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    Keith Andrew Uncensored #7 w/ Lanny Poffo

    in Entertainment

    WWF WWE Hall Of Framer
    One Of the Best human beings you would ever meet.

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    Engaging niche audiences for  two decades, Yalanda learned early on that in order to impact change, one has to make an impact through media.  Specializing in marketing strategies which accelerate contagion to create buzz in order to grow businesses.  Social media framer recognized by BlackWeb20.com as one of the Top 100 Black Women on Twitter.  Recognized by UberSocial (formerly UberTwitter as the one of the Top 30 Content Creators of African American Culture Content. The activist needs an advocate and storyteller. Building on an African Proverb “Until the lion has a storyteller, the hunter will always have the best part of the story,” and a desire to see a different story on the front page of local and national news, Yalanda became the storyteller. Seeing is believing and ownership is key. Born from a passion for community organizing, media and writing, Yalanda developed a community newsletter which grew popular in Atlanta salons and other socialized venues. Add to that, pioneering skills with the Internet and an ability to engage audiences in conversation, the storyteller soon found her way online with live Internet radio after our country experienced back to back tragedies from Columbine to September 11th to simply listening to soldiers fighting a new war. Yalanda Lattimore brought conversations women were having in salons and men in barbershops  online for a more cohesive conversation connecting like minds. A self taught webmaster and blogging pioneer, DryerBuzz.com was born March 13, 2002. An international audience followed the storyteller from the early days of Internet radio back to Atlanta for the daily buzz behind the buzz. Today, DryerBuzz.com influences a social world, is award winning for its storytelling, and is one of the most trusted by celebrities judging from the sites headlines and podcasts. 

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    UGP #276RB: Defense of 2nd Amendment, A Primer

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight will be a rebroadcast of our show starting the primer on the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. Grab a pencil and paper, your going to want to take notes... 

    The Exceptional Conservative feels the 2nd Amendment is the most important part of our Constitution, come listen and explore with us why that might just be right... Let's look at this from our Framer's perspective and see if the liberal arguments claiming honest citizens rights to defend themselves against bad guys is less important than their rights to take away your rights...

    I will be traveling at this time and will be back live on Sunday!

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    Spiritual Activism

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    The Rev. Dr. Sid Gates is an ordained Presbyterian (USA) minister and licensed marriage and family therapist (partner) in a private psychotherapy practice in Augusta, GA.  He was conferred degrees from the University of Georgia (B.A.), Valdosta State University (M.S.), and Union Presbyterian Seminary (D.Min.).  Dr. Gates provides individual, couples, family therapy, and pastoral counseling; he has recognized expertise in providing therapy for grief, reconciliation, and theopathogical concerns. 

    He has been a three-time presenter for the annual national conference for the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy; his presentation on brief, solution-focused grief therapy was selected part of the “Best Of” series.  Dr. Gates has renown as a community and regional presenter/organizer interfacing issues of spirituality and the behavioral sciences.  His “spiritual activism” has morphed into community-and-beyond education targeting issues of the “common good.”  He is a cofounder of the Progressive Religious Coalition of Augusta and a framer for the Coalition for Mental and Spiritual Health Ministries and its “interfaith” application.  Dr. Gates is the current Chaplain for the Richmond County (Augusta) Democratic Party.  His wife of twenty-five years is a Registered Nurse and he has a daughter who is in nursing school.

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    Made in America with John Ratzenberger

    in Design

    On this episode, we're tooled up for better DIY and talking Made in America with John Ratzenberger.

    Are your tools banished to the background? Have your dreams of D-I-Y hit R-E-M sleep?

    It’s time to wake up and get kickin’ from Sleep Innovations land at the National Hardware Show to talk about our favorite addition to our shop in the past year: the Stanley Utility Mat.

    So drop your excuses and pick up some tools. It’s time to get tooled up; time to bring your DIY dreams to life; time to make your home improvement missions happen.

    We're talking with actor John Ratzenberger about his start as a framer, his passion for Made in America, and about the growing need for skilled tradespeople.

    Jill Waage from Better Homes and Gardens talks about trends in home decor and what we'll be seeing in the pages of the magazine.

    Founder of the Made in America store, Mark Andol, shares why he started the store and how he makes sure every element of every item is truly made in america.

    And DIY Network's Rescue Renovations host Kayleen McCabe is talking tools and women.

    DIY is no daydream. It’s an endeavor, so get comfortable, get tooled up and kick it up a notch.

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    What is Netanyahu? Where did he come from?

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    Who is Benjamin Netanyahu?

    I have a few facts about him and the man he has shown over the years.  One thing is for sure he is the bully of the Middle East if not the world since the death of Stalin.

    I will go into this and some biographicals on Theodor Herzl.  The man that began the ruin of the Middle East.


