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    Trading Dimes for Dollars On Real-Estate

    in Finance

    On This episode of Trading Dimes for Dollars, Eric Pierre of Bedrock Assurance will be discussing Real-Estate with Rod Watson of the Watson Realty Group and Edwin Tatum of Detate Property Group.

    Guests Information:

    Rod Watson of the Watson Realty Group can be contacted by the following:

    Webiste: http://www.rodsellssd.com/

    Phone:+1 619.512.9120­


    Edwin Tatum of Detate Property Group can be contacted by the following:

    Website: http://detate.com/

    Email: edwin@detate.com

    Host Information:

    Eric Pierre, CPA can be reached by the following:

    Website: bedrockassurance.com

    Email: eric@bedrockassurance.com

    Phone: 713-632-5838


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    SCU and Wally

    in Sports

    What are the Padres doing?? trading away their best players. Women continue to make history. It's amazing! another bold prediction from SCU

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    Trading time for money or Designing a Life

    in Entrepreneur

    Get more focus, determination and a positive mindset to help you realize your full potential. Join international business coach and inspirational speaker, Ash Ali for a boost of knowledge to get your day started and rock your online business!

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    Dallas-Ft Worth sports with David Busby & Carlos Torres

    in Sports

    Guests:  David Busby and Carlos Torres join me for a look at Dallas Ft Worth sports............the Texas Rangers at 36-37 after going 2-6 against Chicago, Oakland and Toronto.......where can they find a right handed bat?     should they make a deal for a front line pitcher?    what happens when Harrison, Perez, Holland and Feliz come back?    what does team look like after the trading deadline?   a look at the AL West, the Astros, Angels, A's & Mariners..............................
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    The Hockey Guys Podcast: Episode 52 -- Draft recap and Bruins writer Mitch Cole

    in Hockey

    Hunter and Chris discuss the 2015 NHL Draft and are joined by Bruins correspondent Mitch Cole (@DirtyWaterBuzz) to talk about Boston trading away Dougie Hamilton and Milan Lucic. 

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    Building Fortunes Radio Dr. Awitan Improving your Financial IQ

    in Business

    Building Fortunes Radio presents Dr. Ariston Awitan and this weeks Radio show is about Improving your Financial IQ.  You can hear this live or the recorded Radio Shows on http://www.buildingfortunesradio.com

    Naturally, most if not all of us want and crave for something better. It is all part of us if we want a bigger car, a better house, buying good things for the family. We keep hoping for more but, in order to get what you don’t have, you have got to do something you have never done before.

    If you want to stop  trading time for dollars and  have time freedom

    Here are my websites:
    http://partnerwithmeabc123.com    (for Elite Marketing Alliance)
    http://retirelikemeabc123.com       ( for YourKey2Wealth)

    This is Dr. Awitan      Phone # 713-392-5493

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    How to Sell Any Idea One On One

    in Self Help

    June 25, 2015 - LIVING A RICHER LIFE ~ Life Changing Talk Radio

    THEME: How to Sell Any Idea One On One

    INTERVIEW GUEST: Jonathan DeCollibus

    Jonathan DeCollibus has built and sold companies in industries ranging from Residential Construction, Organic Beef Distribution, International Marketing Consulting, Best Selling iPhone Apps, Wealth and Investment Management, Web Design and Commercial Real Estate. Mr. DeCollibus has personally traded millions of dollars in the stock market, trading stocks, calls and puts, as well extensive trading in the gold and silver markets. In addition, Jonathan has personally been on over 100,000 sales calls over the past 10 years.  He is also the author of Unlimited Influence: Sell Any Idea One On One.


    “Every deal can be closed. Every prospect can become a buyer. Every no can turn into a yes. In any market. In any economy. There is always an angle. There is always another attempt. There is no law against how much you can prospect, or how many times you can try to close a deal. There are more than enough ideas and millions of resources and billions of people out there to make any dream that you want, a reality. The only mental chain that will ever imprison you in a life of scarcity, is a belief that there is not enough, or that there is not a way to make what you want possible." 

    This is a quote from Jonathan Decollibus' new book, Unlimited Influence: Sell Any Idea One On One. All of us have something we wish to sell or someone we wish to influence. It can be a product, a service, a resume or a relationship. Join us and be a part of this special broadcast. You too can learn.

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    The Trading Post Scandal of 1876

    in History

    Custer's Luck Radio Show host Jean Barto briefly discusses the Trading Post Scandal and George Armstrong Custer's appearance before the Clymer Commission in the spring of 1876.

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    June 24, 2015, 10pm (PDT) - Big Foot in Nevada with Chuck

    in Paranormal

    Chuck is one of the prominent researchers of Big Foot in the State of Nevada.  Odd, isn't it, as when most of us think of the desert State, we think of gambling, casinos, Area 51, and aliens.  Who really thought Sasquatch was in Nevada?

    After watching one of the first Monster Quest “Sasquatch” episodes with his son, Chuck started researching sightings on the internet. It was then he realized that there have been numerous sightings, not far from where he lives in Reno, Nevada.  Chuck hadn't realized before then, that there was any sasquatch activity around Lake Tahoe, or the surrounding Sierras. With this new found revelation, he became obsessed with anything and everything “bigfoot.”

    Already having a blog in currency trading, and after reading a few other bigfoot related blogs, Chuck then decided to start blogging on bigfoot, with a focus on the eastern Sierra Nevadas. This began as a hobby, an activity to do with his son. Since, it's turned into a passion. Chuck now has his own field research, and is now scouting areas along the California/Nevada border.

    Chuck has always enjoyed the outdoors, as an avid sport fisherman, and scuba diver, so he feels that he's not too far out of his element, hunting for Sasquatch. 

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    Original Football Guru

    in Sports

    Original Football Guru

    Join Chris "Original Football Guru" Bellina and guests at 9pm ET/6pm PT as they discuss NFL and Fantasy Football and also answer NFL and Fantasy Football questions that you may have.

    Fantasy Football

    * Fantasy questions that Guru will answer


    * Top 3 Quarterbacks by franchise in Franchise History

    * Mike Glennon:  Are there teams who should consider trading for him?

    * Michael Vick:  Are there teams who should consider bringing him in?

    * All-Time Leading Passer:  Brett Favre now / Peyton Manning closing in / Drew Brees ahead of Peyton

    * Breshad Perriman's College Reputation

    * Josh McCown sticking up minicamp

    * Will Bengals win playoff game after 2015 regular season?

    * TJ Yeldon looking to be instant contributor in Jacksonville

    Guru's Predictions

    * Week #10 of the NFL Regular season

    * Week #11 of the NFL Regular season

    To listen to the show, go over to www.SportzAddix.com and click on the live radio player or to listen or be part of the show, simply dial 646-378-1303

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    How can I successfully generate a passive income? 06/24/15 LIVE

    in Legal

    On today's program your host Peter Lamont answers the question : How can I successfully generate a passive income? With the help of a special guest from Livetraders.net

    Livetraders offers education and training for traders and investors who want to trade the stock market for a living. They also offer a live trading broadcast where traders can watch them trading live. They have a newsletter for the part-time trader where they post all trades they will be taking and they post their picks which people can use to add to their income.

    For more information on Livetraders: www.livetraders.net

    For more info or to contact UTLRadio:

    Web: www.UTLRadio.com
    Legal: www.Peterlamontesq.com
    Twitter: @pjllaw
    Tel. (973) 949-3770
    E-mail: Info@utlradio.com

    Don't forget to subscribe to the YouTube Channel

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