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    Dietz & Watson Speeds Food Safety Testing With Sample6 with Dr. Michael Koeris

    in Education

    2. What is Sample6?
    3. How fast does the testing process take with Sample6? (Including getting results)
    4. How has Sample6 improved food testing?
    5. What are the differences between Sample6 and previous testing methods?
    6. Conclusion

    Co-founder of food safety innovator Sample6, Dr. Michael Koeris also co-founded the nonprofit BiotechStart.org. Before starting Sample6 and BiotechStart, Michael completed his doctoral work on network approaches to combat antibiotic-tolerant bacteria with Professor James Collins at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Boston University. While working on his thesis Michael co-developed Sample6’s technology, working with Tim Lu. Michael remains a visiting scholar with the Synthetic Biology Group at MIT and HHMI. Prior to his doctoral degree, Mike graduated with a M.S. in Biochemistry from MIT, received an undergraduate degree from the Free University of Berlin, and was a recipient of the German Academic Exchange Fellowship (DAAD) to study at MIT. In addition to his scientific work, Mike previously worked at KPMG Consulting and McKinsey & Company in Germany, as well as Flagship Ventures in Cambridge.

    Contact info:
    (617) 393-7600
    840 Memorial Drive, 
    4th Floor, 
    Cambridge, MA 02139

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    Food Safety Consortium 2013 with Rick Biros, President, Food Safety Tech

    in Education

    Food Safety Consortium 2013 with Rick Biros, Publisher/President, Food Safety Tech.

    Rick has over 25 years of B2B publishing experience.
    Early in his career we worked on Food Processing and then Food Engineering magazines in a sales and then management role.
    He was the founder and a principal in Carpe Diem Communications where he developed and launched Food Quality magazine, The Food Quality Award and The Food Quality Conference & Expo as well as Pharmaceutical Formulation & Quality and Contamination Control magazines.
    Under his direction, Food Quality and Pharmaceutical Formulation & Quality received editorial excellence awards from The American Society of Bu3siness Publication Editors.
    In 2007, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. acquired Carpe Diem and continues to publish Food Quality. Rick continues his entrepreneurial interests with the formation of Innovative Publishing Co., an event and ePublishing company.
    IPC launched Medical Device Summit in 2009, an eJournal and a series on focused medical device conferences; Food Safety Tech, the eJournal in 2012, The Food Safety Supply Chain Conference in 2012, the Food Labs Conference in 2012 and the Food Safety Consortium in 2013.

    1. Introduction
    2. Purpose of the conference?
    3. Who should attend the conference?
    4. What will be discussed?
    5. Where will the conference be held?
    6. How can attendees participate?
    7. When will be the conference be conducted?
    8. What is the cost of the conference to participate?
    9. Conclusion


    Rick Biros
    Innovative Publishing Co. LLC
    office: +215.504.7382
    mobile: +267.266.8876
    skype:  rickbiros
    email:  rbiros@InnovativePublishing.net


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    Memorial Weekend Food Safety Tips

    in Weight Loss

    Hey Ya'll it's Memorial Day Weekend so I'm sharing some great tips on how to prep, pack and safely pig-out this weekend! 

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    Food Safety Hour: Introduction to Cross Contamination and Food Safety

    in Cooking

    On this show, we will be introducing a new series to the Chef Cardinale's Cooking Show. Show host, Chef Alex Cardinale has now become Serv-Safe Certifed which means I now how to keep food safe and know the dangers of food.  Chef Alex, who is now serv-safe certifed will be hosting a Food Safety hour once a month on the CCCS. In this inaugural episode, Chef Alex will be talking about one of the most common ways food can be come unsafe. Alex will be talking about cross-contamination. Learn what cross-contamination is and how to avoid it. Alex will also explain what can happen if food becomes unsafe and more! Feel free to call in at 646-716-6458 dial 1 to ask any food safety questions or any questions you may have. 



