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    Fran Capo on Living Life to the Fullest

    in Self Help

    Fran Capo is a comedienne, motivational speaker, 18 time author,  spokesperson, TV host, comedy producer and 6 time world record holder  most known as the Guinness Book of World Records fastest talking female  clocked at 603.32wpm. (Just ask her EX-husband). She is also an  adventurer who has bungee jumped, scuba dived with sharks, eaten fire,  crawled in a polar bear den, driven race cars and done a book signing  both on the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and then one down by the wreck  site of the Titanic. She's also an ordained minister (Yes, she prays  that she comes out of all her adventures alive!). Fran has been  featured on over 4500 radio shows, and 350 television shows including  Entertainment tonight, Fox & Friends, Martha Stewart Show, CNN, The  Late Show & Good Morning America.

    She has performed on every continent  (even Antarctica - the penguins were dressed very nicely.)Being an ordained minister, Fran was cast in a reality show on Comcast,  called, "Ladies of the Pulpit", talking about her "church" of "Humor  and Hope." Fran's latest books are "Myths and Mysteries of New York"  and "Almost a WIse Guy". Her latest book, "Hopeville: The City of  Light" is a spiritual book, that came to her through a voice (yeah she  knows it sounds crazy), but that book hit #11 on Amazon and is now  being turned into an audio book. (A perfect holiday gift-  http://www.francapo.com)

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    Fran Capo

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    Fran Capo is a keynote motivational speaker, 17 time author, comedienne, TV show host, spokesperson, adventurer and five time world record holder, most known as the Guinnness Book of World Records fastest talking female. She's appeared on over 350 television and 4500 radio shows worldwide including; Entertainment Tonight, Fox & Friends, The Late Show, Martha Stewart, Larry King Live, the Discovery Channel and The Talk with Sharon Osborne. She has a vlog called "Cuppa Capo's" which are humorous motivational tips that are sent out when you subscribe for free on youtube.com/cuppacapo.  As a speaker she does three keynotes called:  "Dare to Do it- turning dreams into reality", "Humor in Business Speaking and Everyday life", and "Creativity in Marketing." All her talks are done in a high energy, down to earth fashion and with humor. She speaks to all kinds of groups from elementary school kids who love to hear her tales of adventures to college kids on self-esteem to fortune 500 companies to churches and motherhood groups to Hells Angels. She is also an adventurer who has bungee jumped, scuba dived with sharks, driven race cars, climbed Kilimanjaro and gone down to he wreck site of the Titanic and actually sold some books there! She loves life, her family and is spiritual.  Her motto is "Live everyday as if it's your last, and one day you'll be right!" To learn more about her, check out www.francapo.com. Follow her on twitter.com/francapo, facebook.com/francapo and subscribe to her youtube channel, www.youtube.com/cuppacapo.

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    Fran Capo Is Frantastic!

    in Comedy

    Fran Capo is a comedienne, 18 time author, TV show host, Keynote Motivational Speaker, Movie Reviewer with New Media Stew,  adventurer and 5 time world record holder most known as the Guinness Book of World Records as the Fastest Talking Female. She has appeared on over 450 television shows including: The talk, The Doctors, Entertainment Tonight, Comedy Central, Nick at Night, Fox and Friends. She recently was in two horror films, "Acedia" and "The Library". She has entertained on every continent, including Antarctica, and does speaking engagements for fortune 500 companies, fundraisers, schools and small business bringing her message of humor, hope and motivation. She puts out youtube vlogs called, Cuppa Capo's which you can check out and get a dose of Capo to lighten your day. Presently she is cast in a reality show called, "Ladies of the Pulpit." Her book, "Hopeville: The City of Light" is available at her bookstore on her website, www.francapo.com and makes a great holiday gift. 

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    Book Discussion with Fran Lewis and John Lescroart

    in Lifestyle

    The Fall: By John Lescroart

    Late one night a teenage African American foster child plummets to her death from the overpass above San Francisco's Stockton tunnel but, did she fall or was she pushed? Learn more when you hear my questions and listen to my interview with NY Times best selling author John Lescroart. Join us in the chat room and learn more about THE FALL and John's work.Fast paced murder/mystery that will keep you glued to the printed pages until the surprise ending is revealed. Welcome a new character: Rebecca Hardy the daughter of Dismas Hardy in her role as defense attorney. The twists and turns add to the suspense. So, listen to the show and learn more about The Fall. The book came in as number 10 on the times best seller list. 

    Fran Lewis host: editor of MJ magazine.


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    Book discussion with fran lewis

    in Writing

    Fran Lewis and Blog Talk Radio welcomes award winning author: Marilyn Levinson. Marilyn's titles are:


    In Murder a la Christie, Lexie’s conducting the first book club meeting in her friend’s elegant home, which is similar to a manor home in a Christie novel, when an old friend dies. Poisoned, it turns out. As more club members are murdered, Lexie begins to think she’s living in the Christie novel AND THEN THERE WERE NONE. There are discussions of Christie novels throughout the novel, and Lexie exposes the murderer when all involved are present in the Christie manner.

