. B

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    Ms.B is a female Hip-Hop/R&B artist, who hails from Pittsburgh PA. The last year has been a very busy one for Ms.B. She has earned a feature in Niji magazine, an internet based circulatory from the U.K. She also has been on several blog talk radio shows such as The Artist Loft and Independent Everything. In June of 2014, Ms. B was signed to Metal 2 Music records. Since then she has released several songs under the label, including her promotional release entitled It’s My Time, available on sites such as Spotify and Mixconnect. Ms.B currently has 2 songs on Coast 2 Coast mixtapes, “Subtle,” which is on the Next Up mixtape vol#205 and “Empowered,” which is on the Makin Moves mixtape vol#220. Also her music was featured on the Unsigned Hype Krunk Atlanta mixtape. In 2014, she also was a featured artist on the Faith 2 Believe mixtape, a project for the Young Women of Empowerment organization, based out of Arlington, TX.  Ms. B just released her freshman project The Best That I Got, in July 2015, on the M2M/SMG label. “Infatuated,” a track from her commercial album, will be her first video, and will be released this Summer.

    Ms.B has music on Google Play, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Tidal, YouTube Music Key, and all of the other fine digital download and streaming sites. You can also catch her in rotation on one of these radio stations: WTGN, WWRN, 109.1 Da View, Street Level Radio, FSC Radio, All Thingz Hybrid Radio, Real Vision Radio, AllThingzFranz.com Radio.

    She is an artist on the rise, so go ahead and get infatuated with Pittsburgh, PA artist, Ms.B

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    Independent Everything: LIVE with the CEO of Closet Music Ent. ~ BGG Yung

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    What's good.

    I'm Devon "BGG YUNG FALLEN ANGEL" Patton. I am from Mobile, Al. I was born to Rhonda and Tyrone Patton. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. I got into the rap game cause of how the new generation flows to this new whack style of lyricists. I was influenced to start rapping because I sought a change in what I listen to and hear across the airwaves. "Now a days most rappers talk about the same thing. The game is in need of a hero not a zero, so I became the face of the new hero," he says.

    Yung F A attributes his love for music to his father and feels that he really doesn't have a favorite genre of music, because he likes it all. His influences are God, my family, nephews, girlfriend, and the fans that support him. 

    Yung F A is signed to the Metal 2 Music Records/SMG label. He is the CEO of sub-label Closet Music Entertainment (CME) and also is one-half of Bad Guy Gang. Yung FA is an entreprenuer and a hard working businessman. "Walk in Shoes," a promotional EP has just been released under the Metal 2 Music Records label and is available on all fine digital download and streaming sites. Coming 8/31/2015, "Hybrid Angel," Yung F.A.'s second solo project.

    You can catch Yung F A every Friday at 7:00pmCST, hosting CME TV on the Ustream network, discussing all things music industry related. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/cme-tv1

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    Independent Everything: LIVE with Viral Rap Sensation ~ Ron Oneal

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    Ron Oneal is a viral sensation, born in Brooklyn, NY October 25th, 1985. He is a rapper who goes by his given name or simply ‘O’. All Star Weekend February 2015 the opportunity presented itself in the form of Ron Oneal being in the right place at the right time. The scene is set in the projects of Manhattan’s Lower East Side Jacob Riis Houses, Ron Oneal found himself face to face with the Rick Ross. Seizing the moment Ron Oneal unleashed a verbal assault that drew onlookers and had Rick Ross not only rocking but amazed and admiring the talented MC. The result, Rick Ross exchanged contact information with him and later placed him in the “Movin Bass” video. Scores of onlookers captured the moment immediately uploading the clips to social media making it go viral. It was published on several sites such as WorldStarHipHop, Media Takeout, Bossip & More. Ron Oneal essentially broke the internet with now over 2.2 million views collectively and 1 million views on WSHH alone! A few years ago Ron Oneal got, what to him was his biggest shot, a coveted spot on BET’s 106 & Park to showcase his skills to the world however the pressure to succeed was so immense it caused Ron Oneal to choke making him lose. As fate would have it, he would redeem himself but stay humble after the Rick Ross encounter. He has since been working on his Mixtape “IF NOT ME WHO”, has his song “Double Check” (All Eyes On Me) ft  Sv Skee -https://goo.gl/LtRQQX  currently spinning on Power 105.1 by Dj Will & Dj Self, collaborated with R&B artist B. Morgan & rapper Haitian Jak on song “Come N Get It”. Opened up for French Montana Memorial weekend in Portsmouth Virginia and has internet radio buzzing with songs “Hitta O”, “Ya Boy O” and “On My Job”.


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    Independent Everything: LIVE with Memphis R&B/Hip-Hop Artist ~ Tatiana Evans

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    Tatiana Evans is an R&B/Hip-Hop artist from Memphis, TN. Music has always been her passion. At a young age, she sang in schools and in the church choirs. As Tatiana got older, she started getting in the studio to record her music. At age 25, her cousin-in-law, Hollowpoynt, gave her free studio time and her uncle, Kimbo Brown, gave her free beats. To show the world her dream and how passionate she is about music, her uncle also shot her video.
    You can listen to "I Wish"by Tatiana Evans on Soundcloud.
    https://soundcloud.com/tatiana-evans-1/i-wish-my-tatiana-evans You can also listen to her on Jango radio and watch her video on YouTube.

