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    Ep 11: Palmistry with guest Flora Elmore

    in Spirituality

    Join us Thursday Feb 27th 7pm EST (Friday 9am Japanese Time) at Divination Radio with your hosts, Fiona Benjamin (Chinese-American Diviner) and Michael "Uncle Monkey" Lennon (Cartomancer).

    This week we will be joined by Flora Elmore who will be discussing Palmistry, How your Head Line affects your Love Life.

    Flora Elmore is a professional palmist and rune intuitive with 23 years of experience. She provides intuitive consultations as well as support services like devotional candles and ritual work. You can find Flora on her website The Good Luck Lady.



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    Joe Perry, C.C. Humphreys, Emily Liebert, Kate Flora

    in Books

    A rock superstar, a British actor and swordsman, a national newscaster: We've got big "wow," baby! This episode of the Literary New England Radio Show features author interviews and book giveaways with:

    Joe Perry on Rocks
    C.C. Humphreys on The French Executioner
    Emily Liebert on When We Fall
    Kate Flora on Death Dealer

    If you can't listen live, be sure to download as an iTunes podcast or stream from the Literary New England Radio Show archives.

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    Candidate Flora Digby Pledges A New Approach To Ending Crime

    in Women

    Can female elected officials get tough on crime? Chicago Aldermanic candidate Flora Digby believes they can. If elected to the City Council, she intends to set a new precedent when it comes to creating a cohesive community that stands together against those who engage in criminal behavior. Getting Seniors involved is critical to rebuilding a sense of community. Senior care is an issue all of us will face one day, and 7th Ward Candidate Flora Digby is looking ahead toward building a whole community that includes participation from all citizens

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    Successfully Market Your Book without Being Salesy or Spammy with Flora Brown

    in Business

    How to Successfully Market Your Book without Being Salesy, Sleazy or Spammy

    Four out of five people want to write a book  but many of them never will because they fear getting started. Those who push through that fear of writing and successfully publish their books never sell more than a few copies because they fear asking for the sale. You will learn ways to reframe the way you think about selling so you can create the optimum book sales you deserve.

    Flora Brown is an author, book coach, and a confirmed coffee snob with an unhealthy love of British murder mysteries.  When she's not writing, travelling, or researching (OK, spending too much time on the net) she helps aspiring authors steer clear of self-publishing pitfalls to potholes.  When it was clear early on that she wouldn't become an accomplished pianist and make her mother proud, she turned her love of bossing other people around into a 40-year teaching career, goading students toward excellence in junior high through university levels.  She is almost finished making changes to the 2nd edition of her book, Color Your Life Happy--at least that's what she tells her impatient editor.  In the meantime you can get free eBooks from her websites http://www.ColorYourLifeHappy.com and www.ColorYourLifePublished.com
    and follow her on social media.


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    Special Guest Flora Peterson Sage, Author of "The 29 Day Moon Challenge"

    in Self Help

    Sign up for my newsletter at www.msblisscoach.com, and I will send you periodic emails with helpful to practice BODACIOUS BLISS tips that I don’t share anywhere else! Also, when you sign up, I will send you a link to download my latest e-guide, “Five things you MUST do to develop your intuition!” Using cosmic energies to get what you want.

    Today's Episode: Special Guest Flora Peterson Sage, author of "The 29 Day Moon Challenge: Your Workbook for the Perfect Practice & A Simple Sabat"

    Flora Sage is an internationally regarded Author, Speaker, Spiritual Empowerment Coach and Psychic.   Author of numerous books and the founder of the FloraSage Therapies Institute, Flora’s dynamic teaching style is highly sought after in the Spiritual Empowerment Coaching & Metaphysical communities.   At the institute Flora teaches Psychic Development courses and personally trains and certifies Spiritual Empowerment Coaches as well as a host of other programs and classes for people from all walks of life. FloraSage Therapies Institute has a strong emphasis in ethics training for each student, which is a must in this business. A powerful motivational speaker, storyteller and mentor, Flora uses her contagious enthusiasm to empower her clients to live a life that is Fearlessly Inspired.

    For a full list of books, CD’s, workshops, interviews, community involvement and for further information about Flora, please visit: www.FloraSage.com.

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    The Owners' Manual for the Human Body--The Importance of Gut Flora

    in Education

    Digestion and Elimination: Understanding the Importance of Gut Flora

    Let me just say this up front, loud and clear: I can not overemphasize the importance of gut flora. We are not educated properly on this subject. We are not eating properly in order to maintain the absolutely crucial bacterial balance necessary for health. If your gut isn’t healthy then you aren’t healthy. You must fix this before you do anything else.

    There exists a condition called disbacteriosis and sadly, most of us probably have it. Basically it is an imbalance of intestinal flora. Ideally our guts contain both the “good” and the “bad” bacteria, with the good winning out. But when our diets are poor and we introduce antibiotics we allow the bad bacteria to overtake the balance. To give you an idea, a healthy person should have between 3-5 pounds of beneficial flora.

    Before we can work on our digestion and elimination health we have to understand what the problem really is and how huge of a role friendly bacteria play in our health.

    Necessary Functions Provided by Friendly Flora include:  They keep our digestive system healthy, chelate heavy metals, carcinogens, and other toxic substances and excrete them out of the body, convert food into nourishing substances for the lining of the gut, keeping it healthy, probiotic microbes are essential for feeding our bodies properly and they are the basis of our immune systems.

    Signs of disbacteriosis include asthma, allergies, skin eruptions, and chronic infections. You can also tell if your gut is healthy based on whether you are constipated or have issues with gas or bloating.

