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    Episode Thirty-four.... It's a Great time to be a Geek, or is it ?

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    Okay, so let's face it.  Geekdom is at an all time high.  What used to be an incredibly small counter culture of renegade gamers with high IQ's and low public acceptance which rallied in basements and shared their dreams of conquest, power and legendary deeds, have now become a target marketshare for numerous corporations.  In less just about thirty years we have gone from lonely to legion!!!

    New conventions are appearing every year and most of the already established ones are expanding.  Geeks are pouring into every city in their cargo shorts, graphic Tee's, back packs and rule books in hand in record numbers.  Cosplayers are showing up in every possible persona from the Flintstones all the way to dead alaskan painter Bob Ross.  Everywhere you look, more and more Geeks are crawling from there preverbial holes and joining the world at large.  

    But at what cost?  We are actually becoming such a large group that we are beginning to splinter into sub groups again and those groups are at times finding it hard to accept and share the spot light.  Steampunkers, Tabletop War Gammers, Cardies, Boardies, Consolers, Cosplayers, RPG'ers, LARP'ers, MMO'ers, Trekkies, Jedi's, Vamps, Tramps and a 1000 others... when is to much to much and what does it mean to market a game or product to these numerous and varied groups.  Tonight on the Wolf's Den we look at the expanding world of Geek and how much further we think it can go before we see it shatter and splinter into seperate cons, gatherings and events.

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    TV NATION #41

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    TV NATION's fearless leader Nick Wilkinson is joined by Jimmy Jannetty & Bay Ragni to talk about the TV that makes us tick!

    Get the best info on comics, tv, movies & entertainment too!

    Crawl into the minds of these TV freaks as they dissect what to watch and what's a waste of TV time.

    Every Sunday at 9pm Eastern on the Totally Driven Entertainment Radio Network.

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    This week’s OH MTG! featured creative phenom is Kisha Hicks from Wilma & Ethel handcrafted jewelry, based in Downtown Los Angeles and founded by Miss Hicks in 2006. The company name “WILMA & ETHEL” comes from a combination of her dog's nickname, Wilma (That’s right kids, as in “Wilma” from THE FLINTSTONES)  with a natural pairing with Ethel (Right again, kids… as in “Ethel Mertz” from I LOVE LUCY), both famous 50's TV gals.  Kisha's “Wilma & Ethel” jewelry, like her company name, has an overriding motif - Girlfriends.  Girls who work together, play together, and share memories together.  This is “Wilma & Ethel”.

    Each piece is expertly designed and hand-crafted by Kisha herself.  A graduate of FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing), Kisha has developed a line rich in natural themes & bohemian textures, designing contemporary jewelry with a vintage flair.  Her collections vary from delicate contemporary designs to vintage motifs with materials ranging from 14K Gold-plated & Sterling Silver to Mixed Metals & Suede.  

    If you have missed any of our previous shows - catch all of our show recordings at spreaker.com or facebook.com/ohmtg to get your fill of conversation, music and laughter.

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    Motivational Monday - Talking with Founder of Fli City Awards Timothy Moore

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    Today we will be talking with producer and founder of Fli City Awards Show.  This is a show designto recognize those that have contributed in a way to the city of Flint .  A city that has been marked as one the worst cities to live in. The goal is to boost moral and bring accountability to it's city leaders.  Timothy Moore would like for this to become the blue print in many cities like Flint.

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    I remember a lot about my youth. If it didn't involve sports, it was a close second to television. Back when things where still drawn in this country, their existed shows that relied on a lot of current events. Spies and space travel was the order of the day and a lot of cartoon shows back then were based on that. Jonny Quest had the espionage and the suspense, The Herculoids had strange creatures on other worlds and the Banana Splits showed just how kooky we all had become because of it.


    From the late 50's to the early or middle 90's, animation rules the weekend mornings. Only shows like Quest or the Flintstones had the attention of the prime time audiences but showed that studios such as Hanna Barbara were the kings of their day.

    I want to retain knowledge of what kept my spirits up back then. From Bugs to Daffy to Space Ghost and Grape ape, I remember my happiest time as a child. I remember the songs and the marketable items associated with what I enjoyed the most. I enjoyed cartoons and old tv shows of all sorts.

    Welcome to CARTOONS AND CEREAL. Escape the day to day and come here if you can. I'll roll back the tape for you. I'll send you back to your youth.

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    Judging Books By Covers

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    Episode two of our newest season. We talk movie remakes, generation classifications and Eminem's new album. Along with tangents on Wilfred, hip hop/rap, tv shows, and other stuff.

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    A-List Radio

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    The first episode of A-List Radio hosted by Wes Troop, he will reintroduce himself and The A-List, talk about movie news including Disney and Pixar's release dates up to 2018, an explosion in Disneyland, a gun found in the Animal Kingdom, a new Flintstones animated film, Glenn Close and John C. Riley possibly in Marvel film, who will direct the next James Bond movie, an update on our favorite killer doll Chucky, who got booted off of The Voice.  Wes will talk about this week's new theatrical releases After Earth and Now You See Me and make his Box Office Prediction, as well as talk next week's DVD releases and picks, a weekly trivia question, his Babe Of The Week and deals talks about whatever or whoever else may pop up!

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    it's the freakin weekend- Free Your Mind Friday

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    On Today Show, we are going to do as always. Chill out, laid back, listen to some good music from our fellow Flintstones independent artist. What are you going to do this weekend? What do you have planned for this weekend? Are you going to see some friends? Are you going ?What is it that you are doing this weekend? Call us and let us know what your plans are. Dial 646 -716-6296 and share with us your weekend plans and even give out some suggestions on what happening in your 

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    Robot Rabbit [10]: Spicy Meatballs

    in Dreams

    Craig Dodge and Face Ventura from Vertically Striped Socks join us for the first installment of a podcast crossover.  Good money says the Ninja Turtles will come up.
    Leonard also makes good on his promise to use a fake Italian accent (but makes no mention of saving the princess - missed opportunity).
    Then Creak (@pinedagger) interviews Elijah Price for the very first installment of Getting To Know A Shek Republican.

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    Free your mind Friday's - Independent Artists Spotlight

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    Free Your Mind Friday's .....Friday is here everybody. For those who stay in Flint and surrounding areas, it's Free Your Mind Friday's Give-Away!! For the 10th and 20th Caller today will get a FREE 10 pcs wings platter from Chef Nate Brown Wings and Things. He's located at 1913 E. Court Street. So, make sure you are listening today and be that 10th and 20th caller to get a 10Pcs FREE! Flintstones Stand Up!  We will also have the Independent Artist Spotlight. Hear from the artist as they talk about being on the grind to be heard. 

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    Author Tim Baker

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     I was born and raised in Warwick, Rhode Island. I’m old enough to remember Get Smart, The Flintstones and Hogan’s Heroes when they were on in prime-time. I moved to Palm Coast, Florida in 2006 and I love it here. Before I moved, my older brother suggested I visit Florida in August to make sure I could handle the heat. I told him if I never have to hear the words “the high temperature today will be six” I can handle all the heat in the world.
    I am the fifth child of seven, I have a sweet tooth (at least that’s what people tell me – I don’t see it, myself), I’m a Libra and I’m left-handed (all the great ones are!). My favorite movie is Jaws, I believe that Adam West is the ONLY Batman and I think shoes and neckties should be issued only as forms of corporal punishment.
    I love music – all kinds of music. Having four older brothers, all teenagers during the sixties, I was raised listening to The Beatles. I was the only kid in the 3rd grade to know who Creedence Clearwater Revival and Jimi Hendrix were. 

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