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    Chia Seeds The Ultimate Super Food

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    Have you heard that Chia seeds are the new super food! Join me as I continue my talk on the topic of an amazing food that is so versatile and can help you in so many different areas of your health. Find out how this tiny little seed can improve your health starting today. Last week I ran out of time so I promise to dedicate the entire episode to tell you how you can benefit from eating chia seeds in your diet and so much more.

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    "THE SECRETS OF A SINGLE MOM"-- Food Men & Secrets-- w/host CHEF MYRON

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    More and more moms are finding themselves left without a spouse and handed all the responsibility of raising a family. For most single mothers, that means working a job full-time and parenting full-time alone.

    Unfortunately the efforts of single moms are often overlooked. So how do single moms cope with the challenges of singleness and motherhood? Join Host and Chef Myron Norman as he spot-lights the untold stories of single mothers. Stories of survival, heartbreak, abandonment and victory. Prepare to go deeper than you ever have.

    Food Men and Secrets: A delicious blend of topics about men and food that will surely wet your appetite. Monday Night 10PM EST. (7PM PA / 9PM CT).www.kljnradio.com (347) 237-5342

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    Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #31 Ask a Chef

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    Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #31 Ask a Chef

    We are asking Chef Shawn questions about cooking, eating, food, menus, and everything in between. We entertain the foodie masses for a half hour of food fun our way. Questions were pre asked on our FB fan page at Baycity Foodie Webzine either private message or on our wall. We will do our best to do what we do best, celebrate food with you. See you all there at the Chef's table. FYI you can also call in any food related questions and the Chef will do his best to answer them.

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    Food for the Soul Chef Ramon Clayton Weldon

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    Master chef Ramon Weldon, whose highly successful blog, http://weldonramon.blogspot.com, teaches people how to revamp their "ordinary menus" into "extraordinary food events". He gives you all the details from appetizers to entrees to desserts and divine drinks and gives you a powerful thought to carry you through the day with his "Food for the Soul" antidotes.

    Food for The Soul is design to help feed your mind, relationships and personal growth. Chef Ramon Weldon will give you great recipes and life living suggests, also help with personal growth that will help build a better relationship with you and others. Check out my website ramon.firstfitness.com

    To leave feedback or ask Questions please email me at weldonr112@gmail.com or rcw112@yahoo.com

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    Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #30 Comfort Food Classics

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    Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #30 Comfort Food Classics

    Here we are, back in culinary food full swing. Our first time with an all inclusive comfort food talk show and recipes. Those foods that bring back childhood memories and warm fuzzy feelings when you eat them again. Could be your favourite restaurant items that snack food that completes you to what Mom or Granny whipped up all day on a lazy Sunday afternoon or a Monday to Friday meal. Soul satisfying happy happy food. There are usually higher fat and calorie kind of foods on the rich side of the taste bud scale but doesn't always have to be. See you all soon Where we celebrate food with you. Articles and recipes and everything in between.

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    We All Have Secrets First Live Show

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    This is the very first show of hopefully many more to come. The showsi based on real life events and real life topics.

    Tonight's topic: 

    "Why do people cheat and after an affair, can things ever go back to being good enough to be happy"?

    During the two hours on air tonight, we encourage everyone listening to call in and give us your opinions and share a personal experience as well.  Remember We All Have Secrets. 

    Guest call in (619) 924-0786

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    "HE HIT ME BUT ITS MY FAULT"--Food Men & Secrets-- w/host CHEF MYRON NORMAN

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    Chef Myron Norman returns for the sophomore season of Food Men and Secrets. Join Chef and Host Myron Norman tonight for a special episode as we confront the other side of spousal abuse. Is there ever a time a woman deserves to be beaten? Why do some women take the blame? Join Food Men and Secrets as we hear from both men and woman on both sides of the fight.

    Food Men and Secrets: A delicious blend of topics about Food and Men surely to wet your appetite. Listen to the show live this Thursday night 10PM EST (7PM PST) (347) 237-5342 www.kljnradio.com

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    Special Heart Secrets Celebrating International Women's Day

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    Join Angela Carr Patterson and friends for a special edition of Heart Secrets Radio Show, Sunday, March 8th as we celebrate International Women’s Day. Gather all the women and tune into this most important discussion on “Women Rising.”

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    Behind The Profile--The Secrets Of Men and Social Media

    It's no surprise that men tend to be more tight-lipped than women about their feelings and their desires online. With the emergence of social media and other digital boundaries--how can women actually discover the truth behind the profile?

    In another shocking episode of Food Men and Secrets--Chef Myron Norman uncovers the social intent of a man and his use of social media. From the cheater, hidden identities and the men just simply looking for love--this next episode will help women sort out the whose who of social media. This is one broadcast that you are destined to "Like".

    Food Men and Secrets: A delicious blend of topics about Food and Men that will surely wet your appetite. Monday Nights 10PM EST. (7PM CT / 9PM CT)www.kljnradio.com (347) 237-5342

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    Orange Is The New Black and Chia Seeds As The Latest Super Food!

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    Join me this Wednesday at 10:00am CST on Fashion And Food Warrior Wednesdays. The first half of the program discusses the topic of Fashion: Orange Is The New Black! Color is the first thing people notice about you! Are you wearing your most flattering colors? Are you wearing the colors that help you look healthier, more vibrant and even slimmer? The second half and topic of the program gives you the latest scoop on Chia Seeds As The Latest Super Food and why you should be using it everyday.

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    "INTIMATE SECRETS"-- Food Men & Secrets- with Chef Myron Norman

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    FOOD MEN AND SECRETS LIVE TONIGHT Interested in learning how to blend sour apples and greens for a popular dish? Join Chef Myron tonight as he shares how to bring creativity into your kitchen with these two unlikely foods. For weeks, Chef Myron has given his listeners shocking messages that impact people on almost every level. However, no show will be as extraordinary and shocking as this weeks show called--Intimate Secrets. Everyone has had a secret in their life. But what happens when individuals have secrets entering relationships? Unfortunately, many secrets affect how couples respond to each other intimately. How far are people willing to protect these secrets...and why? Join us this week as we confront secrets and ways couples heal after confession. Food Men and Secrets: A delicious blend of topics about food and men surely to wet your appetite. Monday Nights 10PM EST (7PM PACIFIC, 9PM CENTRAL) Show airs April 7th 10PM EST




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