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    PNN - The Food Safety Show

    in Politics Progressive

    PNN brings you a discussion of FOOD SAFETY
    Tune in as News Director Rick Spisak interviews these guests:
    Michael Hansen PHd. - Sr. Scientist Consumer Union/Reports Jeane Economos  - Farmworker Pesticide Safety Winona Hauter - Exec. Director Food and Water Watch Jeffrey Brooks - Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility Zack Kaldveer - Organic Consumer Organization
    Tune in Sunday 7/28/13 - Live at 7pm
    or Anytime 

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    Food Safety Audits: One Element in a Food Safety Program

    in Education

    Food Safety Audits: One Element in a Food Safety Program with Dr. Douglas Powell, Professor, Food Safety, Dept. Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology, Kansas State University.
    Doug Powell, food scientist and creator of an online repository of food-safety related information, joined K-State as an associate professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine's department of diagnostic medicine and pathobiology in May 2006. He was promoted to full professor in 2011.
    Powell is among a collection of individuals who passionately care about reducing the burden of food-borne illness and who seek innovative ways to compel everyone in the farm-to-fork food safety system -- individual producers, retail employees and consumers, among others -- to acknowledge and adopt best practices to reduce the risk of food-borne illness. He has published more than 60 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters, and has served on national and international food safety advisory boards.
    1.     Introduction.
    2.     What is a food safety audit?
    3.     Is a 3rd party audit or inspection enough to guard against pathogen contamination?
    4.     What are verification of product and process systems?
    5.     What other steps can food producers take to assure safe food?
    6.     How to develop a food safety culture.
    7.     Other projects and programs.
    Dr. Douglas Powell
    Professor, Food Safety
    Dept. Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology
    Kansas State University
    Manhattan, KS  66506
    Google voice: 1-785-289-8165
    skype: dpowell29
    ichat: ifoodsafety

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    Method validation for food safety production facilities- Piplu Barua

    in Education

    Method validation for food safety production facilities Piplu Barua
    Duration: 11minutes, 29 seconds

    Mr. Piplu Barua is the Senior Executive in charge of Microbiology at Nipro Jmi Company in Vitikandi, Gozaria, Munshigonj, Bangladesh.
    He holds a Master's degree, Bachelor's degree in Microbiology as well as other science degrees.
    His native language is Bangali and he also speaks English.

    1. Introduction
    2. What is food production testing?
    3. How does an in-house food safety professional determine the need for a microbial test?
    4. What are the steps necessary to validate food bacterial tests?
    5. What documentation substantiates the validation?
    6. Conclusion.


    Piplu Barua
    Sr. Executive, Microbiology
    (A 100 % Export Oriented Joint Venture Medical Devices Enterprise with
    Vitikandi, Gozaria, Munshigonj, Bangladesh.

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    On-Line Food Safety Training with Russell Parry, FRSPH

    in Education

    On-Line Food Safety Training with Russell Parry, FRSPH, Director, Advanced Food Safety Limited.Click: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ame-foodtestingshow/2013/01/12/on-line-food-safety-training-with-russell-parry-frsph-1Duration: 34 minutes, 42 seconds.On-Line Food Safety Training with Russell Parry, FRSPH, Director, Advanced Food Safety Limited.Russell Parry set up Advanced Food Safety Limited in 1995, the company specialises in BRC standard / ISO22000 consultancy and provides a wide range of food safety training courses which the company provides in-house, via book-based distance learning and online e-learning. Russell and his company has won many National and regional awards over the years including Best Training Company (twice), Best Trainer, Entrepreneur of the Year and various Export Awards.The consultancy side of the business is well respected as all clients are ‘A’ grade BRC with several having no non-conformities! Russell assisted the first company in Latvia achieve BRC and also the first 3 companies in Macedonia achieve the BRC standard which was through a USAID funded project with Land O Lakes.Agenda:1. Introduction.2. What is food safety training?3. What is the traditional form of training?4. How does on-line food safety training work?5. What are the advantages of on-line training?6. Are there any disadvantages of on-line training?7. Will on-line training grow in the future?8. ConclusionContact:Russell Parry, FRSPHDirectorAdvanced Food Safety Ltd.Jubilee House5 Broad O'Th LaneShevington, Wigan , Lancashire WN6 8EA  UKRegistered in England and Wales No 3894022VAT Registration No 643 7523 33Tel: 01257 254999info@food-safety.co.uk

