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    Michelle Bart & Erin Runnion, Tips For Keeping Our Kids Safe

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    Michelle Bart & Erin Runnion Holiday Tips for Keeping Our Kids Safe on the internet!!
    Erin Runnion & Michelle Bart Joins Bill on KOKS Radio today to talk about, the Internet during the holidays, and some recent open missing person cases because of the internet... here is some extra info: Resources and Materials and NWCAVE.org
    Michelle Bart Specializes in: Human Trafficking, Kidnapping & Missing Children...
    Erin Runnion, is a Child Advocate and Founder of The Joyful Child Foundation,  In 2002, a bright and beautiful girl named Samantha Runnion, just 11 days shy of her sixth birthday, was abducted from her Orange County front yard while playing with her best friend.
    Info: http://www.thejoyfulchild.org/

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    Reading, The Essential Tool To Keep Our Kids Safe

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    About the Author: Helen Stringer   A storyteller since her Liverpool, England childhood, Helen Stringer’s first job was researching the family history of the Earls of Sefton at their estate, Croxteth Hall. The vast, empty old mansion, opened to the public for tours, became a the buildings in her books.   In America, Helen attended film school, worked in the entertainment industry and then at an entertainment law firm. Like so many writers, her writing was done second shift. While working and learning how the industry works, Helen began working on SPELLBINDER, getting great advice from a partner in the firm.    Helen now lives in a barn at the back of her parents’ house with a bunch of cats and a ton of books.  Her books, Spellbinder and Belladonna are intended to stir the imagination of middle-schoolers on either side of the pond.   Find out more at: HelenStringer.net

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    Why Don't Our Kids Eat Their Lunch At School??

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    Let's discuss the reasons that our kids come home hungry everyday and the reasons they don't eat their school's lunch. Join the show at 10:00am. Call (818)301-5834.

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    January Jones-Try Talking to Our Kids?

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    January Jones-Try Talking to Our Kids?

    Nationally recognized psychologist and author Dr. James Sutton is a plain-speaking expert who deeply values his early experiences as a teacher. He offers a common sense, relationship-based approach to child behavior and family harmony. His many years of experience and his compassion for young people will come through loud and clear as he shares with your audience ideas that work. 

    (Many of them are in his latest book, The Changing Behavior Book: A Fresh Approach to the Difficult Child.)

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    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Dear Keeping Our Kids Safe Radio Family, At this time of year, we give thanks for loyal friends, followers and supporters like you. Your patronage and support has helped make the world a little safer for children.
    Remember when the kids are off from school, they are outside playing, inside of movie theaters, shopping malls and over at their friends home.  We want to be-aware of where are the kids at all times and who they are with.  You can make a difference! Make your community aware that there options like KOKSRadio.com and child safety programs, by sharing it with your friends and neighbors.  Please have a safe holiday!

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    Super Dave Show - Who Get's To Make The Decisions For Our Kids?

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    Got into an interesting discussion the other day about autism and vaccines.  It seems that other people think they have a right to make decisions with your children and whether they should be vaccinated or not.  Is it Liberty when you decide how to raise your children and the choices you are making?

    Changing lives every day of the week!

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    Gun Laws and The Future of Our Kids

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    Gun Laws and The Future of Our Kids
    Are your kids really safe???  Ask yourself the question and do your research on the number of gun crimes in your area and you will be amazed with the answer.
    Tune in with us next Sunday at 6:30pm est as we way in on this epidemic we face in the world today. 

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    The Importance of Dreams. Inspiring our Kids to Live in Greatness.

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    Join Life Coach Shawn Marie Cichowski as she hosts  "COACHING CONVERSATIONS"  with Alethea Ball and August Schilz on Thursday November 6 @9pm. The Coaching crew will discuss the imporatnce of dreams and how we can help share this gift to our children.

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    Speak Life Radio ~ Coaching Our Kids To Success

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    Speak Life Radio ~ Coaching Our Kids To Success!

    Blessings and welcome back to another amazing show. It is so important for our kids to have positive role models in their lives along with programs that will help them to succeed in life. We at Speak Life Radio are honored to have our next guest on the show Coach Kevin Pollins who does just that. Coach P as the kids call him is a Team/Individual trainer, Motivational Speaker for student athletes grades 7-12 with curriculum. He is also an Educator and Founder of Get Real Basketball Inc. The mission of Get Real Basketball is to provide and prepare student athletes to excel academically and athletically with a reality based curriculum which will develop a tenacious attitude, "To Succeed academically and Athletically.' Our kids need our support now more then ever. We must come alongside programs such as Get Real Basketball and others that provide a safe and nurturing environment for our kids to have healthy growth and learn successful life principals! Please join us!!

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    Pound Bye Pound: Mental aspect of obesity and its effect on our kids.

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    We will talk more about the mental aspect of obesity and its effect on our kids. A parent's hectic lifestyle has a ripple effect on our kids well-being which is not positive. We as adults must look at how we are managing our stress and neglecting the needs of our kids. We are the tree and the kids are the fruit of the tree. If we as adults are not healthy within then we should also expect to bear unhealthy fruit... our kids.

    Pound bye Pound is a weight loss blog that will follow the journey of four women, all traveling different paths to get to their weight loss goals. Along the way we will be sharing our losses and victories, posting recipes and reaching out to each other for tips, tricks and support. We also invite you to listen to our BlogTalkRadio show which airs every Sunday night at 8:30pm EST. About our hosts

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