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    A Sharp Way to Improve Patient Adherence

    in Business

    The Sharps Patient Support System

    Pharmaguy interviews David P. Tusa, CEO and President, Sharps Compliance, Inc.(see Bio), who describes The Sharps Patient Support System and how his company collects data from sharps containers to determine whether patients are adhering to their medication therapies.

    Questions/Topics of Discussion

    Can you tell us what kinds of patients use "sharps" for self-injection? What makes this a unique patient group? What unique challenges do they face?
    What data can you collect from disposed sharps? How can pharmaceutical product managers use this data to improve patient adherence & formulary position?
    What other adherence-related services do you offer through The Sharps Patient Support System?
    How does the program work? Do patients enroll in this program?

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    Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed & Vineyard Herbs Holly Bellebuono

    in Self Help

    Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of herbal health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with herbalist Holly Bellebuono author of Women Healers of the World: The Traditions, History & Geography of Herbal Medicine.  Holly has spent the past 2 decades as a traditional and certified herbalist, professional speaker, forager, award-winning formulator and apothecary, and writer. The Essential Herbal for Natural Health: How to Transform Easy-to-Find Herbs into Healing Remedies for the Whole Family and The Authentic Herbal Healer: The Complete Guide to Herbal Formulary & Plant-Inspired Medicine for Every Body System. Holly operates Vineyard Herbs Teas & Apothecary LLC.

    this episode Q&A includes:

    • menopausal symptoms and avoiding BRCA with gingko, red clover infusion and lentils..
    • importance of weighing out herb for infusions and almost immediate results..
    • bloating because of change in gut flora and a tea of almost any aromatic herbs..
    • medical abortion pill, drinking nourishing herbal infusions helps the body to repair..
    • the ability of liver loving herbs to clear the body of drugs too quickly...
    • lung diseases, coming off addictive drugs, marshmallow infusion preparation, comfrey leaf infusion and mullein leaf infusion and pranayama..
    • on a lot of medication and wanting to drink infusions..
    • fat cells produce hunger hormones and specific exercise suggestions..
    • wise woman tradition- pass it on..
    • skin cancer- cooking your food for optimal nourishment and Stylophorum diphyllum (Celandine poppy) to kill skin cancer cells..
    • essential oils are drugs- they are extracted from plant, concentrated and purified

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    Drugstore Vs. High End Hair Care

    in Women

    Join Paula’s Choice Research Team staffers Bryan and Nathan as they debunk the myth that expensive hair care is better. And, using their years of hair care formulary expertise, listen as they list the best hair-care products at the drugstore. This must-hear show will not only help you have the hair you want, but will save you money, too!

    For more beauty tips, visit the Expert Advice Section of PaulasChoice.com.

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    Incense, Oils and Magic with Celeste Heldstab

    in Spirituality

    Join us at  9:00 PM EST for Hex Education radio with Christian Day, Leanne Marrama! We'll be joined by Lillee Allee and our producer Demetrius to speak to Celeste Heldstab author of "Llewellyn's Complete Formulary of Magical Oils" as she speaks about her craft, and products, and discuss with us some oils, and incences, and the magic that lies with in this age old practice.You can call (347) 308-8731 with questions and, when the show's live, a chat room will be available for you to chat with other listners and pose questions to the hosts!

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    Pharmacy Podcast Episode 78 Interview Chad Worz with Medication Managers, LLC

    in Business

    We interview Chad Worz - President of Medication Managers, LLC. 

    Medication Managers is a group consulting pharmacy practice serving long term care facilities and long term care pharmacies in 22 states, representing over 18,000 LTC beds. Medication Managers is dedicated to helping ease the medication burden in long term care facilities through utilization management, formulary controls and medication reduction. Medication Managers succeeds by choosing pharmacists with high communication and customer service skills and provides clients with state of the art access to reporting, schedules and long term care resources. Medication Managers' clients save significant dollars in their Medicare Part A populations through formulary and protocol development and implementation and improve quality of life for resident's and nursing staff by ensuring the LEAST amount of needed medications are utilized.

    About our host:

    Dr. Dana Saffel is responsible for development and implementation of strategic marketing initiatives, educational programs, and industry-specific sales training for the life sciences industry and for provision of operations consulting to LTC pharmacies and other healthcare providers.

