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    October Shout Out

    in Entertainment

    Tonight just talking and have an artist of the week. The artist of the week is as follows........  Sick Seed is a 28 year old Rap artist from Tampa,FL. he has released 2 mix-tapes in 2015 titled "Uprize" and "Life After Rich Roze" since then he is nearing the completion of his EP album. 

    Tunein and join in the conversation. 



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    A Conversation with H. B. Monte

    in Music

    This statement exemplifies the drive and determination that together makes H.B. MONTE an

    entertainer who’s potential for greatness is evident in all that he has done and all that he is to

    succeed. His multifaceted talent as a songwriter, recording artist, producer, DJ and Actor is

    taking the entertainment industry by storm.

    H.B.’s African, European and Latin background is what exposed him to various genres of music

    and has directly inspired his innovative style. His infectious, raw energy and rhythmic flow is

    captivating audiences around the globe, which is recognizably securing him a spot as the

    industries new upcoming artist.

    Popularity grew for H.B. MONTE when he performed with Ludacris during a radio station event

    in Boston. A few years after that, H.B.’s songs had received syndicated radio play which lead

    him to a live appearance on the CBS Sunday Morning Show. In 2006, H.B., previously known

    as “HavBoy”,

    internationally toured with top recording artists, such as GUnit.

    In 200708,


    executive produced “Can I Speak to Biggie” which featured Bizzy Bone, Bobby Valentino, Maino

    and Chingy. The song was a dedication to Notorious B.I.G., marking the anniversary of his

    death. His other feature accomplishments include “Poppin Remix” a 2006 international Chris

    Brown remix. Solidifying his position in 2013 2015

    H.B. quickly gained more momentum

    collaborating with major artists such as Pitbull ¨†Trey Songz , Sean Kingston , Beenie Man and

    more. With his elaborate and broad range of accomplishments, H.B. MONTE has established

    both an impressive and evergrowing

    musical career. Climbing his way up on the journey of

    stardom, fueled by his drive and determination.

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    A Conversation with Braunsy Brooks

    in Music

    Established 2012, Braunsy Brooks & Worship Kulture are committed to cultivating a generation of worshipers. Counting it a privilege and a honor to live lives as ambassadors repressing who Christ is.

    Braunsy Brooks is a new, young and thriving artist who is no stranger to music and ministry. As an adolescent singing in church on Sunday mornings and wherever he could was Brooks’s earliest recognition of his God given talent. It was there that he began to cultivate his gift and capture the hearts of Gods people. Even as a youngster his commitment to God and the body of Christ kept him in the forefront of ministry. Brooks’s outstanding charisma and prowess as an exhorter and worshiper continues to illuminate the anointing that rest upon his life. This pattern continued through his public school years where he was privileged to be a part of an awesome group of young people who called themselves “The Avenu”. He later was a founding member and collaboratively ministered with “Judah Tribe” until God gave life to his long awaited vision and “Braunsy Brooks & Worship Kulture was birthed.
    Braunsy Brooks & Worship Kulture have teamed up with a phenomenal production team and have released “ The LP “ This project features a selection of brilliantly fascinating gospel ballads and pulsating praise tunes that are guaranteed to stir up the gifts inside of the listener. It will not take long for listeners to sing along with Braunsy Brooks & Worship Kulture’s songs as we are believing for timeless hits and worship on another level. So get ready because you will be motivated and inspired to live what is a life of worship!

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    Sup FoMerlot?

    in Comedy

    Tonight we chopping it up

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    A Conversation with Motivational Leader Paul Malik

    in Motivation

    The meaning of his name is “Little King who stands out from the rest”. Born and raised on the south side of Jamaica, New York, he entered the world with trouble, difficulties, and great odds stacked against him, however his life was changed when his grandparents stepped in to raise him. Their southern roots and religious home-setting taught him that he is unique and was created to make a difference within the earth. He is one who is called mentor and brother, but mainly, a practical holistic life coach. His realistic and transparent approach, wisdom, and reasoning challenges countless individuals to pursue a higher standard of living. His words provoke and motivate people to rethink and change their lives for the better. His greatest strengths are his business and marketing concepts along with his networking strategies that cause growth to happen for many non-profit entities as well as businesses. He is an entrepreneur, author, founder and CEO of Eagle Empowerment, LLC & Eagle Eye Photography. These companies were designed to teach, train, develop, and empower others to truly live and have power to overcome. His vision and passion is to see individuals come to a place where they value oneself, so that they may live life beyond limitations.

