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    Author Rhys Flint comes to Cream City to chat RHYSWORLD PUBLISHING

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     AuthorRhys Flint , CEO at RHYSWORLD PUBLISHING, comes to discuss his publishing house, Kross Out and Kross Out 2.  Rhys And his staff are dedicated to bringing the hottest Work Around! What do you know about this that's classic? Lots of laughs, I'm sure. It's ENOUGH ROOM for US ALL to SHINE! Now that's classic!To get on the show as a guest OR To place a CCC $5.00 AD inquire to CreamCityClassica@hotmail.com CALL IN NUMBER (713) 955-0635

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    2014 Coral Reef Assessment -Portland Bight Protected Area

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    SUNDAY March 1, 2015  LIVE On Line Radio

    NEWS In Review: News Stories From Jamaica.
    In Focus: In-depth News of the week
    Know Your Jamaica: Fun Facts
    MUSIC: Local And International Artists

    Join Your Hosts:  Karen Ayee, Steven Smith, & Aven Peralto

    5p (PST) 6p (MT/Jam) 7p (CST) 8p (EST)

    Contact Us Live In The Studio To Take Part In The Show

    914-338-1983 or use Skype

    Join Our Face Book Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/no.onportgoatisland/

    Twitter: #savegoatislandsjam

    Web Site: http://www.noportongoatisland.com/


    A production of The Peralto JADE Foundation- Jamaica Action, Dialogue, & Education 

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    The Cherry Spot with the Cherry Bomb featuring the Author Rhys Flint

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     Author Rhys Flint is from Atlanta Georgia, he is he 4th of 5 Boys. He attended Savannah State University majoring in biology, pre-med. Enjoys sports, martial arts, travel, all sorts of music, writing and reading. 

     After putting college on hold for the birth of his first daughter as well as the death of his best friend, Rhys worked in various arenas and opened a couple of moderately successful businesses but never returned to school. Always a writer of sorts, he found himself writing after being coaxed by a good friend to finally sit down and  finish. This lead to writing more than one work, he's actually written 6 novels, mostly urban, Kross Out being his first published. The Ceo of Rhys World Publishing, quickly realized his knack for writing and uses it as a way to help others through publishing..

    Call in #773-897-6297

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    4th Annual Flint Horror Convention

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    The Flint Horror Convention will return to Downtown Flint for its 4th year. Held at the Riverfront Banquet Center and will offer fans the largest horror convention the city has ever seen. Guests inclue: Daniel Roebuck from Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN, THE DEVIL’S REJECTS, BUBBA HO-TEP and more. Eileen Dietz who is best known for her role as the demon Pazuzu in the film THE EXORCIST. Danny Hicks who is best known for his role in the cult classic EVIL DEAD 2. There will also be: Comic Book artists, Paranormal Researchers, Special FX Artists, over 40 Vendors and MORE!

    The Flint Horror Con goes to great pains to make sure our fans are part of the show and this year is no different. We will be holding costume contests for the children in the audience as well as the adults and later in the day will have our Petrifying Pin-Up Pageant which will crown the Bride of Flint Horror Con. The biggest addition to the convention this year will be the awarding of the Jon Cockerill Memorial Short Film Award, an award created in honor of a young Flint filmmaker that died earlier this year. This award will offer three cash prizes and we will be showing the winning entry as well as some of Jon’s own film work during the day.

    The Flint Horror Convention is a convention made by fans and made FOR fans and we invite everyone near and far to enjoy a day of celebrities, vendors, movies, contests, and sheer fun and all for only ten dollars.

    For a complete list of guests, events, and films go to www.flinthorrorcon.com

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    6th Annual Flint Zombie Walk

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    Welcome to the 6th Annual Flint Zombie Walk sponsored by Flint City Theatre! Save the date - October 4th, 2014!

    Mission: Providing Flint with a fun, unique undead experience once a year and helping out a great cause! This year all funds go to Edible Flint and The Humane Society.

    The Flint Zombie Walk 2014 welcomes the undead to the streets on Flint! Join our event and partake in the zombie walk, a full day of entertainment, horror vendors and horror celebrities! Top it all off with giving to charity and you can't lose!

    We will be UNlive on the Air with Zombies at the Flint Zombie Walk 2014! Join us!

    Visit their website at: http://www.flintzombiewalk.com/

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    Flint Fundraiser : listen up! donate & listen in...freeloadin' sons of bitches

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    Starting at 8pm est, Rebel kicks it off on his station until 10. Then 10-12est we start on our station. Flints been at it a while & the need is really real. 4 hours. Let's hit his goal, fuckers. Join rebel, glen, priest, p0rn0puppy, kirclaire, the original captian o, & last & least, myself, to get Flint the help he needs. Click the wepay link to donate: http://www.gofundme.com/j8ey1c

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    Birth Control for Preteens, NO! Unlimited Abortions, YES!

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    Oh boy. Here we go. Abortion discussion time. Women believe it's their Body to do what they wish. Is that really True though? Should the Man be allowed to have something to say? Should it be a Legal issue? Is it time to at least discuss Birth Control for preteens? Women are having too many babies by accident instead of taking care of the "problem". In turn, creating a hard life for all involved especially the Child. Tonight we discuss.

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    Welcome to : Ask Grim!

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    Tonight is our very First ever "As Grim" segment. Grim will be answering ANYTHING you need to know about your Computer and just about everything Computer related. She will be answering Listener submitted questions plus anyone who wants to Call in Toll Free. Irritating Game Requests? She has the solution. What's the right type of Page for you of Fcebook if you're going to be posting "Grapic" images? She can help. Can Kroger really give you a 200 Dollar Gift Card for referring a friend? She will tell you. "But I saw where Elvis just married Madonna on Christian Mingle!" If the interweb said it, it has to be true, right? WRONG! Join us at 10pm Central!

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    Just Some Chilled Out Sh*t

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    Well it's the end of the Weekend and I've been slipping on my Tunes lately. I just thought today we could groove out together and you could here what's happening in my Mind. The overall Vibe is Mellow. There are alot of different things in the Grab Bag. Hopefully there will be something you like. So join me please. Turn me up in your Earbuds while you Clean, Chill, or whatever!

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    Grand Rapids Area Professionals for Excellence w/Executive Director John Potter

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    Grand Rapids Area Professionals for Excellence (GRAPE) is a nonprofit organization with more than 600 active members who attend monthly events, which provide learning opportunities, collaboration and networking for Grand Rapids professionals.

    Our guest on this episode of In Life Now Radio is Mr. John Potter who is the Executive Director and co-founder of this organization. Listen as she shares insight on the importance of getting out of your comfort zone and getting to know people.

    For more information or to become a member of GRAPE go to http://www.grapegr.org

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    Highly Favored vs Barely Bothered

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    I believe in God but you don't. When we have children, what should we teach them? Thirty years ago this would have been a easy answer. In the 21st Century, not so much. With everything from ISIS to Adolf Hitler to Abortion Clinic Bombings, Religion is being looked at much diferently. Would you stay married if your Spouse were to start practicing another Faith? Of what about no Faith at all. Join us tonight at 10pm. Right after The Blacklist.

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