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    2014 Subaru Forester XT - New Car Review

    in Automotive

    Experienced automotive journalist ALAN GELL recently had a week-long test drive of the new 2014 Subaru Forester XT - Premium grade edition.  He discusses his observations and the vehicle in general during this broadcast.

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    Pinnacle of Light with your Host Summer Walters

    in Spirituality

    Earth's Hidden History .... With Brian Forester

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    High School Seniors with Beth Forester

    in Photography

    Join me as I talk with Beth Forester of Beth Forester Photography, and founder of Photoduds. We will talk about the entire senior experience from beginning to end!

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    Lisa Gardner - Erin Kelly - John Forester

    in Books

    NY Times Bestselling author Lisa Gardner highlights the show this week.  Joining her will be authors Erin Kelly and John Forester.  Suspense Radio brings you the very best in author interviews and behind the scenes action related to suspense / thriller / mystery and horror.  Time to get your fiction on!!

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    $2 million reasons in Ohio to take last-mile broadband even more seriously

    in Internet

    As the many middle-mile networks built by federal broadband stimulus, state and some private-sector efforts light up, broadband is not magically appearing on residential and business doorsteps as some local broadband champions mistakenly expected to happen. There's a lot of finger pointing, wailing and gnashing of teeth in communities as they subsequently try to figure out how to move last-mile projects forward.

    OneCommunity announced a $2 million Big Gig Challenge grant to help public and private entities build community fiber networks in the nonprofit's 2,000-mile, 11-county coverage area. Their middle-mile fiber network is dedicated to propelling northeastern Ohio to the forefront of broadband innovation. 

    Listeners who want to move the last-mile ball forward despite the challenges to finding money and other resources will learn much from OneCommunity's COO Brent Lindsay and Economic Development Manager Liz Forester. They discuss the grant program and offer recommendations for other entities that want to create similar programs to drive last-mile buildouts to connect with middle mile infrastructure. Money is important, but Lindsay and Forester also describe the types of programs that must be in place so communities can maximize grants and other funding.      



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    Te' Russ

    in Books

    My name is Shanté I write under the name Té and everyone calls me that anyway and quite frankly I'm getting too lazy to say my whole name anyway.

    I love writing (duh) and reading steamy romance novels. I've been married to my sexy beast, computer nerd, MMA fighting husband for almost ten years and we have three wonderful heathens...I mean children ;-) and an Olde English bulldog. I love singing in the shower when no one is home, dancing around my room like I'm on Soul Train (also when no one is home), very high heeled shoes, corsets, all Apple products, skydiving, riding motorcycles with my husband, and kayaking with him as well. 

    I will never forget when I first started writing and I will never forget when the first romance novel I ever read... I was thirteen years old when I first took some paper, stuck it in a three prong folder and created my first journal.

    Two years later, I snuck into my aunt's books and read Scarlett Woman by Gwynne Forester. I've been hooked ever since.

    In early 2011, after several years that were filled with marriage and babies, I decided that I really wanted to become a published author. I'd written a few chapters of some things here and there, but hadn't completed them.

    I started my writing journey in November 2011 and by June 2012, I'd published my first book, Dream Lover!

    These last two years have been amazing! I have enjoyed gaining new readers and meeting fellow authors who are becoming friends.

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    MMA DieHards Radio: Neil Forester, Robin Black, Sean Pierson

    in Sports

    MMA DieHards Radio’s hosts Jason Kelly (Twitter: @JayMMADieHards) and Mike Stets (Twitter: @DarceSideRadio) focus on the inaugural Substance Cage Combat (Twitter: @SubstanceCombat) event at the Gorge Bell Arena on June 29 in Toronto.
    Joining the show will be Alex Ricci (Twitter: @alexriccimma), Robin Black (Twitter:@robinblackmma), Neil Forester (Twitter: @neilforester), Sean Pierson (Twitter: @seanpierson) and Malcolm Gordon (Twitter: @MALCOLM_X_MMA).

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    In Short Order -- Jonathan Forester, M.D.

    in Health

    Let's talk, Lyme and cancer and more!

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    SpokenHeard with Christian Drake and Susan Dobbe Chase

    in Poetry

    Christian Drake is a six-time National Poetry Slam team member and has performed on three National Poetry Slam Finals stages. Originally and currently from New England, he was previously a host of popular slams, poetry shows and burlesques in San Francisco, CA and Albuquerque, NM. His poetry has been performed on at least three continents and covered by hundreds of high school forensics students, and he himself has performed in over seventy cities in the U.S. and Canada. He has never appeared on HBO, but has been featured on Al Jazeera. Christian's earned his reputation in the slam world by combining finely-crafted poetry with wild, rock-and-roll-inspired performance. A poet of outstanding variety, his repertoire includes poetry about heartbreak, music formats, war, nature, ography, immigration, gardening, mythology, love, and the relative merits of period sex. He's best known for his often loud, erotic, and political nature poetry; currently a science teacher in the New England wilderness, his work as an aquarium naturalist, planetarium guide and urban forester.

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    The Importance of Using Design to Make a Great First Impression

    in Business

    My guest will be Elizabeth Kiehner.  Elizabeth believes in setting people up to succeed; that includes clients, colleagues and as a mother of two -- future generations. With a focus on strategy, Elizabeth is expert at adapting to the perpetually changing media landscape.  She is a one-of-a-kind collaborative force with a passion for design and digital storytelling. With three and a half years of agency experience in Chicago and LA, Elizabeth jumped head first into the entertainment industry with Trollback + Co in New York, helming rebrands and campaigns for HBO, Showtime, AMC, CBS and AOL, as well as project-based work for Nike, Sony and Fidelity.  After doubling the revenue of design studio, Freestyle Collective, she, along with partners Scott Matz and Justin Meredith, created the vision for Thornberg & Forester which has grown to a bicoastal studio with clients worldwide.  Elizabeth's talents have paved the way to speaking engagements at global conferences including Cannes, SxSW, CES and Promax BDA.  She is a contributing writer for Women 2.0 and an active board member in several industry organizations.

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    Elongated Skulls Of Paracas, DNA Test Results are in!

    in Current Events


     DNA Test results are stunning, Nephilim? Aleins? They are not human, or at least not total human, so who or what are they? A story of these DNA results were on Coast to Coast AM  with Brian Forester, Now these results are being shared with the rest of the world here , I will share the Biblica Blood Line of the Nephilim, what the Bible says about them and then we will know the truth about these Skulls!

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