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    A Conversation with Knuckles Rap

    in Radio

    Steven "Knuckles" Nuckolls, born June 9th 1981 at Reynolds army hospital in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. He grew up in Lawton spending time between his parents' home in the trailer park and his grandma's house on the south side. He grabbed onto the street mentality and rap music at an early age. As a teen he became involved with drugs and drug dealing. At the age of 21 he was arrested and served 5 years in prison on 2 separate cases. While serving five years in prison Knuckles wrote songs about his life and his stay in prison. He also had seven poems published and was nominated by the International Society of Poetry for Poet of the Year. Since being released in 2008 he has turned his life from guns and drugs to seriously making rap music, taking his street name Knuckles to be his stage name. He writes and freestyles and enjoys all aspects of the genre. Some of his songs are written from life experiences and are from the heart, some are built off of wordplay and metaphors, while others are simply for the love of rap. He has been rapping since his early teens and has started taking steps into the industry through the persuasive talk of some of his family members who convinced him to take his music seriously.







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    A Conversation Ron Glick

    in Books

    Ron Glick (born January 20, 1969) is a community activist, and is presently active in several charitable enterprises. He was born in Plainville, KS. After living in various states, he currently lives in Kalispell, MT. He is the author of The Godslayer Cycle, Chaos Rising, the Oz-Wonderland series, and Ron El's Comic Book Trivia, as well as having written a screenplay adaptation of The Wizard In Wonderland. Additionally, he created the Golden Age Preservation Project as a means of making Golden Age comics more accessible to modern audiences. His expose, U.S. Political Prisoner Since 2004, broke him away from his fictional works to shed light upon political corruption in Montana.

    "Ron Glick is an incredibly imaginative author..." - Sabrina Ricci

    "[T]he author is a true storyteller." - Crystal of Orchard Book Club

    "As a writer, I can tell you how hard it is to maintain a single voice, but to do two different styles is way beyond cool." - CP Bialois on The Wizard In Wonderland

    Twitter ID: @Ron_Glick






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    A Conversation with Sunny Jones

    in Radio

    Native Clevalander and newfound New Yorker Sunny Jones releases his highly anticipated Beats, Bars & Bragging Rights EP

    Sunny Jones' 'Beats, Bars and Bragging Rights' EP is geared to be the reinvention of popular music. Jones looks forward to bringing back the originality, edutainment and soul into R&B and Hip-Hop. The Beats, Bars & Bragging Rights EP is available now.

    GooglePlay: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Sunny_Jones_Beats_Bars_Bragging_Rights_EP?id=Brc3yey5yi5fhyypirvlbsw3xbm  

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SunnyJonesNYC

    Instagram: andresince1982

    Twitter: @andresince1982

    Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sunnyjonesmusic/what-lovers-do-single

    Previous Single: "Tryna Find You" https://soundcloud.com/sunnyjonesmusic/tryna-find-you-single

    1 Sound Entertainment

    Twitter: @1SoundLLC

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    Breaking News!!!

    in Current Events

    Tune - In to hear what all the buzz is about.

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    TBT - Throw Back Thursday with PRIM3

    in Radio

    We take a ride down memory lane. The main goal of PRIM3 is to let the world know their passion and dedication to music and to share with the world all the talent they have comes from deep in their souls.  In the meantime the three continues to study in college to develop their crafts.  In the future they see themselves not only as singers, but as dancers, actors, trend setters, make-up artists, and teachers.  This group will continue to work hard and let the world know that they will make a name for themselves.