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    The Pharmaceutical Pipeline

    in Health

    Erik Hamel, PharmD, Director of Clinical Services, Clinical Pharmacy Services UMass, Shrewsbury, MA talks about formulary considerations in the correctional health setting. He presents this topic at the 2011 National Conference on Correctional Health Care, October 15-19 in Baltimore, MD.

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    Powers of Magical Oils and Incense with Celeste Heldstab

    in Spirituality

    Join Salem Warlock Christian Day and Salem Witch Lori Bruno as they welcome author Celeste Heldstab to discuss the powers of magical oils and incense. The author of Llewellyn's Complete Formulary of Magical Oils: Over 1200 Recipes, Potions & Tinctures for Everyday Use, Celeste is a Caddo Indian, Witch, and Magical Incense and Oil Maker from the bayous of Louisiana. She will discuss the ingredients and magical properties found in oils for various purposes including love, protection and financial wealth. Hex customers have found her blends, used in the HEX brand stick incense, to be effective in manifesting their desires. Find out how and why oils and incenses work and how to face future challenges with the power of magical scents!

    Celeste Heldstab, author of Llewellyn's Complete Formulary of Magical Oils: Over 1200 Recipes, Potions & Tinctures for Everyday Use. She owns Bayou Witch Incense, a metaphysical store offering the best in Southern magic. She creates incenses, oils for commercial and personal uses. Her lines are featured at Hex in Salem. She is a Kitchen Witch who knows how to cook up solutions for every need.

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    PTR Pharmacy Podcast Episode 17: 340B Independent Pharmacy and SunRx

    in Business

    Episode 17 - we interview Steve Zielinski about 340B Programs and the opportunity for Independent Pharmacies. The 340B Drug Pricing Program helps provide underserved populations with affordable prescription drugs through qualified community health organizations. Federal regulations allow community health centers to have one pharmacy location to dispense 340B medications for each health center site. Many health centers choose to contract with a local pharmacy. SUNRx enables contract pharmacies to provide affordable medications to 340B customers seamlessly and efficiently. SunRx has a fully automated solution which will manage eligibility, formulary, sliding scale and co-payment calculations, replenishment and inventory management. SUNRx also generates purchase orders and invoices to reduce paperwork and improve cash flow.


    Steve Zielinski RPh
    SUNRx, Inc., Central Regional Director
    5565 River Run Parkway
    Belvidere, IL 61008

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    Cleansing and Detoxification - Dr. Lavert Robertson

    in Weight Loss

    Dr. Lavert Robertson is a naturopathic physician, consultant to the nutritional industry, and public speaker, with 35 years of clinical, formulary, and practical experience in helping people from all walks of life with their health. His more notable clients include professional athletes, corporations, and celebrities.

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    HR Happy Hour 205 - The Health & Benefits Conference Preview

    in Business

    HR Happy Hour 205 - The Health & Benefits Leadership Conference Preview

    Recorded Thursday March 5, 2015

    Hosts: Trish McFarlane, Steve Boese

    Guest: Jennifer Benz

    This week on the HR Happy Hour Show, Trish and Steve were joined by Jennifer Benz, Founder and CEO of Benz Communications, and Program Chair for Human Resource Executive's Health & Benefits Leadership Conference, to be held April 8 - 10, 2015 at the Aria in Las Vegas.

    On the show, Jennifer shared some of the most important themes and challenges facing Benefits and HR leaders today - health care plan design and reform, employee and financial wellness, and the importance of educating and effectively communicating with employees on important benefits, wellness, and welfare issues.

    On the show, Jen shared a preview of how the Conference can and will help you as a leader in making these critically important benefits-related organizational decisions that impact employee engagement, reputation, and retention.

    We also lamented again (well, mostly Steve), about the terrible winter weather, Steve shared a slightly disturbing tale of a former neighbor and his snowblower, and Trish offered to talk about Benefits plan design with anyone at any time. We also talked about how cool the word 'formulary' is. 

    Also, listeners of the show who attend the Health & Benefits Leadership Conference can use the registration discount code BOESE15 (all caps), to receive $75 off the current registration rate.

    Thanks to Jen for such a fun and interesting show!

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    Tri-Care: Navigating and Understanding our Health Care System

    in Family

    What is the difference between TriCare Prime and TriCare Standard? What is a formulary drug? Am I automatically enrolled when I marry my sailor? What about moving...and I have a newborn...

    If you have TriCare questions, Pam Eisfeldt of TriWest Healthcare has ANSWERS! You'll love Pam and especially love the way she makes TriCare make sense (even to me!).