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    Sports Talk with Benson

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    Tonight on Sports Talk with Benson we'll discuss many topics including NFL Power Ranks, World Series, CFB Playoff, Must-See NBA, 7-Footer's Move, and more! Three NFL teams at 5-2 made big leaps this week thanks to their recent hot streaks. The Royals are perfect this postseason, but do I pick them against the Giants? Expect the playoff committee to keep voting shrouded in mystery. It shouldn't be like that. If you're an NBA junkie, I will feed your need. Thon Maker is making waves in recruiting circles, and why not? The 7-foot native of South Sudan isn't just a star in the post. He can handle the ball and run the floor like a guard, too. 

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    Tell it all Friday...with Mustang Walker and Jeff 10.5 aka Mr. 1.18 sixty footer

    in Automotive

    We will be discussing the up coming events and try to get some folks locked in tonight.

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    Brian "BJ" Mack - North Carolina's Bigman Takes Class of 2019

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    In a loaded class of big men, Mack ranks easily as one of the most promising post players not just on the east coast but nationally.  A 2019 player standing 6’7 and weighing 235lbs the gargantuan wide body is blossoming right before the nation’s eyes.  A combination of size and length he boast excellent girth and mobility to boot.  Along with these physical attributes that define true big men; he has the athleticism to  run the floor and does so on a consistent basis. He is excellent at facing the basket in the low post, trialing on the break and in screen and roll situations where he is a threat to knock down the 15 to 18 footer.  At the high post he is deadly off the pass and shows a good stroke from either elbow.  We love his ability to put the ball on the floor and attack the basket as well.  His skills include jump hooks with either hand, power drop steps, and turnaround jumpers.  We have seen him knock down the 3-pointer, but his straight line drives are almost impossible to contain.

    B.J. started off the year as an unknown prospect at the 2019 level; he has worked hard and earned his national respect showing up big against anyone and everyone with a name in the class and of course those without. 

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    Joel Embiid's foot injury and the NBA Draft

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    News broke out today that Joel Embiid, the potential No. 1 pick in this year's upcoming NBA Draft suffered a foot injury.The extent isn't known yet. He may have broken his foot, or it could be something less serious. Regardless, should this be another red flag when it comes to the seven-footer from Kansas? Would you take him No. 1 overall? I'll go over the rest of the top prospects in this episode of "The Basketball Truth" as well as wrapping up the show with some World Cup talk.

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    in Business

    So you want to start a business?


    Do you really want to be in business?

    You are putting some (not all, hopefully) of your net worth at risk.

    You may run the risk of becoming eccentric, meaning creating a life that is out of balance, with working hours taking away from other family or pleasurable activities.

    WHAT SHOULD YOU DO? What are the do's and don'ts of business?

    There may be levels of stress you have not experienced as an employee, that you will experience when and IF you decide to go down this path.

    Once you are positively sure you want to be in business, then you must decide which business is best for you and where to locate that business.

    Operating the wrong business is the most frequent mistake that start-up entrepreneurs make. Make sure you don't make this mistake.
    Don't tackle or pursue businesses that may be too challenging. It is better to identify a one-foot hurdle than try to jump a seven-footer.


    Dr. Will Rogers;
    Owner; Inspirational Grounds; Poetry By The C.U.P.;
    Christ Consciousness Metaphysical Assembly;
    E.A.G.L.E.S.S. Club and Masterteacher33

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    SC EP:31 Chased out of the woods

    in Science

    A listener wrote the show "My friends and I were chased out of the woods by one when we were twelve. This happened in Georgia, in 1974. We were back in the swampy, sandy creek bottom, and were going to make a fort out of the bamboo that grew there. The first thing that happened is that the woods got completely silent - the birds and tree frogs had stopped their chirping. Then we heard a branch snap about 20 yards behind us in the dense brush. We thought to ourselves, what if some crazy guy with a knife was about to off us all, so we started to file out of there, when we heard this wild animal scream behind us, and could hear the footfalls running towards us. None of us ( about five of us ) saw it because we all tore out of there as fast as we could. We had to run up this ridge and follow it out to the subdivision. We got back over to our culdesac, and discussed what it was that chased us out. We had seen The Legend of Boggy Creek a year before, so I guess that's why we settled on Bigfoot as the likely explanation. To make a long story short, in the next four months ( this happened in February ) we got to see one adult, about a seven footer and two juveniles, all three of which came up behind our houses on the culdesac , each on a separate occasion. I would love to chat with you guys about all my experiences and about the subject in general"

    We will also be talking to Justin Steely, director of the new film "Hunting the legend


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    Why Buy Something When You Can Make It Better and Cheaper

    in Self Help

    Matthew Lesko of http://leskofreeradio.com/ interviews Mark VanDiepenbos of http://www.rotomaak.com/ about RotoMAAK. It is a desktop rotational casting machine that molds any hollow material made in plastic imaginable. It is definitely cost-effective and time bounded than any other device.

    Kickstarter Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/...

    Watch: http://youtu.be/CZRxqSAUUSI

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    The Coach E Show - When Minors go to the Majors

    in Football

    Tonight Coach E invites tonight's gusts...

    Mark Duda Head Coach of Lackawanna College Falcons football team and former St. Louis Cardinals football player in the NFL.

    Dan LaMagna Dean of Students Lackawanna College and Minor League Football Hall of Famer.

    And Former Villinova NCAA Basketball National Champion of 1985 7 footer Chuck Everson.

    Also an update on the Elite Eight with Peter Mandzych.


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    Tips To Becoming a Runner with Curtis Harwell and Kim Duke

    in Fitness

    Activities Many new runners head out with good intentions and admiral goals, but often find themselves overwhelmed or unenthused with the progress of their new activity. Why is that? Running is often the first choice of new fitness enthusiasts because of the low start-up costs, the fact that you can do it just about anywhere, and there are no long term dues or fees associated with running.  One sport that hasn't been hurt by the bad economy is running. Buy some shorts and a T-shirt and a good pair of running shoes and you're good to go. How hard can it be, right?

    Because of the low cost and ease of access, many new runners aren't prepared mentally or physically for the new demands they're about to put on their bodies and well as the time investment needed. All good things come in time and running is definitely one of those "good things."  Here are 10 tips to help ensure success with your new adventure into running.

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    Cancer Survivors

    in Christianity

    Going through cancer treatment requires a lot of strength—physical, emotional, and mental. To stay strong, it’s important to have caregivers, both family and healthcare professionals, who continue to see you as a whole person, rather than focusing solely on the disease. I found that kind of care at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA).

    After feeling a sharp pain in my breast one night, I made an appointment to see my primary care physician in my home town of Las Vegas, Nevada. She referred me to a breast specialist in the same building. Two weeks later, a sonogram indicated that I had breast cancer, and a subsequent biopsy confirmed the diagnosis. The disease was at stage II, and my doctor recommended surgery. However, I was troubled because I was not presented with options and I was not ready to rush into a decision. I also saw an oncologist who told me to have a port placed in preparation for chemotherapy, which was not something I’d discussed with the first specialist.

    Today, I am a member of the patient support network Cancer Fighters, and I try to meet individually with patients from time to time. It is so important to stay positive. Cancer is your personal fight, and you want to win that fight. That means never giving up, and staying close with your family. At CTCA, the healthcare professionals and entire staff are like family.

    God always have a way to help his people. Let's continue to trust God at everything.