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    Introduction to the Show | "Follow Your Heart"

    in Christianity

    "Follow your heart" is something you hear when refering to doing good, and what feels right.  While it may seem like good advice, Jesus tells us something qutie different about the heart of human kind.  The world views this as a good thing, but this type of "thinking" can lead to disasterous results.

    This episode will focus on what the Bible has to say on this matter as well as an introduction to the show.

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    Follow Your Heart-What Are The Core Beliefs Limiting You

    in Spirituality

    Behaviour and decisions are often influenced by your subconscious mind and the core beliefs that reside there.  
    If you're trying to change yourself, but continue to find blocks or no progress, the thoughta that reside in your subconscious are likely blocking you. 
    Approximately 90% of your decisions and behaviours are dictated by those core beliefs, according to many experts.    
    Identify what some of the most common core beliefs are and how events in your childhood contributed to these core beliefs, and then make your way towards evolution and change! 

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    Finding The Courage to Follow Your Heart

    in Spirituality

    Rev. Michelle Rado, uses a quote from Ken Carey's book The Third Millennium,  "Accept the understanding that emerges in response to the moments of your life.  Do not strive for more comprehension than that which appears effortlessly.", as the basis for this weeks episode, where she takes a deep dive into a real life circumstance when our heart "knows better" and is trying to lead us in the direction of true happiness, but our head is telling us that we should be doing something else.  She offers 3 Steps that we can all use to help us to find the courage to follow our hearts knowing.

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    Follow your heart...even when it is shattered!

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    Happy day y'all!  Click the replay button and catch me complain and explain what all the hype is surrounding the Facebook Messenger app and why you should KNOW and talk with #1 International Best Selling Author, Gail Saunders, the Resilience Catalyst!

    Gail’s purpose and mission as the Resilience Catalyst is to ignite others to connect to their inner strength, courage, wisdom and wellspring of joy during times of challenge, loss and transition. Accepting she couldn’t have children and widowed at fifty-one, she adapted to living in fifteen states, three continents and attending twenty-five schools and universities. She has weathered several major financial losses and changed her career to fit her passion. Over and over again she has leapt into the unknown and directed her life.  She specializes in motivation, stress management, corporate and personal goal setting, and interpersonal communication skills.  Connect with Gail at GailSaunders.com.

    Our music for this episode is a funny from The Snake Oil Willie Band "I don't look good naked any more", the song of the summer!  Check em out at SnakeOilWillie.com.

    And of course, if you ever need me...just whistle! I would love to hear your thoughts!  MamaChar.com or @MamaCharBlessed on ALL social media sites. 


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    How to Follow Your Heart and Live Your Dreams.

    in Self Help

    Join the discussion and check out the details about this show at: http://highvibeacademy.com/?p=1407 Til Next Time,
    Always Remember.... Change Your Vibes, Change Your Life!  :)
    -Judy Garey
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    FOLLOW YOUR HEART - what does this mean?

    in Spirituality

    I personally have had the thought or comment made to me to "Follow your Heart."  I think I know what this means but is there more to it?  Does this mean to act on a dream we have - like Albert has done pursuing stand-up comedy?  Does it mean following a passion in a relationship?  Can it mean both of these examples or more?  We will explore this topic which usually takes up in many fascinating directions.

    Join us here on THE MAN CAVE FORUM and join in the conversation by calling our toll-free number 877-257-6517.


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    The Heart of Humanity - Follow Your Heart Humanity Needs You

    in Spirituality

    The Heart of Humanity Show – Follow Your Heart Humanity Needs You 

    We are the Guardians of Light. Cynthia Shepherd speaks with souls across the earth that have discovered the message contained within the depths of their heart. Cynthia asks each soul about their individual message, what it means to them on a personal level, and how they envision it will be received in the hearts of the ONE.

    Today’s guest: Molly Friedenfeld

    Teacher of Light: Cynthia Shepherd 

    Cynthia Shepherd's Website: www.cynthiashepherd.com

    Molly Friedenfeld/Violet Wisdom website: www.violetwisdom.com

    Music bed: Laura Derocher www.lauraderocher.com

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    Meditate, Follow your Heart, Clear and shield your energy

    in Spirituality

    You are a powerful person.  You are powerful enough to convince yourself otherwise.  You can learn to come back to your power and it is so easy that the hardest part about it is getting your mind to wrap itself around the concept.  We find ourselves in a very interesting time where we are able to tap into so much more with so much less.  Trust in that.  Trust in you.  Trust your soul's guidance again.  Today's cards-Meditate, Follow your Heart and Clear and shield your energy are great reminders for us.  It is a morning practice that will reshape your life.