    In Murder the Tey Way, a man is found dead in Lexie’s backyard the morning after Lexie’s sister pays an unexpected visit. Did her sister kill him? And who are the strange sisters living next door? Another club member is murdered and one is attacked. Along with her neighbor, a former FBI agent turned soccer mom, Lexie investigates and solve the murders as the group reads and discusses Josephine Tey’s books.

    Her sleuth, Lexie Driscoll,  is a college professor who’s had a rocky history of romance. She leads a Golden Age of Mystery book club. The first book,  Murder a la Christie, has received some lovely recognition. It was on Book Town’s list of mysteries this summer. More recently, Kings River Life included it in it’s Best of 2014. Join me in the chat room and learn more about this outstanding author. I am your host Fran Lewis the author of In Her Own Words: Ruth's Story, The faces behind the stones series and the editor of MJ Magazine.

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    Who is "Pooh and The Inspirations".

    in The Bible

    Today we have the honor of having our brethren T Pooh Mcclary who is a worshiper Gospel singer.  Pooh is working together with his group " Pooh and The Inspirations.  Here at the House of God's Power we are lead to come in agreement with God's plans as the Holy Spirit guides us to promote and encourge all to give props to who deserve our support.  Join in and tune in as Pastor Fran loves her gospel groups and inspirations of worshipers.  

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    Through Him Uniting Gods Sons aka "T.h.u.g.s. Minis

    in Religion

    Meet Pastor Hanley,  Pastor Henley's Mission:

    Is to be a movement to the nation

    The name of the ministry is: Through Him Uniting Gods Sons aka "T.h.u.g.s. Ministries"

    God's people and calling everyone to repentance from the white house to the crack house and preparing God's people for his return. Day by day, with the authority given by him. 

    Pastor Fran is so excited for what God's has store for the community in Jacksonville, Florida and the Nations.

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    Philly Pressbox Radio Roundtable with Eagles Draft Guru Fran Duffy

    in Sports

    Eagles draft guru Fran Duffy returns for Year 2 to talk the Eagles draft needs, the moves that have been leading up to the draft, and what direction he sees the Birds going in the 1st Round. Fran will also share his "1st Round Big Board". Jim "Chet" Chesko and Bill Furman will be talking draft all night with Fran so listen in and feel free to give us a call with questions, comments or opinions. All brought to you by shopforkisses.org the online shopping network of the Kisses for Kyle Foundation.

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    Our Nation, How can we pray for our nation?

    in Religion

    How can we bring healing to our nation? It seems that violent division, rebellion, immorality and sin are more prevalent today than any other period in the history of our nation.  Planes missing, believers heads are being cut off, ignorant people stamping their bodies with satanic messages, hatred, prejudice, idolatry, greed, evil deed, denial of consitutional right. rebellion for excercising protective rights and any and all demonic forces that would come against the strength and unity of our nation.   The word of God is clear...Or at another moment I might speak concerning a nation or concerning a kingdom to build up or to plant it; 10if it does evil in My sight by not obeying My voice, then I will think better of the good with which I had promised to bless it.11"So now then, speak to the men of Judah and against the inhabitants of Jerusalem saying, 'Thus says the LORD, "Behold, I am fashioning calamity against you and devising a plan against you. Oh turn back, each of you from his evil way, and reform your ways and your deeds."'…. Jer. 18:9,10 and 11.

    Tune in as Pastor Fran come in agreement with scriptural prayers for our nation.


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    Lets talk about Writing with Fran Lewis

    in Writing

    Welcome author Allan Topol to the panel to discuss the art of writing a novel. Authors Allan Topol, Steve Shukis, John Foxjohn and Charles Salzburg will share their expertise in how to write true crime and a crime novel. We will discuss how and why they decided to focus on their main storyline. We will discuss the legalities of writing a true crime story and using real names and why some authors change the names of the people involved. We will discuss the impact that these crimes had on the public and what part the media played. We will also discuss the difference between writing true crime and a crime based on real life events. Join us in the chat room. Fran Lewis

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    Insecurities of the pass and keys to silencing satan.

    in Religion

    What do you do when you have insecurity, no peace, shame, guit and always hearing lies of the enemy.  God comes to purse us with righteousness.  Don't wait until you have no interest to learn to accept what God's plan is and all God to show you the way.  Tune into DEEP REVELATION:  The key to silencing the enemy and his lies, stupidity and predictable tactics.  Pastor Fran has position herself in this internet radio show to pray you through the promises of God and receive the peace that surpasses all understanding.