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    Food Safety Liability in Restaurants with Howard Cannon

    in Education

    Food Safety Liability in Restaurants with Howard CannonHoward Cannon is America's most visible Restaurant Expert Witness. He has authored four books, given hundreds of seminars and speeches, been published in dozens of magazines and newspapers across the country and around the globe; he has been featured and interviewed on Anderson Cooper, The Wall Street Journal, Reader's Digest, Fox News, MSNBC, Canadian Public Radio, and countless others. Since 1987, his firm has been called upon by clients of all types and sizes to provide start-up, turnaround, and expert witness services pertaining strictly to restaurants, bars, and hospitality industry matters. Mr. Cannon's books can be found in bookstores; such as, Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, Walmart, and Amazon, in more than 76 countries around the globe. Mr. Cannon has experience in State and Federal expert witness cases for both Plaintiffs and Defendants. He is also considered by many to be one of the world's foremost consultants, analysts, and authorities on restaurants and bars across the United States and in markets around the globe. From start-ups to turnarounds, from operations to marketing, and from advisory to expert witness, Mr. Cannon is called upon by many, and others to provide his unbiased, clear and concise opinions, and to implement his intensely-driven and results-oriented strategies.Agenda:1. Introduction.2. What are the food safety standards of restaurants in the USA?3. What is the compliance level, generally?4. What are the examples of the lowest compliance?5. What are the examples of the highest compliance?6. In the event of food contamination, what is the restaurant liability?7. What are the products and services of Restaurant Expert Witness?8. Conclusion.Contact:Howard CannonRestaurant Expert Witness800.300.5764http://www.RestaurantExpertWitness.com

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    What is Food Safety Chain Management?

    in Business

    What is Food Safety Chain Management? with Barbara Levin, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Customer Community and Dan Bernkopf, Vice President, Food Safety & Quality Assurance Applications, SafetyChain Software,
    Introduction to Barbara and Dan
    What is Food Safety Chain Management? This is a new category of food safety & quality technology – how does it differ from – and/or complement – other food safety and quality solutions in use today? What are the traditional or historical methods used to ensure “farm to fork” food safety & quality compliance? Given the historical methods, why then is Food Safety Chain Management so critical in today’s global food value chain? Food Safety Chain Management involves the concepts of supplier onboarding and realtime loss prevention. Can you tell us more about those concepts? How does Food Safety Chain Management help the various participants in the food value chain comply with regulatory compliance, such as FSMA and GFSI? Can you tell us a bit more about the products and services from SafetyChain Software?
    Download the Whitepaper, What is Food Safety Chain Management? click: http://www.safetychain.com/resources
    Barbara Levin
    SVP, Marketing & Customer Community
    Office: 415-233-9474 x 1003
    Cell: 415-637-4065

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    How to Automate a FSMA-Ready Food Safety Plan: Barbara Levin

    in Education

    How to Automate a FSMA-Ready Food Safety Plan with Barbara Levin, Senior Vice President and Co-Founder, SafetyChain Software. Barbara has spent more than 30 years helping companies understand how to leverage emerging technologies to achieve strategic and tactical business initiatives. In her role at SafetyChain, Barbara works with food and beverage companies to increase their understanding of how Food Safety Chain Management innovations save time, save money and increase compliance efficiencies at all points in their supply chains. Barbara is a frequent author and speaker in the food safety industry.
    Agenda: 1. Introduction. 2. Why should companies consider automating their food safety plans for FSMA if they haven’t automated them up until now? 3. The key components of a FSMA food safety plan? 4. The FSMA produce and facility plan. 5. The FSMA risk assessment. 6. How automation helps with preventive controls. 7. FSMA safety plans: monitoring, validation, and corrective/preventive actions. 8. How does automation help with FSMA documentation? 9. A business case for FSMA automation? 10. Conclusion
    Contact: Barbara Levin SVP Marketing & Customer Community blevin@safetychain.com Office: 415-233-9478 Cell: 415-637-4065 http://www.safetychain.com