    Spiritual Communites Network is about exploring the Spiritual Community and what it has to offer you in the way of Spiritual growth, evolution, well-being, health, self-mpowerment and answers to some questions you may have held for some time.

    Thank you for coming to explore with us.

    Gwen Peterson

    Founder of Spiritual Communities Network


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    Interview with Nikki English

    in Music

    Peterborough, Ontario's NIKKI ENGLISH has spent the last few years making music with Canadian Country Trio Western Avenue. Their 2013 self-titled debut album includes the radio singles Highway Headin' Out Of Town, This I Promise You and Wherever You Are. They filmed music videos for a couple of the songs. The trio was nominated for CMAO Group or Duo of the year in 2013.

    Nikki has been singing since she was a child and was inspired be her Dad who she lost to cancer in 2001. She remembers him playing guitar and singing as well as encouraging her to pursue music. “That’s what he always wanted me to do, and I wanted to do, but I was such a wimp. It gave me confidence to do it in his memory. It’s been a challenge because I’ve always been shy, but I’ve been developing that over the years – breaking out of my shell,” she explains.

    Now with several years of success with Western Avenue, Nikki has released a solo effort - a song she wrote called Follow Your Heart. The song was produced by Cobourg, Ontario's Adam Newcomb and is available at iTunes.

    She wrote it about the tragic loss of a close friend. It serves to remind his family - and all listeners - that even after a loved one is gone they are still watching over you and want you to pursue your dreams. Nikki recently released a powerful music video for the song which you can watch at her website www.nikkienglish.ca or on YouTube.

    Tune in to hear Nikki talk about her start in music, her influences, songwriting and much more! Plus, she'll share her beautiful song Follow Your Heart.

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    HUGS Talk - Follow Your Heart

    in Spirituality

    HUGS Daily - Is a coffee break for your soul - lead by Antiqua Libbey this 15 minute Christ centered meditation is a rest in your heart. You’ll feel and know the love that IS God within you this fill up will connect you with your bliss, each and every day. 

    Antiqua is a bestselling author, radio/tv host and yoga therapist who leads women who have suffered trauma and abuse to their true beauty and confidence. The mission of her company Your Own University ~ Yes, You are Divinely made body, mind and spirit- Is to witness and celebrate the unique beauty. No matter your past, or what you've been told you are divinely made. Her mission is to give women all around the world the YES to express themselves fully in every area of your life.  In her community you uncover your divine essence with ease and peace as you transform your life body, mind and soul. Her clients experience freedom from the past and ease into your future. Tap into your divine essence with her gift “The Embrace you” video series - A thank you gift for signing in and listening today redeem yours now at www.AntiquaLibbey.com

     Get updates and never miss a show by following HUGS on Blog Talk radio  Also, join us on Facebook  www.Facebook.com/HUGSTalkwithAntiqua.

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    How to FOLLOW Your HEART-- with Dr. Gabe Crenshaw

    in Lifestyle

    Your heart has a voice and it is speaking all the time.  How can we Hear and Follow our Heart?  How can we learn to live in an Ever-changing World?
    How can we make our lives Better and in-turn make the World a Better Place?  It seems so easy to find what is wrong.  Why are people so attracted to the negative?  Is there a place for Negative?
    How Can We Live the Life that we Dream of and Make Our Dreams Come True?  How can we live a life full of meaning, and joy, and happiness, and make true, honest, and authentic contributions?  
    How can we Leave a Lasting Legacy?  Join with Dr. Gabe, as we discuss these and other issues.
    Live Life to the Fullest and HelpSomeBody.
    The Goal of this Show is to share ways to create balance in lives: Physically, Mentally, Materially, and Spiritually.
    The Show is only 30 minutes. My purpose is to HelpSomeBody. We Share Solutions to HelpSomeBody, any body be better.
    Let Us know what you think @ info@helpsomebody.net

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