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    The Use of Pathatrix Technologies in Food Testing

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    The Use of Pathatrix Technologies in Food Testing with Melanie Patterson. Melanie is the Food Safety Consultant for Life Technologies in Europe. Her role is to understand market requirements and apply her microbiology background to identify what solutions Life Technologies can provide to better meet customer testing needs. She works closely with the commercial teams, product management and R&D. She has worked for Life Technologies for 5 years. She enjoys the frequent customer interaction and attending industry forums and events. Her background includes a BSc in microbiology and 13 years working in the food safety industry. She has worked in a contract laboratory both at the bench and helping customers with troubleshooting. She also has experience working as a support specialist across Europe. Agenda: 1. Introduction. 2. What is the goal of food testing for human pathogens? 3. Which bacterial pathogens cause the most harm? 4. What are some of the methods to detect those pathogens? 5. How does the Pathatrix technology address those challenges? 6. What is re-circulating immuno-magnetic separation (RIMS) technology? 7. How does a high volume wash enable the efficient removal of sample matrices, non-specific microorganisms and PCR inhibitors? 8. What are the advantages of Pathatrix? 9. Are there any alternatives to Pathatrix? 10. Conclusion
    Melanie Patterson Senior Product Applications Specialist for Food & Safety Life Technologies http://lifetechnologies.com/foodsafety dalessjr@lifetech.com +800-500-6885  

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    Accuracy of Food Testing: A Concern-Christopher C. Snabes

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    Accuracy of Food Testing: A Concern with Christopher C. Snabes, B.S., M.S., CFS, Food Technical Specialist, the American Proficiency Institute.
    Christopher C. Snabes, B.S., M.S., CFS is a Food Technical Specialist at the American Proficiency Institute (API).  Mr. Snabes is among the first in the nation to earn the Certified Food Scientist credential – CFS – from the Institute of Food Technologists.  This credential recognizes his knowledge and applied skills in food science.  Mr. Snabes has been an adjunct professor at North Central Michigan College, and has worked in the private sector to improve the quality and efficiency of the food laboratory.  Mr. Snabes is here today as the lead author of the API study, Pathogen Detection in Food Microbiology Laboratories: An Analysis of Proficiency Test Performance. 
    Agenda: 1) Introduction. 2) What are food testing laboratories? 3) What do they test? 4) What is proficiency testing? 5) A report by the American Proficiency Institute (API) expresses concern about accuracy. 6) About 40,000 food laboratory proficiency tests conducted over the last 14 years. 7) Reporting: False negatives/False positives 8) Conclusion.
    American Proficiency Institute

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    Selecting a 3rd Party Laboratory for Food Testing

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    Selecting a 3rd Party Laboratory for Food Testing with Gillian Dagan, Ph.D.
    As the Chief Scientific Officer of ABC Research Laboratories, Dr. Dagan serves as a technical resource to clients in all matters of food safety and quality.  Dr. Dagan leads the scientific efforts of the company, managing developments as well as scientific partnerships for research and discovery.  She maintains scientific integrity in existing and new endeavors as well serves source of valid scientific information for ABCRL associates and clients.  In August of 2004, Dr. Gillian Dagan joined ABC Research Corporation as Director for Product Performance Services. Under her direction the department concentrates on product quality evaluation, shelf life studies, ingredient applications, product comparisons, and sensory testing. She enjoys working with all sectors of the food industry, but especially food service. Dr. Dagan brought expertise with in-depth sensory research and quality assurance testing to ABC. She received her Ph.D. in Food Science from the University of Florida, concentrating in food processing, protein chemistry, and sensory science. She has sensory experience for a number of sectors in the food industry and is a trained taster for a number of products and commodities.
    1. Introduction.
    2. What is a 3rd party lab?
    3. What types of food tests are available?
    4. What are the criteria for a selection?
    5. What are common challenges?
    6. Should food testing be increased with FSMA?
    7. What are other considerations?
    8. Conclusion.

    Gillian Dagan, Ph.D.
    Chief Scientific Officer
    3437 SW 24th Avenue
    Gainesville, FL 32607
    fax: 352.378.6483

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    Walmart China mobile food testing labs:Rob Chester&Benny Liu

