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    AWTR Show 516: FMLA and Related Leave Benefits for Military Spouses

    in Military

    Army Wife Talk Radio is the leading internet talk radio show for Army wives, by Army wives. AWTR is hosted by the Army Wife Network Core Team - www.ArmyWifeNetwork.com. AWTR guests bring exciting, relevant topics and resources to the attention of our military families.

    Guest: Adam Carter   

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    User Friendly FMLA App

    in Technology

    Deb Dobson, CRM Manager, Fisher & Phillips LLP in Atlanta, GA will join AK Stout and Deb Evans this week.

    Dobson never imagined that working with attorneys to learn how to leverage technology to build and maintain relationships, and develop business opportunities would lead her to developing an app!

    Fisher & Phillips FMLA App: http://bit.ly/1563Fvp

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    You can follow AK, Deb and Deb Dobson on Twitter.

    Social Geek Radio is sponsored weekly by Deb Evans Consulting, LLC and WebConjunction.


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    Beat The Heat: Dealing with FMLA and ADA Hotspots

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    According to a recent poll, HR managers say that dealing with time off and leave issues is their #2 concern, second only to recruitment and retention. The laws governing leave and time off issues are very complex, and there are no clear-cut answers to leave and time off questions. Usually, the answer is "it depends," because each situation is unique and has to be evaluated based on its own specific facts.
    We can't give you the answers to every leave and time off question you may have, but we can give you some practical insight into some common situations and how to deal with compliance hotspots.
    In this episode, we talk about FMLA and ADA recordkeeping requirements, employee eligibility and leave entitlements, job restoration, medical certifications, accommodations, and key exceptions. We also talk about some new guidance issued by the Department of Labor, and how employers may be affected by recent employee outreach programs sponsored by the DOL.
    Our guest for this episode is Jeff Nowak, Co-Chair of Franczek Radelet's Labor and Employment Practice. He represents private and public sector management clients in all areas of labor and employment law. He has extensive experience dealing with the FMLA and ADA, including counseling clients on compliance, conducting audits and training, and litigating FMLA and ADA lawsuits. HE also authors the well-respected FMLA Insights blog, which was named one of the Top Legal Blogs of 2011 by the ABA Journal. Jeff's blog assists employers in administering FMLA leave and understanding their obligations under the FMLA.

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    Properly Accounting for Holidays in Calculating FMLA Leave

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    Do you know how to properly account for holidays when calculating FMLA leave?
    As we approach the end of the year, employers will be confronted with this question as they recognize Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year's Day or even a temporary shutdown during the last week of the year.
    Accounting for holidays or temporary shutdowns when calculating FMLA leave can be tricky business. With all of the other year-end tasks you've been assigned, it may seem like one more compliance issue for you to struggle with when you're already swamped with other things.
    The good news is that calculating FMLA leave around holiday time doesn't have to be a struggle. There are some simple tips that can help you calculate FMLA leave correctly and confidently.
    In this installment, we speak with Jeffrey Nowak, co-chair of Franczek Radelet's Labor and Employment Practice. Jeff has extensive experience with the Family and Medical Leave Act, and has counseled clients on compliance with FMLA regulations, conducting FMLA audits and training, and successfully litigating FMLA lawsuits. Jeff will talk about the basics of FMLA leave, and give us some suggestions to take the guesswork out of accounting for holidays when calculating FMLA leave.

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    "Ebola - Risk Management Practices"

    in Business

    Join BluPrint Radio on Tuesday October 28, 2014 at 7:00 P.M. Eastern when we talk with Christine Walters, JD, MAS, SPHR attorney, author and human resource practitioner on Ebola concerns in the United States and Risk Management Practices.  Christine with share with us the legal and risk management practices for organizations to consider including policies, practices, procedures on safety, Title VII, Workers Compensation, FMLA and more. 

    Christine, licensed to practice law in the State of Maryland, has more than 25 years’ combined experience in management, HR administration and employment law practice.  She's earned national and regional awards and has testified before U.S. Congressional and state legislative committees and administrative agencies on employment issues. Her book, “From Hello to Goodbye: Proactive Tips for Maintaining Positive Employee Relations” has been one of the publisher’s (SHRM) “Great 8” best-sellers for three consecutive years: 2011 – 2013; was SHRM’s 2nd best-seller January 2014; and is pre-approved by HRCI for 2.5 continuing education credits.  Christine is an independent consultant providing employment law consulting services and training programs doing business as FiveL Company, “Helping Leaders Limit their Liability by Learning the Law.”

    Join BluPrint Radio to learn practical risk management practices and steps to keep your organization secure and compliant.




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    Agent Adherence: Managing FMLA in the Contact Center

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    Is your employee taking advantage of your medical leave policy or the Family Medical Leave Act?
    No one likes to be sick, and managers hate it even more when an employee uses that card for the wrong reason.  However, there are legal issues protecting the employee and employer, and it’s up to you to know how to make the right decisions while managing your workforce.  We are joined by an expert that will help us navigate what can be some very tricky water.

