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    KTR Guests The REAL TALK Talk Show

    in Current Events

    Our guests for KTR will be Trace Scott author of the bs theory, Gloria Talley & Vita Clayborn Excutives and Co Executives of The Real Talk TV talk show as we discuss the disappointing case of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teen, who was shot and killed by police in St.Louis & its going down right here on KRAZY TALK RADIO.

    "The Real Talk" talk show is a powerful talk show catered to the needs of all
    communities. Our show is different than most because it discusses the everyday
    struggles of men, women, and children of all walks of life. We bring awareness to all
    by discussing social and political issues such as bullying, domestic abuse, social
    adaptation, and health care. Each of the topics discussed allows viewers to identify
    with one another. Our hope is to open the eyes and consciousness of the viewer.
    "The Real Talk" talk show is filled with a lively cast of mental health workers, music
    artists, and entrepreneurs...Simply put...every day people like yourself trying to get all
    to see the truth. "The Real Talk" talk show's casts provides guest panelists, Divafied,
    Khalua, D. Michaels, and "The Real Talk" talk show house panelists Casheem, C'est LA
    Vita, Von D., and Ryan Young Waddy. Executive Producers of "The Real Talk" talk
    show are Gloria Talley, and Vita Clayborn of GT Mgt. And Malik Chestine along with
    Co-Producer and host of the show Author of "The BS Theory," Tracey Hardney-Scott
    also known as "Silk." Their mantra..."REAL PEOPLE, REAL SITUATIONS, "REAL TALK."
    If you would like to be on The REAL TALK talk show or have a topic you want us to
    discuss, contact gtmgt2004@gmail.com.

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    Bro.Leo Muhammad from London, UK presents *A Nation Without Borders show*

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    In his own words,{ Leo Muhammad Speaks 15th November 2014 on Blog talk radio, The Hereafter Is Now Network, on the second episode of "A Nation Without Borders" Show with Sistar Cassandra looking at the recent 19th anniversary of the Million Man March, Day of Atonement, Reconciliation, and Responsibility, held in Kingston Jamaica where the Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan Showcased the MGT and FOI of the NOI and delivered a clear and powerful word that will continue to resonate in the hearts and minds of Jamaican people and the world community for countless years to come. We will also be talking about the UK and world issues in the context of The Time and What Must Be Done. The show goes live on air midnight UK time (GMT) }

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    Economically Speaking w/Sister Shirley Muhammad ** It's in the Blueprint ** !!!!

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    Our Beautiful MGT Sister will be speaking to us about an Agripreneur Program that she has formulated for our youth. It is the missing link to many Black Farms in particular that need to teach and train out youth in Agri-business.. Sister Shirley Muhammad is very wise and extremely gifted .. She has a Master Degree in Accountancy and has used her skills to assist many in gaining financially ! She is the Executive Director of Your Sister’s Project, Inc. was founded in September 1996 as a grassroots community based organization. September , 2001 YSP received its 501© 3, letter of determination as a tax exempt, non-profit human and social services organization.

    Ms. Shirley Muhammad founded and developed the Sankofa Female Rites of Passage program upon her visit to Accra, Ghanain September, 1996. It was implemented at the Unity Lutheran Community Church, located in Homewood, the East End section of the city of Pittsburgh. The program was a result of young girls living in single-parent household, with substance abusing parents. As a result, each of the girls was at risk for substance abusing/dealing behavior, teen pregnancy and school drop-out. Join and invite friends :-) !!!! CALL IN #347.857.4514

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    VA R&B Sensation CHRIS SCHOLAR