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    Simple Things About Style

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    Join Sweet Dr. Danni J and Keith Sweat as they discuss Decor, Custom framing, event planning, interior design and the list goes on and on.  Keith Sweat is one of Atlanta's Premier Interior Designers and Custom Framer.  He has been featured in numerous magazines and has consulted on major events such as Henry's Annual Garden Party.

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    Straight Talk with John J Nazarian Celebrity PI

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    John's guest tonight is his friend and Hollywood criminal and divorce attorney, Jeffrey Sklan, who often in his criminal practice takes on clients that other attorneys shy away from them.  Mr. Sklan WILL NOT take a case where animal cruelty is alleged. John's other guest is Dr.  Mory B. Framer, Ph.D., QME.

    Dr. Framer’s unparalleled professional reputation is as solid as his more than 30 years as a forerunner in the field of trauma psychology and forensics. Dr. Framer interned at the Center for Legal Psychiatry serving as a liaison to the court by conducting forensic assessments.

    His reputation grew, becoming a widely-known and sought-after expert in the assessment of psychological injuries (Workers Compensation and Civil Litigation)

    Seeing the need to reduce healthcare costs, he developed C.A.L.M. (Computer Assisted Loss Management) which allowed major companies
    to predict future losses and intervene before those losses materialized.

    Dr. Framer is a national and international trauma expert. Dr. Framer has appeared on CNN, NBC, CBS, PBS, KTLA, KABC, BBC, Fox, Good Morning Canada, L.A. Times, L.A. Herald-Examiner, Miami Herald, and USA Today (Cover Story), to name just a few.
    Telephone lines are always open to call in throughout each show.  We encourage you to join in the discussion, or ask questions of John and/or his guests. Visit John's website to get the latest breaking topics coming up on future shows at and sign up for Straight Talk's newletter.


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    Creativity Series Part 4: Artist, Curator Hank D. Herring

    in Spirituality

    Curator, Framer, Painter, Multi-Media Artist, Specializing in Recoverable Wood joins us for the 4th part of the Creativity Series. Hank Herring was born in Rose Hill, North Carolina in 1956. He learned about art at an early age from watching and being instructed by artistic family members.  His grandfathers, one a carpenter by trade, made walking canes.  The other a farmer, whittled.  Hank learned about colors and patterns watching his grandmothers and mother sew quilts.  He taught himself to draw and paint after receiving a gift of art supplies from his uncle, who inspired Hank to pursue his artistic development. Upon graduation from High School, Hank enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, where he served twenty years.  With his specialty as a machinist he worked in many mediums: metals, plastics, glass and composite materials.  During this time, Hank continued to draw, paint and make crafted boxes and small furniture. Working with driftwood or found wood, Hank illustrates the natural patterns (eyes, faces, animals) that can be seen without the manipulation of tools or paint.  His construction and assemblages are made with objects trouves,  "found objects" or “rescued materials” as he calls them. Working with “rescued materials Hank illustrates that beauty can be found in anything.  “It requires the right attitude, the desire and a healthy imagination. “Art should stir your soul and ignite your imagination.”

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    Poetry, entrepreneurship and work-life balance

    in Poetry

    Today we are interviewing Melinda Brown about being a poetpreneur and balancing life as she pursues her art, motherhood and starting a business.

    Melinda Y. Brown, 33, was born and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Melinda is a mother of 5, 2 girls and then, 3 boys. Melinda was around 10 years old when she discovered her natural talent and love of writing poetry.

    Melinda attended Keystone Job Corps Center in Drums, Pa, where she obtained her GED. With no college education, she sought other ways to hone her craft such as attending wordshops hosted by Mr. Nathaniel Gadsten and Ms. J Blair Brown.

    Melinda’s poetry is mainly focused on promoting happiness. Yinnix loves to come up with as many ‘Who Am I’ poem ideas as possible because it gives her the freedom to be any physical, mental or emotional being that she wishes to be and exercise one’s mind at the same time if she can.

    Melinda’s business is operated in a way in which the consumer can choose their poem, background color, mat and frame from a list of items currently available. Some completed pieces are available as well. Melinda works hands-on with a professional framer/ interior designer by the name of Regena Brooks who has knowledge and experience in all of the crafts in which the Yinnix Collectible line will offer. This ensures quality in terms of pricing, completed designs and materials.

    Today, Melinda is doing interviews, writing new material and taking steps to having her line carried in numerous businesses until opening her own store. She is also available to do readings for children’s programs upon request. Melinda and the Yinnix Collection will be available at EKS Enterprises, a beautiful collectibles store, located in the Harrisburg Mall and the Montgomery Mall by the end of December 2010.

    Melinda plans to grow, expand, touch lives across the country and start a legacy. Please join her on this journey by ‘saying it in lyric’ with a Yinnix Collectible.