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    Family and Medical Leave Act - Do you Know Your Rights?

    in Women

    Do you know what you are entitled to with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)? Caroline Harrison with Cantey Hanger Law Firm (http://canteyhanger.com) is our guest today, and she's going to help us have a better understanding of what it is, how it works, and what your rights are. 
    We'll be talking about:
    A.    Leave to care for Family Member in the Military
    B.    Leave to care for a parent
    C.    Leave to care for son or daughter
    D.    Leave to care for spouse
    E.    Time off for Breastfeeding
    Plaid for Women radio is designed to be YOUR wise advisor. 
    We want to help you achieve your goals, gain influence, and be heard.
    Every show, we bring your new ideas and ways of thinking to give you opportunities to change your life. You CAN live the life you've imagined!

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    in Health

    Get a job! Not so easy if you've got cancer. Gaps in your resume, talking to HR, FMLA and wrongful termination. Oh what fun it is. Join us as we delve into this subject matter with Rebecca Nellis (VP, Programs and Strategy at Cancer and Careers) and Monica Bryant (Cancer Rights Attorney and Co-Founder/COO at Triage Cancer). Survivor Rahib Kinit in the spotlight.

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    Denise Griffitts Interviews Michele Raia

    in Business

    Michele Raia has been a practicing attorney in Cleveland, Ohio for 26 years.  Throughout her career, she has primarily represented businesses of all sizes in a variety of matters including formation and start-up, purchase and sale of businesses, contract matters, real estate purchases and leases, employment matters (handbooks, agreements, hiring and firing, FMLA, ADA, workers’ compensation, unemployment, human resources issues, etc).  
    For the last 18 years, Michele has operated her own law firm which focuses on helping entrepreneurs set-up their business entities and their relationships with their employees, contractors, customers and vendors so they are protected and in compliance with applicable laws. Michele holds her clients hand throughout this start-up process and then continues to serve as their legal advisor as they grow their businesses. 
    Michele is currently developing on-line programs to educate entrepreneurs on the start-up process generally (not state specific) and what steps they should take to ensure that their business is “done right”!  
    Michele’s website is currently under construction but will be available soon at BusinessStartUpDoneRight.com. In the meantime you can leave your name and email address on the site to be notified when her programs go live.

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    How to Avoid "Common Mistakes Care Givers Make"

    in Caregiving

    Inspiration From Spirit with Lea Chapin
    Special Guest: Carolyn Brent
    America's Caregiver Empowerment Strategist, 
    ™ Carolyn A. Brent, MBA  is the author of number one bestselling book Why Wait? The Baby Boomer's Guide to Preparing Emotionally, Financially & Legally for a Parent's Death, which is a guide for family caregivers and aging parents. As a speaker, she travels throughout the United States lecturing about the importance of adult siblings and parents having what she calls "crucial conversations" in preparation for the end-of-life issues they may face, so that instead of being torn apart, they can come together as a strong family. She is committed to enhancing the lives of family caregivers and their aging parents throughout the world. Today's discussion will center around items like:
    How many up-paid caregivers are there in the U.S.?   How and why should we plan for care giving?  How & when do we start having family conversations about care giving and end of life?   Who are the people taking care of their loved ones?   What are the costs of being a caregiver (emotional,financial, legal) ? What are the common mistakes caregivers make? Why do caregivers forget to take care of themselves? What do caregivers need to do to take care of their own self? What is Family Medical Leave act (FMLA) and why should caregivers use it? Why should families work together regarding the responsibilities of care-giving? 

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    May 13, 2013

    in Business

    Steve Hand is one of the best-selling authors of the book Building the Ultimate Network which provides cutting edge ideas from experts around the world about how to develop productive relationships for business success. Steve has been an entrepreneur all of his life and is the Executive Director of Business Network International. BNI is the world’s largest and most successful networking organizations and he is responsible for central North Carolina.   Lori Higuera a partner at Fennemore Craig, where she co-chairs the employment and labor practice group.  She is an experienced employment lawyer who has been representing employers for more than 15 years.  Her practice focuses on training managers, human resource professionals, and employees in all areas of employment law, including harassment prevention, lawful and effective investigations, effective hiring, performance management, the ADA and FMLA.     Sydney Biddle Barrows better known to millions as the "Mayflower Madam," Sydney Biddle Barrows is a unique American success story.  Her first book, Mayflower Madam, went right to the top of the New York Times bestseller list.  Fortune Magazine named it one of the Ten Best Business Books of the Year, and business schools all across the country, including Harvard, used it in their curriculum.  Sydney also has a very active consulting practice focusing on Sales Choreography and how it influences the Customer Experience.  She conducts on-site Fresh Eyes Analyses for small businesses and professional practices and also holds private consulting sessions over the phone