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    Our KTR guest is upcoming R&B artist Chris Scholar who since the age of 16, has amassed a number of accomplishments. He has opened for major shows such as the Russ Parr Summer Concert Series with acts Bobby Valentino, G-Unit, and Dorrough. He also graced the stage for the Salt & Pepper Hip Hop Legends Tour with acts Dougie Fresh, MC Lyte, Bizmarkie and more. The entertainer has also opened and performed with legendary R&B icon, Sisqo and Dru Hill. Chris has performed the National Anthem at the Verizon Center for a Washington Wizards NBA game & was nominated at the 2011 DMV Awards for the best upcoming R&B artist in VA. He caught the eye of Jermaine Dupri through his site GLOBAL14. Chris has been working closely with the Grammy Award winning producer Rio Bridges of Savant Soundz LLC. Chris sings, write his own music, and create his own show performances & own video production company "Brown Brothers Productions" along with his father and brother so C/0 his new vid "I GOT IT BABE" youtube.com/watch?v=1yn5EMVJwWk … … … TWITTER FOLLOW TEAM CHRIS SCHOLAR @CHRIS_SCHOLAR @ChrisScholar_VA @_thedeanslist_  @irunroutes @BigLonzVA & C.Scholar FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/officialchrisscholar


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    * Dianetically Speaking * with NOI *Dianetic Coordinator Sister A'ishah Muhammad

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    ASA~ Family, peace to everyone * please tune in to the dynamic interview with the NOI Dianetic Coordinator Sister A'ishah Muhammad.. She's a MGT-GCC Captain Emeritus of the Nation of Islam, has worn many hats in the Nation for nearly 35 years. Interviewed by Sister Akilah and Sistar Cassandra Muhammad... You will hear success stories, whatis dianetics, why the Minister put us on this course, some misconceptions, etc.

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    !!!!!!!! WARRIOR QUEENS SPEAK !!!!!!!!! BROTHERS are you Listening??

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    ASA~ Family ,, please tune to part#2 of Warrior Queens Speak. We will delve in the issues we face as women ranging from Domestic violence to the killing of our youth! The panel inlcudes: Sister Akilah,Sister Minerva,Sister Tina-Inkatha,Sister Jacquelyne X Mgt, Sister Lorraine, Sister Jannat, Sister Pamela Muhammad, Sister Angel Loving Islam Muhammad and Sister Renee Muhammad! CALL IN @ 347.857.4514 also via www.blogtalkradio.com/hereafterisnow

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    ISLAM Locked and LOADED: FOI and MGT Stand Up!

    in Current Events

    Join the LIONS as WE discuss OUR future plans and how WE will make a major push into the streets of America to save OUR people! Lets discuss WHY WE do what WE do! How WE can stop the KILLING in OUR COMMUNITIES!  It is Past the TIME that WE the FOI and MGT take OUR rightful place among OUR people! How will WE do it? What will it take? And what type of Opposition do WE expect to get? Its no longer time to sit and complain, it is time for US to get up and go to work!                           



    ALSO:  A special message for NEW YORK!


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    *Queendom of Goddess* hosted by Sister Jazmin Khaleefa Muhammad !!!!

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    As-Salaam Alaikum ! Ramadan Mubarak !    The most honorable Elijah Muhammad said that seventy five percent of the work was with the female. And according to the honorable minister Louis Farrakhan, the most honorable Elijah Muhammad strived mightily to make something of the Black woman. So be a witness and hear the life giving teachings of the most honorable Elijah Muhammad thru the testimonies of four sisters that share the bond of Islam but have walked a different path. The topic is "Ramadan: A sisters talk." The four panelist are: Sister Bertha Muhammad: sister Bertha is a sister of Cuban descent and joined the nation of Islam while attending Rutgers University. She is a registered believer at Muhammad mosque number 85 in New Brunswick Nj where she labored as a student MGT captain and served in the ministry class. Sister Sharifah Muhammad: sister Sharifah is the youngest on the panel. She is the DI in Los Angeles, Muhammad mosque number 27, of the defending drill competition champions for the Vanguard category. In addition to training the women of God, she has been married for four years and was born and raised in the Nation of Islam. She can highlight the life for young Muslim women while illuminating the struggles they face in a work that tells them to take off their clothes and surrender their values. Sister Lafonda Muhammad: sister Lafonda attends Muhammad mosque #12 out of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. (Still working) Sister Aisha Muhammad: sister aishah is the former national MGT captain of the Nation of Islam. She resides in Chicago, IL. She has utilized the instructions of the honorable minister Louis Farrakhan by using dianetics. Additionally, sis Aishah is a mother, a wife, and wears numerous other hats. Each sister has walked a unique path and are willing to share it with you. Please tune in to hear the journey of these four sisters and ask them questions surrounding the beautiful month of Ramadan.