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    Independent Everything: LIVE with Delshun Mays of The B.A.R.S.Crew

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    Bailey Langford aka T.R.A.M.A. (the realest and most artistic)

    Bailey grew up in Oakdale, LA....he mostly listened to country music at that time.  In fact the first album he ever bought was a Taylor Swift CD. He didn't get into hip hop until he moved to Lake Charles, LA in high school..after listening to Lil Wayne's Carter 2 he fell in love with words and felt that he needed to relieve his mind by writing down the wordplay driven metaphors he thought of.....A few years later he connected with Delshun Mays while working in a local grocery store. After listening to Delshun's mixtape roc hard ep...he decided to put what he was writing down into music and co founded The B.A.R.S. Crew with him that same year.

    Jamaal Delshun Bellow aka Delshun Mays

    Jamaal was born and raised in Oakland, California. He started writing short stories as a kid ....after listening to keep your head up by Tupac he decided to start writing poetry. He didn't get into writing music until he moved to Elton, La the summer before his freshman year of high school. He suffered an immediate culture shock by the move. .that coupled with the death of a close family member, he went into a severe depression only writing peoms and listening to "Georgia" by Ray Charles. One day Jamaal got his hands on the Marshall Mathers Lp by Eminem and was very intrigued by the story telling word play Eminem used in his songs and decided to write his own raps. He wrote a song a day  until he graduated from high school. About a year or so after graduating, he decided to start recording his vocals...he didn't let anybody know he was recording. He used this time as a period to find his style and sound. .until he released his first mixtape Roc Hard ep 2011. That same year he met Trama and co founded The B.A.R.S. Crew.

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    Independent Everything: LIVE with the UK's R&B/Hip-Hop Sensation ~Jake Aldridge

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    27 year old Jake Aldridge was born and raised in the village of Reydon, situated in Suffolk, UK. When Jake was 11 years old, tragically his father died suddenly and unexpectedly. This life-changing event led Jake down the path of Songwriting. Despite having always struggled to deal with losing his father and role model, Jake eventually found comfort in writing his thoughts down on paper. To begin with, Jake’s notes were in the form of a diary. Until one day, he randomly started to rhyme a few of the words that he was writing and in time, his diary transformed itself into a book of poems.

    Since Jake never had much of a singing voice and was inspired by ‘Rap’ Music, his method of performing these rhymes seemed like an easy choice to make. Jake would spend hours writing his feelings down, turning them into rhymes, and then would spend even longer performing them to himself and perfecting them, dreaming of one day becoming as good as the Rappers who he was so inspired by. One night, a teenage Jake had had a little too much to drink and with this he finally found enough Dutch courage to perform some of his raps to a couple of his close friends. Once his friends had got past the initial shock of hearing their mate rap unexpectedly for the first time, they were amazed. Jakes friends were both incredibly supportive and encouraging towards his lyrics. All of a sudden, Jake’s wildest dreams now seemed like somewhat of a possibility in his own mind.

    Jake has spent the past 10 years perfecting his craft as a song writer. These days, Jake is working with producers & production companies from all around the world to create an image and sound that's unalike to any other musician.

    To read Jake's bio in its entirety, visit him at http://www.jakealdridge.com/biography

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    Independent Everything: LIVE with The Heartless Bastard ~ Jacee (PsykoMusik)

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    Jacee was born and raised in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Now resigning in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  He thrived at the arts, mainly focusing on painting and drawing.

    In 2008 he discovered music.  This became a new venture and quickly a new love! He has worked with many local artist from the MD, DC, VA, AND PA areas.

    At the start of 2013, he began working exclusively with PsykoMusik.  He has since had a major impact on the team. His loyalty and work ethics are part of what keeps the threads together.

    Jacee is featured on Voice’s song “Nightmare” on the album titled: HallowQueen (Dec 2013) / "Smoke Screen & Mirrors" on the album titled: Hybrid Doll (Jan 2015) / "Feast of Flesh" on the album titled: Belligerence (Feb 2015).

    Focusing on the Alternative/Rap/Hip-Hop style of music, he got inspiration from Trina, Ludacris, Dawn Richard, and Lyfe Jennings.

    His first video released for the single “Change Your Life Ft Voice”  is featured on the album, “Two Evils” on January 18, 2015.

    The  “Two Evils (Deluxe Edition)” will soon be released on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many other Internet sites for your listening pleasure.

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    Independent Everything: LIVE with PsykoMusik's Master Free Agent

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    Free Agent, born in Baltimore Md, has always had a unique ear for sound. Her opportunities to travel in and out of the United States has allowed her to become very eclectic. For quite some time in her earlier years she wondered what it would be like to actually create music of her own. 

    In 2010, upon meeting Voice, Free Agent believed in the talent that her new friend possessed. One day when accompanying Voice in a studio session, she decided to just doodle some words on paper. Later during the recording process Free Agent was asked to share what she wrote. It was "FIRE", she was then asked to record it and that was her first collaboration of so many more. I guess you could say the influence of Voice and her lasting thoughts of making music has become apart of her life. 

    Free Agent has become primary support for the movement that Voice A True Gogetta is building, thus becoming Co-Owner of the company.  

    On another note; Free Agent has the skills and talent to write screenplays and video treatments, edit as well as video record and she takes part in each and every video delivered from The PsykoMusik Team.