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    Walmart China’s mobile food testing labs with Rob Chester and Benny Liu. Rob Chester has over 20 years of retail experience, and has experience of compliance in many different countries. He is highly recognized for his strong and decisive leadership skills, but also for getting things done through collaborating with teams across the business He joined ASDA, Wal-Mart’s UK operation, in 2004 as Head of Risk and was responsible for a broad range of compliance issues. Prior to this he worked for Tesco in the UK and around the world. He started out as an hourly paid associate filling shelves and operating checkouts.
    Benny Lium QA Director at Wal-Mart China. For 10 years he has worked to improve the food safety program at Wal-Mart, China.
    1. Introduction. 2. Wal-mart operations in China.   a. How many stores?   b. Where are they located in the country?   c. What types of products are sold?   d. What types of food products are offered? 3. What is the mission of the mobile food testing labs?   a. Which products will the labs be testing?   b. Which types of tests will be performed?   c. Who will be performing the tests?   d. What will the technicians do with the test results? 4. What anticipated changes/improvements will the testing program bring to Wal-mart China?   a. Will food suppliers be more closely monitored?   b. Will Wal-mart establish more mobile labs? 5. Conclusion.
    Rob Chester Chief Compliance Officer Wal-Mart's Chinese operations Tel. 86-755-2397-3398 rob.chester@asda.co.uk www.wal-martchina.com

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    1st 100 Food Safety Interviews-The AME Food Testing Shows

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    The 1st 100 food safety interviews on The AME Food Testing Show with Andy Moreno & Karl Kolb.
    Welcome Karl Kolb, PhD., Chief Science Officer of the High Sierra Group as a new host. The High Sierra Group is one of the nation’s largest purveyor of food safety products and services. The High Sierra Group is a composite of companies offering a wide range of accredited and acclaimed services to the food industry.
    1. Introduction. 2. Biography of Andy Moreno 3. Motivation for The AME Food Testing Show. 4. The first 100 interviews 5. What were the general lessons? 6. Which food safety matter can be engaged in the near term?  a. Pathogen detection  b. Pathogen control  c. Surveillance models  d. Testing regimes 7. Conclusion  a. How has the program changed your opinion of the food industry?
    Karl Kolb Ph.D. Chief, Science Officer The High Sierra Group 715.723.4915 (office) http://www.highsierragroup.com karl@highsierragroup.com
    Andy Moreno, DMc Bacterial Pathogen Surveillance Systems Engineer AME Certified Laboratories 559-827-8245 andy.moreno@ame-qpcr.com http://www.ame-qpcr.com  

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    API study on the accuracy of non-O157:H7 Shiga toxin-producing E. coli testing

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    1. Introduction.
    2. What is a non-O157:H7 Shiga toxin-producing E. coli test?
    3. How will this test help food producers?
    4. Who is the best person in the organization to run these tests?
    5. Why is the issue critical?
    6. Conclusion

    Robin E . Stombler
    Auburn Health Strategies, LLC
    (202) 390-3932

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    The Importance of Food Testing for a Food Production Company

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    "The Importance of Food Testing for a Food Production Company" with Dan Fantz, Owner, California Organics of Hollister, California.

    1. History of California Organics (CO), a Food Production company.
    2. The philosophy behind CO’s Food Safety Program.
    3. CO’s Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system.
    4. CO’s certification programs and approvals.
    5. CO’s surveillance program using DNA testing.
    6. The types of clients and products CO serves.

    Dan Fantz
    California Organics, LLC.
    1600 Citation Way Hollister CA 95023

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    Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #31 Ask a Chef

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    Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #31 Ask a Chef

    We are asking Chef Shawn questions about cooking, eating, food, menus, and everything in between. We entertain the foodie masses for a half hour of food fun our way. Questions were pre asked on our FB fan page at Baycity Foodie Webzine either private message or on our wall. We will do our best to do what we do best, celebrate food with you. See you all there at the Chef's table. FYI you can also call in any food related questions and the Chef will do his best to answer them.

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    Geeks Gotta Have Food

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    Kat and Josh talk all things food! Be prepared to expand your geekiness with food games, food apps,food science, food entertainment (not the adult kind), and even weird food discoveries!

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    Stop Food Cravings Naturally with Holistic Nutritionist & Coach Melissa Kathryn!

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    Listen in as Melissa shares some specific information and tips around overcoming food cravings and food addiction, such as:

    How cravings can get created * How she overcame her own inner barriers * How to differentiate between a head craving and a heart craving * Questions to ask yourself when you suffer from a head or heart craving * The best exercise to help you overcome food cravings, and more!

    Melissa Kathryn is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Weight Loss & Lifestyle Expert and Speaker.  As the Owner & Founder of Melissa Kathryn LLC, a holistic weight loss & lifestyle practice, Melissa has coached hundreds of women around the world, helping them transform their bodies and lives through the power of healthy living, unique nutrition styling, and inspired fitness infused with positive thinking. Melissa has been a featured TEDx speaker, an expert guest on New York Live, and a writer for publications such as Real Simple and Shape Magazine.  You can learn more about Melissa and her work at: www.melissakathryn.com

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