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    Be Inspired, Be Transformed, Adam Greenwell and ForestNation

    in Spirituality

    ArtSees Diner Radio brings you this time of Celebration. Be Inspired, Be Transformed.  This is a non-denominational time of Joy. Infused with the readings will be meditations, praise music, led by Mary E, and message delivered by Merlin Gonzales,
    Tonight's special guest is Mario Quejedas of Kankakee and Adam Greenwell of New Zealand presenting Global Cooperation Day through ForestNation.com. 

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    Be Inspired, Be Transformed Global Cooperation Day

    in Culture

    ArtSees Diner Radio brings you this time of Celebration. Be Inspired, Be Transformed.  Tonight Mary E. LaLuna, and co-host Merlin Gonzales, welcome Adam Greenwell, founding partner of Global Cooperation Day. He is the Executive Producer for Liz Greenwell’s breakthrough film;  We will also welcome special guests from Pakistan and Venezuela for this weekly celebration.    To become involved with ForestNATION follow the link!    Imagine You, Imagine ME   Blues Go Green for Global Cooperation Day

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    Imagine You, Imagine Me, Musicians 4 Global Cooperation Day

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    Global Cooperation Day is a celebration to promote ForestNATION, "You Plant One. We Plant One."  Mary E., is joined by Gregory Abbott, 1# Billboard Artist and ForestNATION Supporter. (The full interview will be aired on October 5, 2013)
    Host Mary E., is an Ambassador to ForestNATION. Along with a cast of fine musicians from around the world, we will be celebrating this amazing endeavor along with other Blog Talk Radio hosts. 
    #1 Selling Musician Gregory "Shake You Down" Abbott 
    Champagne and LaLuna
    Kathleen Procter-Moore
    Nicholas Snow 
    Xander Demos
    Michelle Qureshi 
    Adam Greenwell

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    Global Cooperation Day _ForestNATION

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    Global Cooperation Day.
    On the 4th of October people from around the world will be cooperating in global tree planting. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, everyone can get involved for the Global Cooperation Day. All you need to do is buy a tree seedling or small tree from your local garden centre, florist or nursery and plant it. You can plant a tree in your garden, in a plant pot for your terrace or balcony or in a local school or park (if you have permission)…. It’s the tree planting ACT that counts.
    You and your tree could feature in our movie!
    Send us your pictures and videos of your tree planting and we will create a short movie illustrating Global Cooperation Day. This short movie will also be a part of Liz and Adam Greenwell’s upcoming documentary ‘Watering the Fields of Humanity’. Through this documentary and the short movie the rest of the world can also witness the amazing cooperation of global tree planting!
    Visit ForestNation to find out more: http://forestnation.com/global-cooperation-day/

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    Andrew Pothecary, ForestNATION's CEO/founder

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    ArtSees Diner Radio is pleased to bring to the Blog Talk Radio community, CEO/Founder of ForestNATION, Andrew Pothecary.   ForestNation is a peaceful world, rich in resources and beauty for everyone. Growing your own tree will help you to connect with nature, and help us all connect with each other.Imagine if every person planted a tree and for every tree planted, an organization matched it? Well, that is what the Forest sized goal is of ForestNATION! Stand with Julian Lennon, and "Imagine ForestNation; Imagine a World where everyone grows their own Tree."Julian Lennon ForestNation Ambassador   Andrew Pothecary founded ForestNation in September 2007. He has led the conception, creation, design and development of ForestNation, and is committed to encouraging everyone to grow their own tree. Andrew attended Kings College University in London where he studied Philosophy, and his greatest piece of advice came from Professor Mark Sainsbury; “whatever it is you do in life, make sure it has a purpose.”   For schools: Press Release: School fundraising:    For Companies:  Press release:  CSR: Campaigns: 

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    Blues Go Green For Global Cooperation Day!

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    ArtSees Diner Radio is pleased to turn the Blues Green and encourage all of our listeners to plant a tree on October 4th in honor of Global Cooperation Day! ArtSees Diner Blue Plate Specials of the Blues vein will be showcased October 1st in place of our weekly Brother Doug's Blues Hour. Please call in with your comments, well wishes and commitment to make our world Green all the while we listen to the Blues!
    Featured musicians are from the ArtSeesDiner.com  Blue Plate Specials. 
    BoPoMoFo, Tombstone Bullet, Tommie Brewster, Bluebird & Skoko, Shun Kikuta, Luca Giordano, Mathy Leah, Gerard Cornielje, Billy Jones Bluez, Sybil Gage and many more! 

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    Midwest Mondays and the MERmaids_Global Cooperation

    in Current Events

    Hosts Mary E. and Diane Blanchette focus this NEW weekly episode on the Midwest. Her team of reporters are MERmaids vary week to week. 
    The MERmaid team will cover the news, music, pop culture, and of course, the MIDWEST! 
    Tonight we will feature the music of up and coming  Jordan S. Krenzke as he contributes his song "Soft Thunder" to the celebration!
    Bella Louisa of Indianapolis shared the upcoming "Robbing the Bank" Event to be held October 5, 2013. 
    Musical guests were, Kathleen Procter-Moore, Michelle Qureshi, Jordan Krenzke and Landon Blackburn of Proverbial Sun Luke Austin Daughtery, Mary E. LaLuna and Steve Champagne
    Sage Restaurant , Chesterton Indiana was the restaurant of the night

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    Gregory Abbott #1 Billboard Sensation

    in Entertainment

    Gregory Abbott, music sensation, will "Shake You Down" during this one on one interview with Mary E. He shares his passion for ForestNATION's Global Cooperation Day endeavor, and his musical career. 
    Abbott boasts - 4 TOP TEN HITS #1 BILLBOARD 2 SOUL TRAIN AWARDS 4 NEW YORK MUSIC AWARDS WINNER-TOKYO MUSIC FESTIVAL 2 CEBA AWARDS (Communications Excellence aimed at Black Audiences) BMI's POP SONG OF THE YEAR Note: The standard "SHAKE YOU DOWN" REACHED ONE MILLION RADIO AIRPLAYS FASTER THAN ANY OTHER SONG IN BMI'S HISTORY.   Abbott holds advanced degrees. He took a break from the music industry to work on his PhD and as he says "get a life"; but his catalogues of songs have given him a comfortable one by any standard. For the past several years he has concentrated on social media.   http://www.gregoryabbott.com http://www.reverbnation.com/gregoryabbott http://www.cdbaby.com/artist/GregoryAbbott http://ForestNATION.com/Global-cooperation-day          

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