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    Minimum Training Requirements for Entry-Level Drivers

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    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has announced its intent to establish a negotiated rulemaking (RegNeg) committee to negotiate and develop proposed regulations to implement Section 32304 of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21). This section is concerning establishing minimum industry training requirement standards for entry-level drivers of commercial motor vehicles, an issue that has been ongoing for decades.

    A Proposed Rule document has been issued by the FMCSA with the intent to establish the Entry-Level Driver Training Advisory Committee (ELDTAC) and is currently asking for solicitation of applications and nominations for committee membership. The final date to comment is set for January 9, 2015.

    Our guest this evening is Richard Wilson, President and CEO of TCRG Consulting and Regulation. Mr. Wilson also serves on the Advisory Council as the Regulation and Compliance Representative for NATA: North American Trucking Alerts.

    NATA will be nominating Mr. Wilson to the FMCSA committee based on his broad and extensive background within the industry, his active involvement in D.C., and his proven track record with concerns for safety and truck drivers' rights.

    Discussion will focus on the critical need for CDL training standards as well as the goals of NATA as it continues its positive movement in gathering professional truck drivers and trucking industry leaders together to resolve the many issues that everyone within the industry is facing.

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    Trucking Open Forum "Round Table"

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    The North American Trucking Alerts website is now "Live" and accepting memberships. Check out who has already joined and are writing in the NATA forum.

    Our open forum is just that, "open" to what is on your mind as it relates to drivers and the trucking industry: from the latest CDL exemption request by CR England to FMCSA  requesting that those with a CDL learner's permit be allowed to drive solo, to cameras facing inside the truck (yes, they are watching)!

    FMCSA’s promise to provide clarification on the topic of sleep apnea testing for truck drivers? Have a topic you want to discuss? Call-in number: 347-826-9170

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    Open Forum: Trucking Round Table

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    It is a Friday Night Special Open Forum Round Table discussion where everyone has the chance to share "What is on your mind?" as it relates to professional drivers and the trucking industry. There is always plenty of topics to choose from, such as driverless trucks or the lastest FMCSA “research” report suggesting that Electronic Logging Devices (ELD’s) are not being used toward driver harassment.

    What are your thoughts? Is the 232 page report accurate after surveying 628 truck drivers out of the 3.5 million in the United States? Does this "final" study mean that "some" harassment is OK, but just not too much of it?

    Or how about that weather out there where you are? Are you still truckin’ through 90" of snow!?!  Another Open Forum which means it's your show, so where will you take us?

    Call-in number is 347-826-9170 . . . come join the conversation!

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    Trucking with Authority Hosted by: Kenny Long - Episode 13

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    2014 is winding down to a great close. What needs to be done to wrap up 2014 and begin strong for 2015? Also, FMCSA has taken notice of companies skirting the rules of brokers by offering "dispatch services." Learn how this can affect you! As always,we will be taking your questions and comments to help you build a better trucking business!

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    Open Forum: Driver Training Standards

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    On August 19, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced that it will accept input from stakeholders to determine a  possible rulemaking for entry-level truck driver training. After years of failing to implement a final rule which would establish such criteria, the FMCSA is considering using a negotiated rulemaking, known as RegNeg.

    Under RegNeg, outside agency representatives would consult among each other in order to develop the proposed rule, taking the responsibility away from the FMCSA. In Canada, a task force is working toward establishing criteria for entry-level drivers, as well as hoping to have the Canadian government classify truck driving as a "skilled" profession.

    Furthermore, the Canadian Trucking Alliance has admitted that the primary causes for a driver shortage are driver wages, quality of life, qualifications and demographics.

    Join us as we look at the very different approach by the U.S. and Canada as it relates to driver training and recognizing the importance of the professional driver. Just one topic for our "Open Forum."

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    Trucking with Authority Hosted by: Kenny Long - Episode 4

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    What are the different types of authority granted by the FMCSA and how are they different? How can you check the credit of brokers or potential direct customers? We will talk about how to apply for the authority that you need and how to make sure you're doing business with other reputable companies. Plus, your tips, tricks, and questions will all be discussed on the show tonight!  

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    FMCSA Hours of Service Proposal

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    As truck drivers gear up for the new hours of service proposal by the FMCSA, the trucking industry is wasting no time in voicing their disapproval. Our special guest, Richard Wilson, regulatory manager for Trans Products & Tran Services, a motor carrier and safety compliance company, will give us a run down on what the proposed change in the HOS rule could mean for drivers and the industry.

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    Trucker's Right to Sleep and the 4th Amendment

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    Discussion will include the paradox between Hours of Service, Truck Driver Fatigue, and  waking up of professional drivers by law enforcement during their FMCSA mandatory 10 hour break period.

    As The FMCSA continues to strive for greater highway safety within the trucking industry, many times by the addition of new rules and regulations, the main focus in combating truck driver fatigue should be allowing drivers to sleep when tired. According to the 2013 Truck Parking Survey results, drivers reported that their rest was being interrupted by state law officials on a regular basis.

    Our guests are Kenny Capell, and Martin Hill, founder of the Don't Wake Me Up Organization. Having been awaken from the sleeper berth at a Georgia scale by LE officials demanding to see his ID, Mr. Capell stood by the 4th Amendment,and refused. Filing a 42 U.S.C. Section 1983 Federal Civil Rights lawsuit against the troopers, he has a court date set for August 11th, 2014.

    Mr. Capell and Mr. Hill will share the full story and why they believe it to be a direct violation of trucker's rights.

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    "Anything Goes" Trucking Open Forum

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    For our show this evening it is Open Forum to "Anything Trucking".

    From Truck Driver Health, Sleep Apnea, Improving Driver Image, Truck Idling, Not allowed to park at shippers and receivers, The 14 hour clock, the FMCSA, Detention Time, Wages, Fuel Taxes, Best Trucking Event/Show, Are Truckers Safe Drivers? CSA scores, truckers and brokers . . .

    Just a few topics to start with, but all Trucking Topics are open for discussion...

    We will also have a special announcement to make during the broadcast ...

    Join the Chat Room for our free Tony Justice Music CD Giveaway. So far 6 CD's have been given away via the chat room.

    6PM ET
    Call in number: 347-826-9170

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    Trucking "LIVE" Open Forum

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    Truth About Trucking’s Open Forum let’s you pick the topics, and there is no shortage of topics to go around this week.

    In the past few weeks hot topics include:  Amendment for the 34 hour Restart provision, followed by FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro’s infamous blog post, Maxim Magazine “serial killer” ad targeted towards truck drivers, OOIDA’s call for Anne Ferro’s resignation and the tragic Walmart accident resulting in death and injury, ultimately calling for more driver regulations from safety advocates, celebrities, government officials, and the media.

    Have something to say or further add to the topics of discussion?  Join us 6PM ET and Join the Chat Room on your smart phone or computer.

    We will be giving away 2 Tony Justice CD’s  and 2 Essante Organics gifts in the Chat Room as well.

    You can also listen through your phone by calling in to the show via:  347-826-9170.

    Featured Musical Artist: Brad James - "DETENTION TIME"

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    FMCSA Strategic Plan - Uniting the Voices of Truckers

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    The FMCSA is looking toward the future of safety through their 2011-2016 Strategic Plan; a five year plan designed to raise the safety bar within the U.S. trucking industry.  Rich Wilson, Safety & Regulatory Manager, Consultant & Trainer with Trans Products & Trans Services, returns as our special guest to discuss the FMCSA Strategic Plan, what it means to the professional truck driver and most importantly, how drivers can become individually involved in the FMCSA regulatory decision-making process by sharing their voice through the Governmental social media sites.

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