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    Bro.Jihad Hassan Muhammad/ Bro.Rodney Assad Muhammad ** Married to An MGT **

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    It's official Brother Jihad Hassan Muhammad and Brother Rodney Assad Muhammad will be on The Hereafter Is Now blogtalk program this Saturday, July 12th @ 4pm Pst, 6pm Cst, 7pm Est...this will be their first public interview you don't want to miss this!!!!    Hosted by Sistar Cassandra and Fatimah Akila Muhammad THIS IS GOING TO BE EPIC! —   CALL IN #347.857.4514  also via www.blogtalkradio.com/hereafterisnow

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    The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW - AZ Gubernatorial candidate Frank Riggs

    in Politics Conservative

    Arizona has its share of headline-making issues: it is among the border states grappling with the onslaught of illegal aliens streaming across the border, compliments of Obama and his regime.  It's a HUGE problem -- one that the next Governor will have to address.

    Tonight we're talking with Frank Riggs, Arizona conservative gubernatorial candidate, about how he would handle these situations:

    Phoenix VA Medical Center Scandal / US MILITARY

    The BORDER SITUATION: What would Riggs do to address the illegals coming across Arizona's border? Would he call out Arizona's state national guard? How far would he go to protect Arizona's borders?

    COMMON CORE:  Riggs promises to withdraw AZ from this socialist education system.  How?


    MEDICAID EXPANSION - Riggs says he'll repeal it.

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio's COLD CASE POSSE - Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio assembled a group of retired investigators -- called the "Cold Case Posse" to research and investigate the background and conditional eligibility of Barack Obama.  Does Riggs support this effort?  

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    Launching a new show ..** State Your Business ** w/guest Sis.Tamorah S.Muhammad

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    ASA~ Family, I am very excited to launch a new show strictly for those who desire to advertise their Business, Teach on how tostart,maintain,promote, and grow your business. It's time to DO FOR SELF !!!  My guest for the first Advertisement show is Sister Tamorah Shareef Muhammad:    Wife, Mother and Business Woman and has been apart of the Nation of Islam for 17 years she is a lover of Truth and has been apart of Soul Purpose Life Style company for 4 years she is currently Executive Marketing Director and CEO Qualified. Soul Purpose is a direct selling company offering an exquisite line of high quality nature-based personal care products including shea butter body balms, body custards, shower gels, solid scent perfumes, body lotions, soy candles, sugar scrubs, foot/hand care and much more. These products are available in the following unique scents: Haitian Vetivert Pepper, Zanzibar Girls' Club, Hawaiian Tuberose, Australian Sandalwood, Caribbean Ginger, Brazilian Jackfruit, Hollywood Fresh, and Malaysian Mango, and Ghanaian Brown Sugar, Lovely Day..    Soul Purpose seeks to be the leader in the field of healthy, natural and eco-friendly products. We cannot say enough about the cancer fighting benefits of vitamin D and the superior antioxidant blend of our exclusive extract blend which includes Acai berry, Oregon grape, red wine and green tea. The benefits of Acai berry, Oregon grape, and red wine polyphenols are related to reducing inflamation which is the key to anti-aging, and lowering levels of free radicals.  Becoming a Consultant with Soul Purpose costs only $35. This will enable you to earn extra income by purchasing wholesale and selling retail, hosting home parties, as well as earn commissions/­residuals from recruiting other consultants and much more.          Call in @ 347-857-4514  also via www.blogtalkradio.com/hereafterisnow

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