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    Food for Thought: Nutrition for Your Vision

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    It's FIT Friday and time for some FOOD for Thought in honor of National Nutrition Wareness Month. Our word for the week is Destiny and we've discussed how our vision (or lack thereof) effects it. Today we discuss practical insights to helping you maintain good vision health for life. No matter what the age, we have tips and ideas to keeping your eyes healthy.

    Fruits and vegetables are at the top of our list. But nothing boring. As Spring emerges we'll talk about fun recipes that kids and adults alike will love.

    Recipes, resources and highlights will be on our blog & Pinterest.

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    Spiritual Food for Thought Global Radio Mid-Day PraiZe

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    Greetings all and welcome to our first Spiritual Food for Thought Global Radio Mid-Day PraiZe show.
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    Food for Thought: Nutrition for your Brain

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    Over the past few weeks we have focused our attention to our heart. On today's broadcast we focus our attention to our mind - the captain of our central nervous system. We will take a look at how nutrition is linked everything from our memory to our emotional health.

    Also on today's broadcast we will discuss our perceptions of food. Did you know that more Christians are overweight, even obese, than the general public? What kind of testimony is that? How does that honor God?

    Romans 12:1 and 2 tells us that we are to "present our bodies a living sacrifice" and that we are to be "transformed by the renewing of our minds." Is this just about the spiritual? No, God is concerned about every aspect of our lives.

    There are certain nutrients that our brain needs in order to be renewed, revived, and healthy.

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    Food for thought

    in Christianity

    Food for thought!!!

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    If The Truth Be Told: Food For Thought For The Black Community!

    in Culture

    Michael Taylor is the guest speaker on this riveting episode of The LanceScurv Show and takes no prisoners as he shares his knowledge with all but especially the Black community in America.

    It was one of the most awe inspiring conversations that I've had while on Social Media. His delivery was not only impeccable but sincere. You could hear the passion in his voice and the logic of his words in my mind was indisputable.

    As Michael spoke, I began to ask myself where had all of the sensible men vanished to in the Black Community who speak like this?

    It appears that they have been slowly but surely phased out by design and made obsolete.

    As a young kid - remember I'm 51 years old - I can remember a vast amount of clean, strong, hard working men just like my Father sitting at the barber shop having discussions such as this.

    They were charismatic and very much aware that they were a part of a mighty legacy with a keen awareness that what they were discussing was being absorbed intensely by me.

    They knew that one day that they won't be around forever and no matter how imperfect anyone of them might have been, they knew that they had a responsibility to the future as it pertained to grooming the minds of the youth.

    So kick back and enjoy the raw truth directly as it has been shared by our Brother and compare it to the watered down foolishness that the television offers as well as the buffoonery shared on the internet.

    On The LanceScurv Show  we will always bring you what the enemy does not want you to hear to awaken you and cause you to take back control of the life that God gave to you to execute YOUR MISSION on this earth!


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    Coming Soon to Spiritual Food for Thought

    in Spirituality

    As Spiritual Food for Thought continues to move forward in this season "2012 A Year of Movement in your Purpose," we are looking forward to what God has planned. In the months to follow we will have Phenomenal Author’s, Publisher’s, Pastor’s, Psalmist, Health Care/Fitness Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Motivational Speaker’s that will be joining your dynamic host Missionary Là Tanyha in panel discussions, as well as one on one sessions on various thought provoking topics to jump start your thought process and take you to that next level in MOVING IN YOUR PURPOSE. Be sure to stay tuned…as more details will soon follow!!! Join us on Facebook as Faith ABeliever and be a watchmen on the wall for a daily word of “Spiritual Food for Thought.” Until next time, Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of the Lord.  

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    Food For Thought

    in Business

    The informer today presents a continuation of the science of getting rich.

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    Food for Thought

    in Entrepreneur

    This week we kick off a month of chefs, bakers, bloggers and writers talking about their singular passion just in time for the holidays! They will speak to us about those passions leading to successful careers.
    After college graduation, Gina Silvestri worked as a private and government counselor. After stress from a high profile murder case caused her to hit rock bottom with a PTSD diagnosis, 3 years of meds made her 300 pounds. After learning about “Raw Food” and its infinite power to heal, in just 12 months, Gina lost the weight and medical diagnoses, and now fulfills her purpose of inspiring through her programs and services. Find her @LifeCoachGina.com, Twitter @RawFoodMuse, and Facebook/GinaSilvestri.
    Marcia Kellogg is a Marketing Professional who started writing a food blog two years ago, after a life time of cooking and experimenting with new recipes and idea. Her goal is to inspire people to find their passion by tapping into the creative cook within themselves. Find her @: Food for Thought: Culinary Advice for the Everyday Cook,  at www.cookingandthecareergirl.blogspot.com,  on FaceBook: Marcia Nesci Kellogg, and Twitter @MarciaKellogg.
    Stella Shamoun is the owner of Chaidon, organic  herbs & spices teas that boost the immune system, prevent cold & flu & help the digestive tract, and can also be used in recipes both for taste and healing properties. Find her at www.chaidon.com,.
    So tune in, call in, and join the chat room. And, as always, be inspired!

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    Monday Night Sports Wrap Up

    in Sports

    The Madness is in its final week and the Championship week is approaching.  The teams that are in the finale of their seasons are all fighting for playoff positioning and all your consuming minds are focused on getting the Sports Food For Thought for all of you to do these dishes.  Join Chandler "Nostradamus" Knight and Tyrone Powell aka TP Tymeless as we cover any and every hot topic for the day and review all of the events and matchups that took place this weekend.  The Tournament has reached the Sweet 16 and the NBA is in a FIERY rage!!!  So Tell a friend to tell a friend that its the Sport City Chefs AGAIN!!  And if they don't know....... NOW THEY KNOW!!!

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    Focus Change with Dr Ed

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    This is a show designed to get you on your road to a potent and successful life. It is usually co-hosted by my good friend and a marvelous coach; Larkin Sell of



    One of my sites is temporarily down but you can get a look at entrepreneurial possibilities on:


    if you cannot reach Larkin or me -you can get one of my coaches at:


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    The Roundtable Of Sport City

    in Sports

    The table is set!! All topics to look into for the evening as well as the events set to jump off for the weekend.  Join Chandler Knight aka Nostradamus and Tyrone Powell TP Tymeless as well as the other chefs that may come jump in the Kitchen and grab their spot and plate at this Roundtable.  Food For Thought Y'all do the dishes, so tell a friend to tell a friend that its the Sport City Chefs AGAIN!!  And if they don't know.... NOW THEY KNOW!!!!!!

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