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    2016 NFL playoffs: Concerns, takeaways and possible foes for Arizona Cardinals

    in Football

    The Arizona Cardinals wrapped up their season on Sunday with an embarrassing 36-6 Week 17 loss at home to the Seattle Seahawks. It didn't hurt anything in the big picture and it didn't help Seattle. Arizona still is the number two seed and Seattle the number six seed. But with the ugly loss, is there reason to be concerned and were there any takeaways from the game?

    In this show, hosts Jess Root and Seth Cox go over how there isn't really much to take away from the game, except that Seattle needed and wanted the game more than the Cardinals. It was something for their psyche and their confidence against moving forward. 

    They pose the question and give their answer -- should Cardinals fans be more concerned moving forward in the playoffs about facing Seattle potentially?

    Then, looking ahead to the divisional round, they discuss the three possible opponents -- the Packers, Redskins and Vikings and discuss each team's strengths. They rank their confidence level against each team and talk about which team they would prefer to see next weekend. 

    Make sure you give the show a listen and head on over to Revenge of the Birds for more great Cardinals content. 

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    Are You A Hater? If So,Why Or Why Not?

    in Entertainment


    When we feel called to do or create something in our lives, it's not always going to align perfectly for the people we love. We may be called in a direction that goes against our family's belief system, makes our significant other uncomfortable, or causes us to butt heads with our closest friends.

    That's okay, because what we do isn't for them.

    The work we're each here to do individually in the world isn't about the people we may love and know. Sometimes it's meant to pull us far away from the ones we're closest to and most comfortable with. Sometimes it's meant to challenge us in ways that our hearts shatter and our ties are severed. Sometimes it's meant to push us beyond the circle we've come to love and trust so we can step more fully into our unique role in this life...So tune in and check it out!!!

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    Happy Birthday still? Well yeah* giggles* Quick EMB @ Family, Friends and Foes!

    in Podcasting

    Happy Birthday To Me!!!! I'm late Babeee But I'm here...  still celebrating from my birth @ June 26th BornDay!!! So Let's chit chat.. why don't we? 

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    T&Z Talk for Monday, February 1, 2016

    in Current Events

    Well, let the REAL games begin.  While T & Z have questioned the relevance of Iowa and New Hampshire, they do matter in many ways that do not make Kings or Queens.  Momentum?  Money?  Ideas?  Friends?  Foes?  Issues even?  We'll break it down in an in-depth way and invite you to join us and contribute to the conversation.

    Welcome to the Monday, February 1, 2016, episode of T&Z Talk! Please listen LIVE today as Richard Zombeck and Tony Trupiano return to the airwaves for an hour a day and an hour you need. Every Monday through Friday from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM EST. Call the show live at 347-855-8118. Find EVERYTHING YOU NEED about us at www.TandZTalk.com, including links to Social Media and archives of the show!

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    UW hires Justin Wilcox as defensive coordinator; Joe Schobert & Senior Bowl

    in Sports

    Thursday's show is brought to you by Rent College Pads!

    The Wisconsin Badgers officially hired former USC Trojans defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox to the same position on Thursday, replacing Dave Aranda. What should we expect from Wilcox, and what's the ceiling for the Badgers' defense in 2017 with foes like Aranda's LSU, Michigan State, Michigan and Ohio State? We ask Jason Galloway from the Wisconsin State Journal at 8:05.

    Former walk-on Joe Schobert hopes to improve his draft stock in the Reese's Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala., this week. Can the standout linebacker turn heads, and who else shined during Senior Bowl practices this week? We ask B5Q Godfather and current WGN Radio and Chicago Bears Insider Adam Hoge at 8:40.

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    College Basketball Preview-Debate-Predictions-News!

    in Sports

    The College Ball Show is back to Discuss everything that is College Basketball. The Show begins with Recap from Big Monday and a busy Basketball weekend! It was a big weekend for Michigan State, Oklahoma, and Iowa sending strong messages to conference foes. Plus, Preview, Debate, & Predictions for all the Meaningful Matchups and the games under the radar! Top10 Matchup in the Big East Xavier vs. Providence, Iowa vs. Maryland, and interesting games in the Big-12/Pac-12 Iowa State vs. Texas A&M and Arizona vs. Oregon! Non-Conference games Kansas vs. Kentucky and Oklahoma vs. LSU.  