    The Owners' Manual you never received at birth--inspired by the book of the same title--authored by panelist, Dr. Darko Velcek.

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    The Unsung Goddess featuring Cora Flora

    in Spirituality

    Join Life Concierge Heidi Woolard as she welcomes the Goddess of the Week....Cora Flora.
    It is a special honor to have Cora join the sacred space of The Unsung Goddess. We met just yesterday at the Integratron Sleep Over Event in Landers, CA. We both were there for the amazing experience with the Awakening Code Radio group for an evening of Geometric Frequency and Tones by Eric Rankin, Chakra Bowl and Gong Sound Baths as well as watching the end of the Perseid Meteor Shower. Who would have known that this Kindred Spirit and I would connect our Goddess energy in such a perfect and Divine synchronice way!!
    Cora is an inspired co-creator of LOVE which she connects her beautiful healing energy through her soulful creativity and music talent. Come and meet this living angel and hear her story of awakening and her journey of finding the path of JOY, PURPOSE and ONENESS!! 
    Looking forward to an AUMazing evening of story telling through the heart of a the Goddess of Music!!

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    TWS Millionaire Luncheon Panelist and Project Mgmt & ITSM Consultant Erika Flora

    in Business

    Erika Flora started her career as a Microbiologist turned Project Manager and has always had a passion for improving how companies manage work and serve their customers.  In 2006, she started BEYOND20, a consulting and training firm built on expertise in IT Service Management, Cloud Services, and Project Management.  Since that time, BEYOND20 has grown to include offices in Washington DC, San Diego, and Phoenix. BEYOND20 customers span 28 countries on 5 continents, and over 25% of Fortune 100 companies work with Beyond20 to support their process improvement initiatives.  

    BEYOND20 is proud to be a woman-owned, minority-owned small business and has recently won a number of awards, including: a Stevie “People’s Choice Award” for New Products, Hot Company and Best Products with Network Products Guide, and Best Small Business Gold with BestinBiz. Check us out at: http://www.beyond20.com
    Through the company’s growth, Erika has given back to the community as an adjunct professor of Project Management at San Diego State University (SDSU) as well as a board member and volunteer with a number of professional and charitable organizations.  She is a skilled writer, blogger (blog.erikaflora.com), and presenter on a variety of technical and business topics.  When she is not at work, Erika and her husband race triathlons. She hopes to complete her second Ironman 70.3 later this year.

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    5 Reasons You Should Consider a Probiotic

    in Health

    We riddle ourselves with tons of toxins from the air we breathe, water we drink and food we eat.  These toxins tend to settle in our gut and destroy our good gut flora.  Also the overuse of antibitoics in factory farmed animals and medicines destroys this same good gut bacteria.  Find out why you should consider a probiotic and what the best form of probiotic is take.  Heal that leaky gut, reduce food allergies, gain relief from IBS and so many more benefits.

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    Coffee Conflict - So Is It Healthy or Is It Not?

    in Nutrition

    Next to tea, coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world. It has been consumed for centuries and centuries but today it has become a trend worth $100 billion worldwide! Just like with our topic last week on dairy, there is a large divide between coffee drinkers and the naysayers group. 
    You have the "Don't talk to me until I have had my first cup of coffee in the morning" group and then you have those who immediately feel really bad after the consumption of the world's favorite drink. 

    Lately, there has been more and more conversation over whether coffee is healthy or unhealthy. With more and more studies coming out supporting both sides of the fence it is understandable that it easy to get confused. 

    So which is it? 

    Today, Dr. Budweiser, founder of Weiser Living, shines a light on the issue and will share with you his view on the topic of coffee consumption. Will you be happy to hear about his definitive stance on this beverage also known as Black Gold or will you end up crying in your coffee cup? Tune in to find out! 

    Some of the points that will be covered are: 

    The History Of Coffee 
    The Coffee Industry 
    The Latest Positive Studies 
    The Dark Side Of Coffee 
    The Problem With Keurig & Drip Coffee Machines 
    If you Must... 
    What About Decaf? 
    Good Coffee Alternatives 

    So grab a cup of coffee and tune in to 30 minutes of pure Dr. Budweiser wisdom... who knows... it may be your last! 

    Meanwhile, be sure to check out our website at www.weiserliving.com for more articles, recipes and videos!

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    Jumping through HOOP- Helping Overcome Obstacles Peru

    in Lifestyle

    Helping Overcome Obstacles Peru ( HOOP) is an internationally run NGO operating in Arequipa Peru, specifically in the Flora Tristan community, a small shanty town on the outskirts of the city where families , young mothers and children live in squalor, homes composed of haphazardly constructed shacks with a lack of basic services, such as electricity or running water.

    It takes a Village to put together an NGO like HOOP. If you have ever wondered how you might do something similiar or become a volunteer for an organization such as this, then this show is for you. You will meet one of the principle architects and one of the 5 founders  for HOOP, Dr. Shang Ju Li - from Taiwan,   Alison Schmierer, HOOP's Program Director- Peru, John Vecchio, a volunteer teacher from New York state, Christian Collazos, a Volunteer Teacher from Peru and former student of HOOP, and Amina Belaïdi , Program Coordinator Intern for HOOP who lives in France.

    Hoop’s goal is to make sure these parents receive their high school education so that their children will also receive a secondary school education. This is their way of ensuring that the cycle of poverty can be broken in the next generation.

    The power of HOOPS Educational projects and priorities allows for everyone in the community to improve their lives.

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