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    Americas man of vision

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    Welcome to America's man of vision

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    The Unknown Zone presents: Hat Man and Shadow People

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    You are not as mad as a hatter if you've seen Hat Man although you probably were in an altered state.  Judy Sellins and Dave Turco discuss yet another bizarre entity of unknown origin that has been popping into the human experience with ever increasing frequency.  Hat Man is real and has been reported across every continent throughout the centuries.  Is he an evil cousin of The Old Hag, Black Eyed Kids, grey aliens and Men in Black? 

    They are definitely related to Shadow People who also enter our world for some unknown reason.  Where do they come from, are they dangerous and what to do if you encounter one?  Find out on this weeks episode of The Unknown Zone.

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    You cannot grow until you let go

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    I received this wonderful message in a broadcast email today.  It is a wonderful message but what does it mean?  Well, this is what we are going to explore in our program.  It should be very interesting as I know each of your co-hosts have had wonderful personal experiences in life that directly relate to this inspirational topic.

    Join in the stimulating conversation on THE MAN CAVE FORUM by calling our toll-free number 877-257-6517

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    A Real Man And The Strong Woman - Who Are These People?

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    A Real Man AND The Strong Woman; WHO are these people? Do they really exist? What do these terms mean?

    What is it to be a real man and a Strong Woman? What are the attributes of a real man and that of a strong woman? Are these just labels the society has thrown to us to accept?  OR are there some real values to them? This and much more will be discussed on TONIGHT's episode of LOVE IN THE HOUSE at 9PM GMT.

    Remember, the show is designed with you in mind. Kindly invite friends and family to join in as we discuss 'A Real Man And The Strong Woman' - Who Are These People?

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    I CAN RELATE  is an American idiom which means you understand or have had a similar experience as someone else.

    WHAT WE PROVIDE - I Can Relate provides a platform where you can listen, learn and participate in discussions about every type of relationship we encounter:  (romance, family, employee/employer, local/national/global citizenship, romance, health/wellness,  finance, religion, and many more!!)

    Discover that you’re not alone in this life.  Whatever you are going through, someone else is either going through a similar situation or has already come out of it.  Let's learn from one another.  

    Minister Tracy Curtis

    Man up with Minister Paul Stidam

    Man Up simply means we are not relying on our personal abilities but on God’s guidance. Knowing that the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and he delighted in his way – Psalm 37:23

    N.O.W. is the time that we regain our Birthrights immediately in God with the standard that we don’t operate with a double mind (James 1:8) but we operate with ~  

    Confidence-Courage-Hope-Faith-Belief-Trust as GOD as our source

    Minister Paul

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    ''Joseph- Character; Godly Man''- Rev. Frankie Dorsey

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    SCRIPTURE; Matthew 1:18-25; 

    We invite you to come and fellowship with us each Tuesday and Thursday @ 10:00 Am Est. @ 347-237-5593 or go to the link @ www.blogtalkradio.com/in-his-presence-ministrywe '' Merry Christ-mas!!! and God bless you as you celebrate Jesus Christ, Lord and Saviour! And may the New Year bring you and your family an overflowing abundant  of joy, peace, and love!! God bless you and may heaven smile upon you!!

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    The Times & Conditions of the Days We Living - The Spirit of Abel vs Cain.

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     The Focus Show - {follow One Course Until Successful}  "A male/female becoming a man/woman". The show is live at studio 670 10am to noon Wednesday in Louisville Kentucky. Come hear a mid-week dialog for men /women to be heard, understood and share their life style living choices (LSLC) as men/women. The Focus Show visiting guests and the co-host of men/women friends. We are discussing our life living style choices and our wisdom we have matured. We want you to listen or join in but, determine for yourself the value of spiritual, real, confident and free Believer's. As we dailog about the processing issues from birth to present-day to a male/female becoming a man/woman.

     MeShorn will lead a focus thought, as a professional believer in God. He has come to live by his own beliefs and make his own choices. Why? Because of the adult-males/Alpha-men who sowed some valuable lessons into him. MeShorn now seek to give back. MeShorn, believes the process to life living choices for all, is knowing your own beginnings. (KYB). The Focus Show will remind, witness and reveal (RWR) to believers and non-believers through our "keep it spiritually simple" (KISS) "barber-shop" format. A method style & conversation, listening and teaching within the show. The Focus Show has a message & mission to restore males/females to the understanding, knowledge and wisdom to becoming a man/woman. We invite any & all to enjoy this 21st century programming. The Focus Show - A male becoming a man

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    KONSCIOUS VIBES W/ HOST Rahme'el El Bey PRESENTS Krysten (Cosmo Krys) Littles DISCUSSING "MAN KNOW THYSELF".  Do you know what it means to "know thyself".   It is a inner-standing of your personal cosmological foot print that leads to the understand of "self".  Join us as Master Astrologer Krysten (Cosmo Krys) Littles teaches the meaning of the aspects of a chart and the planetary energies.  She will also speak about how to understand your chart and how your chart came about.  She will also privieledge the show with some personal chart reading and interpretations for those who wanna call in and have a reading done.  

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    Linda Wood Rondeau and Sally Meadows!

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    Linda Wood Rondeau has just released another Christmas story "Snow On Eagle Mountain".

    Colin O’Donnell becomes restless at Dinsmore Street, not realizing that God has another life lesson for him to learn. When Ginny announces her pregnancy, he takes a job as caretaker to the Riggs estate, El Corizón, stretching the massive face of Eagle Mountain, in the heart of the Adirondacks. Soon both Ginny and Colin become attached to the land and its reclusive, elderly owner, Jennifer Riggs Sullivan, the widow of a famous educator and politician. Mystery shrouds the estate as both Colin and Ginny wonder about the three photographs displayed on the fireplace mantel, one of a distinguished middle aged man, another of a World War II soldier, and the third of an impish child. As the family befriends their generous employer, El Corizón beats with new energy until a Christmas blizzard and an early delivery brings Colin to his knees once again.

    Sally Meadows is a two-time national award-nominated singer/songwriter from Saskatchewan, Canada, and contributor to the #1 bestselling book “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas in Canada”, released in October 2014. Sally has three professional degrees and a long career in scientific & technical editing and education. She has been singing and leading worship in church since the mid 1990s, and has been writing freelance articles since 2006. In 2011, she entered a recording studio for the first time with a single song, “You Can Reach Mountains”, written for the northern Saskatchewan students with whom she had been working.  She walked out with a full album entitled “Turn the Page”, the title track of which was shortlisted in 2013 for a “Word Award”, Canada’s largest and most prestigious awards for those writing from a Christian perspective.


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    Child Life Brings New Life To Our Patients! #ACHradio

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    Have you ever heard of a "Child Life" department? If not, you have an incredible opportunity to learn about one of the most impactful areas of All Children's Hospital. Tune in Wednesday December 17th at 12:30 eastern and hear from Kristin Maier, Director of Child Life, and learn about the amazing work these professionals do every single day.

    Sometimes the clinical work doesn't quite cover all the bases...and that's when Child Life comes to the rescue! Don't miss the next episode of #ACHradio!

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