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    LA Kings Road Talk Radio- Weekend Roadtrip Starts in Arizona

    in Sports

    Join the LA Kings Road Talk Radio Crew with Hipcheck, OC Hockey Legend Matt Sellwood, LA Kings Superfan Augie & Sexy Steve Soeffner as we talk all things Los Angeles Kings hockey as our beloved hockey team starts the first of weekend back to back games Pacific DIvision foes starting with the Arizona Coyotes and old nemesis Shane Doan. Kings look to keep their healthy points lead in the Pacific and hope for win to start the short road trip in victorious fashion.  

    LA Kings Road Talk Radio will be here each and every night to break down the games, offer commentary and opinion, have special guests and oh so much more on the live LA Kings centric show that you have come to know and love.


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    True Grace

    in Religion

    Live two hour inspiring show with Brother Dave Jesusonian and co-hosts Reverend Blunt, Richard Stinson, and our featured Guest: Brian Duffy Zolotor

    From the Christian Bible John 1:14

    The Word [Christ] became flesh and lived among us. [as Jesus Christ.] We gazed on his Glory, the kind of Glory that belongs to the Father’s uniquely existing Son, who is full of Grace and Truth.

    From the supernal 2097 page Fifth Epochal Revelation of Truth in the public domain !

    149:2.14 On both friends and foes he  [Jesus Christ]  exercised a strong and peculiarly fascinating influence. Multitudes would follow him for weeks, just to hear his gracious words and behold his simple life. Devoted men and women loved Jesus with a well-nigh superhuman affection. And the better they knew him the more they loved him. And all this is still true; even today and in all future ages, the more man comes to know this God-man, the more he will love and follow after him.

    This show will always have a panel of Guests Representing Diverse people who seek to Help Humanity in one way or another; as that is one of our major goals.  Show call-ins are welcome; the number is 347-838-8506 and you may use our open Chat Room.

    We all are sincerely dedicated to Unity not Uniformity. Our Progressive nature leads us to Unify on spiritual Values and shared Goals, and not only tolerate different beliefs or un-beliefs, but with free will dignity honor to be led in God's Spirit to treat them as the divinely beloved Children of God that they are !

    Truth-seekers and Truth-finders should find value in our shows.

    Free 100 page .pdf, a tremendous new Revelation on Jesus Christ's nature, life and teachings; scroll 30% down this page:  http://www.PureChristians.org   Peace and progress in Jesus Christ here in Spirit !


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    Rebecca McFarland Kyle Brings "Under A Dark Sign" To Madame Perry's Salon

    in Entertainment

    Only this group of authors - Rebecca McFarland Kyle, J.A. Campbell, Tom Howard, Jason Lairamore, Dale W. Glaser, Rhonda Eudaly, and Ericka Kahler - could combine their devious desires to expose your deepest fears into one book of bone-chilling, all night nightlight burning, terrifying entertainment called Under A Dark Sign..

    Kyle co-hosts the show and promises to unleash a few of these authors in our studio.

    From a training academy for henchmen to a super-villain’s final throes and last thoughts, enter the dark world of scoundrels where the line between good and evil is drawn and crossed. You'll meet scheming mad scientists, career desperadoes, evil queens, necromancers, and people of questionable character defeating even more dubious foes. These pages contain mayhem, devilry, and outright evil. Proceed, if you dare.

    Theme music for Madame Perry's Salon is Miss E's Vacation by Denton Perry

    Please visit our wonderful sponsors

    Common Pocket Player





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    Monday Night with Sapphire JBlue with Chenell Parker - Creepin' 3:

    in Writing

    Creepin' 3: A New Orleans Love Story-After a startling confession from his son, Von is left with more questions than answers. Along with the bomb that Tre and Mia have dropped, Von has to grapple with some drama of his own. Moonie is still struggling to stay on the right path and adjust to a life that does not include the streets, but several outside forces are determined to destroy her almost happy home. Rainey is in way over her head as she creeps into her latest venture and her one-time friends quickly become foes. Will she finally learn the meaning of true loyalty or will her jealousy continue to encompass her very being. Bonds are broken just like hearts and everyone's loyalty is being put to the test. In this final installment of Creepin', who will stand and who will fold in this New Orleans story of love, friendship, family and loyalty.

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    What a difference a year makes

    in Current Events

    Exactly a year ago, my significant other and I were catapulted to the forefront of the CONCIOUS community. Not for reasons you may think...
    This will need more than a cup of tea so join us for the real story...
    We also want to hear what your year has been like too.