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    Liz Nies Fly Fishing to relax

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    Liz Nies is a dental hygienist with drive.  She's a practice consultant focusing on the dental hygiene department and travels the US getting dental hygiene departments up to speed through HygieneFusion. In her spare time she get's herself to the rivers in Idaho to catch some fish using a technique called fly fishing. Liz is also the covergirl of RDH magazine for March. Join Shirley as she learns about Fly Fishing with Liz. 

    Relax. It's been a long week of exposing problems, and fishing for good workable answers. Let's talk about hobbies and things people do to work out the rest of their brain. Can exercising be relaxing? Does relaxing require being in an awake state? Can you be relaxing if you're chopping wood or cooking? What is relaxing anyway?

    Guests will help us find new ways to get out of the work a day rut and expose relaxation from wall climbing to napping.

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    Bill Henry's Fly Fishing Show

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    Bill Henry's Fly Fishing Show
    Bill Henry has been fly fishing for many years in all the lakes in New York City. Here we see photos of him fishing in a secret spot in NYC where the fly fishing is excellent. Call in to find out where the secret spot is. If you already know where this is, call in and be our first caller to win a prize to our "Guess the secret spot" contest.

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    The GrandSlam Fly Fishing Lodge | Fly Fishing Luxury

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    The GrandSlam Fly Fishing Lodge in Ascension Bay, Mexico is truly the an experience in fly fishing luxury. Fresh from the grand opening on November 15, 2010, our guest, Alejandro Perez,Sales Manager Niche Markets Premier Worldwide Marketing, LLC
    Exclusive worldwide sales and marketing representatives for Karisma Hotels & Resorts, talks about the unique location within the Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve and many of the lodge amenities available to fishermen and non-fishermen alike.

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    Fly Fishing Alabama

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    Join us tonight as we talk with Brandon Jackson of Riverside Fly Shop, one of the premier fly shops in the South.  Did you know you can trout fish right here in Alabama?  Find out more tonight. Are you interested in getting started fly fishing?  Tonight we'll talk about how.  Do you think you can catch a monster trout?  Find out tonight how you can get the opportunity to show off your skills against ther anglers!  

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    Fly Fishing The Great Lakes of NYC

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    Fly Fishing The Great Lakes of NYC

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    Fly Fishing The Great Lakes of NYC

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    Fly Fishing The Great Lakes of NYC

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    Fly Fishing The Great Lakes of NYC

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    Fly Fishing The Great Lakes of NYC

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    Introduction to BigFishSmallHook Fly Fishing Radio

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    BigFishSmallHook Fly Fishing Radio is scheduling to bring you a variety of broadcast focused on the passion of fly fishing in the interior of Beautiful British Columbia. Our host, Dave Ouellette publishes the BigFishSmallHook Fishing Journal and Blog and is the owner of Best-in-British Columbia.com website. Dave has been an avid fly fisherman of the Kamloops Area lakes for almost 30 years. As a Construction Supervisor and design tech with Ducks Unlimited for 10+ years, Dave has had the opportunity to fish many of the interior lakes and learn from many of BC interior's experienced and knowledgeable fly fishing experts. We are starting to line up a list of guests host including local experts, product marketers, vacation lodge and resort owners, guides and outfitters.
    Fly Patterns, Fly Tying, & Fly Fishing Strategies for fishing for trout in the BC Interior lakes and rivers.

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    Never Fly Solo - Your Wingmen and Success with Lt. Col. Rob Waldman

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    Through compelling real-world stories, Lt. Col. Rob "Waldo" Waldman relates how his Air Force wingmen helped him overcome challenges and become successful by teaching him lessons that work in an office as well as in a cockpit.

    In and of itself, the above excerpt would provide a more than compelling reason to buy Lt. Col. Waldman's book Never Fly Solo.  Especially given the fact that the first accolade for his book was from the Pit Bull of Personal Development himself Larry Winget.  Larry, who has you already know, has been a guest on my show several times tells it like it is, so if he likes it - it has to be good!

    However, and beyond the above, I actually had the opportunity to not only hear Rob speak at the recent Virginia 2014 Forum, I had the privilege to meet him in person and share some time over lunch.

    While I was obviously impressed with the purpose and integrity of his message, it was the accessibility to his personal story that resonated most.

    Joining me today to talk about why it is important to never fly solo is Lt. Col. Rob "Waldo" Waldman.

    Be sure to visit the http://www.yourwingman.com/ website.


  • Conversations with Trent - "Dinning for 1?"

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    Dining for one saves time and money. Ladies, when you walk into a restaurant and see a man dining alone, what’s the first thought that comes to mind? After my divorce I dined alone for years at my favorite restaurant J. Alexander’s in Michigan and also in Houston after moving there. My favorite moments were when I had time to reflect and think. 

    Fellas if you’re always out on a date with a woman; how will you ever know yourself ? It’s a distraction when going through the “self discovery” season of life. Here is the up side to dining alone: Women from across the room desperately try to make eye contact with you hoping you’ll approach them to say hello. Secure confident men will give her a pass knowing he’s in “self discovery mode.” Many times I wonder…

    ” What are ladies thinking as they sit for happy hour? “

    I would wave and gently smile walking by headed out of the restaurant all while thinking…

    “Ladies you have just been given a pass; because I’m not too far removed from the man I use to be.” Fellas be EPIC and know you don’t have to stop and talk to every beautiful face in the room when you’re in “self discovery mode.” Stay encouraged.

    Tune in tonight at 6PM (CST) / 7PM (EST) as we discuss "Dinning for 1?"

    Call/Listen (347) 326-9139


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    Goodbye 2014, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

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    The #1 Trading Card Talk Show, now in its 14th season. Join us for 90 minutes of trading card talk with industry pros, athletes, entertainment stars and collectors from around the globe. Hosts Doug Cataldo, Rob Bertrand, Russ Cohen and David Wright will take you into the wild world of trading cards and memorabilia.


    Panini America
    Upper Deck
    The Simmons Law Firm
    SA-GE Trading Cards
    Layton Sports Cards

    Visit the Cardboard Connection for all of your trading card needs.

    Also, be sure to visit the hosts' blogs:

    The Trading Card Manifesto
    The Voice of the Collector
    Long Fly Ball


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